Dreaming of Earwax – Meaning and Symbolism

The Dream world covers a third of the time allocated to each of us on this planet and this life, or in simple words, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so the dream world is located in that third of our lives.

It offers an endless display of interesting, frightening, exciting images and scenes that reflect our true attitude towards ourselves, others and also the world around us.

In a dream, you can see pictures that a person has never seen before and visit places where he has never been.

What is it that we can see in our dreams and can they predict the future? Dream interpretation is emerging as an attempt to answer the question.

Dreaming about Ears, in general, is very interesting, but in particular to have dreams about something as specific as Earwax even more.

If we would like to speak globally – if dreams appear in your dream, it means that you can receive information from others, but also to hear your inner voice – probably is something from this when a dream motive marks the ears.

Secrets even whisper in the ear, and if this can be distinguished as a dream subject, you’re probably upset that people are talking behind your back.

Meaning of Dreams About Earwax

There are, surprisingly, many variations of this dream, and we must say that this dream is not as common as you might expect, but it is very striking and leaves a lasting impression.

For example, if earwax in your dream has a yellow color, you could be sure that you will soon be deceived. Whether it will be your best friend or somebody else is not important at all.

And if in your dream you see someone else Earwax, it can be a clear meaning of disagreement. If you pull Earwax from someone else’s ears, then it indicates that you tend to force your opinion to others and you are doing that in the most annoying way possible.

So there is a distinctive difference of who had this dream, and whose ears and wax are in question, in a dream.

When someone else is in a dream, it is a clear notice that someone is hostile toward you and is very picky because of various arguments, trying to catch the smallest reason for insult.

Additionally, we must say that there is some concept that ears and everything that is connected to them, including earwax has a different meaning when this dream comes from a woman or a man.

If a woman dreamed than this dream can be connected to her children, and in the case of the man, it is the dream that is connected to his mother.

The Symbolism of Dreams About Earwax

If in a dream you see wax, and you know that it comes from your ears, it’s a warning that someone is not just trying to cheat you, but that person is succeeding in that process.

This dream means that you may have to pay extra attention to work and read carefully the documents you sign. It is possible that one of your associates may be harassing you or wanting to accuse you of something you did not do.


This can also refer to a friend or a loved one who will hide from you something that you should know.

If in your dream you see yourself with Earwax that is dripping from your ears, it signifies the damage. You may have a malfunction in your home that will cost you a lot.

Because of this cost, you will have to change the plans and postpone what you wanted to finish. It will upset you because you like to have everything under control – this dream does not have to do anything with any form of physical malfunction of your body.

If, for example, in a dream, you see yourself cleaning Earwax from your ears, it is the symbol of a possibility that will turn out to be a mistake.

You will probably try to do the job that the boss gave you, but you will not show yourself well. You will be disappointed and ready for bad news, but it may happen that you will be given a second chance.

If in a dream, you see that you are cleaning Earwax with some tool, or that someone else is helping you in that process, it indicates that you take care of yourself. You feel that the outer appearance is significant and you attach great importance to it because you believe that thanks to it you will have more success on the business and emotional agenda.

If ears that you see in a dream and that had Earwax in them does not belong to humans – means that you will pass some important test or audition by the competent authorities (business competitors).

But this also signifies that you will hear news about this “test”, but no one could tell what news you will receive.

In the end, if you had a dream in which you see yourself cleaning someone else Earwax, it implies that you will soon be bored. You will probably have a visit from someone who is very dull, or with people you rarely see and whose attitudes are diametric concerning yours.

You will hardly wait for the celebration to end and you will try to forget about this discomfort as soon as possible.

Do I have to be worried?

All in all, you might have to be worried, just a little bit, and to know that the right time has come for you to become much more mature than you have ever been. We are suggesting this, just because this dream is a sign of some disagreement or misunderstanding, and it can mean even that you impose your opinion on others.

But in the case when you have cleaned Earwax from your ears diligently, then this reflects the fact that you are subjected to serious psychological work, which is focused on self-improvement. In some cases, it means that you are about to receive the good news.

What to do if I had this dream?

As you were able to see for yourself, the dream about Earwax is a clear sign that you are not receptive enough and open for advice and help from others.

You probably rely too heavily on your courts and intuition.

So, the advice for you, if you had such a dream is to listen carefully to what is being said! You need to become much more mature – since this is the dream that indicates immaturity and lack of experience in some way.

It can be even a sign of deception in your life, and it can be a clear signal that you are about to receive some bad news, or you will hear an insulting comment on your account.

You need to prepare yourself for such an event, and you need to deal with such news maturely and without any drama.

Try to hear and understand the signs that surround you. Try to find out the truth, unless you are naturally ready for it.

But, the thing that you should not do is to feel shame or guilt – caused by doubt about yourself as well as the constant fear that you are the object of gossip.


Often we either have, or we listen to others about unusual their experiences that took place in the dreams.

They were always strange dreams, for all of us, we who had those dreams and others who have to listen to us. But the fact is that we all share this similar experience.

Seeing of pulling our Earwax from your ears, or someone else’s is considered to be tacky and inappropriate, and the similar analogy can be found in dream symbolism.

Often we have some feeling when we have this dream.

So, to dream about Earwax can mean that you are tired of listening to what others are saying. If in a dream there is someone else, then it suggests that you should keep your mind for yourself or that you must stop talking about others.

Some say that this dream about ears, and wax that is located in them, has somewhat surprising meaning that we have not mentioned yet.

It is a symbol of increased passion and a reminder that you have to take care of your emotions before you entrust yourself to someone.