Dreaming of Dead Grandmother – Interpretation and Meaning

All people dream. Even if you may not remember it – you still dream. And three to four times a night for a total of about 2 hours. Statistically, a person who is 75 years old has had more than 100,000 dreams in their lives. We dream in certain sleep phases – especially just before we wake up. Dreamless are the extreme deep sleep phases alone.

The activities of our brain during sleep can be measured. Electrodes on the scalp can record the corresponding brainwaves. In addition, the eye movements can also be seen dream activities: When we dream, our eyes move behind the closed eyelids very fast. One then speaks of REM phases (Rapid Eye Movement).

Why should I even deal with my dreams?

One may wonder why one should even deal with dreams at all. For some, they seem like a sort of waste product of the brain. Others dream badly and do not really want to remember it. And still others do not know the next morning whether and what they have dreamed.

But it is worthwhile to consider your own dreams, because they can give us many valuable hints – on the one hand about ourselves and about our subconscious and on the other hand, we can use them as a source of inspiration and for new ideas.

Our subconscious speaks in our dreams

The really fascinating thing about our dreams is that we can rid ourselves of any limitations and constraints in them.

As our subconscious mind becomes active in our dreams, we come into contact with our primal innermost being. Insights through dreams can be very enlightening if we want to know more about ourselves. The messages can also scare us.

We can divide dreams into different categories. It has been found that certain types of dreams occur in many people. Most dreams are classified because of their central theme, e.g. Anxiety, fall, flight or animal rooms.

Furthermore, one distinguishes desire and fulfillment dreams of anxiety and anxiety dreams. The frequency and intensity of the dreams is age- and sex-dependent. So children usually dream much more lively and intense than adults. Furthermore, it has been found that women are much more likely than men to dream in color or to hear music in a dream.

Dreaming of Dead Grandmother  – Interpretation and Meaning

The death of the grandparents is likely to be experienced by many people. Often one is still a child when the grandma dies. It’s the first serious loss to process. But there is also something positive about it: After all, you have met your grandmother and perhaps spent many beautiful hours with her. Grandma is usually more forgiving and patient than her own parents. The grandchild often has an ally and a confidante in her. With her death, often dies a piece of childhood, even if the grandson or granddaughter is already grown.

If someone dreams that their own grandma dies, the horror is probably great first. The dreaming will hope that she is well, and probably wish the grandmother may live a long time. Maybe he even calls her after waking up to make sure everything is alright. For the interpretation of dreams, the emotions that trigger the dream symbol “Granny dies” are particularly important.

Dream symbol “Grandma dies” – The general interpretation

In the dream interpretation, the grandmother embodies the feelings, the values ​​and the life experiences of the dreaming. The dream symbol “Grandma dies” indicates that it is time to say goodbye to old principles and start a new phase of life. In the dream, the dreaming feels that the new beginning is very difficult for him. At the same time, he recognizes the need to kill old ideas in order to make room for new things. In the interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “Grandma dies” frequently occurs in phases of life that naturally involve radical changes, at puberty or during menopause, for example. The dream encourages the dreaming to accept these developments. Dream of dead grandmother being alive can be a sign of your desire to see your dead grandmother.

When the grandma dies, it can also be an indication of dying feelings in dream interpretation. The grandmother symbolizes the relationship with another person who may be coming to an end. Maybe both partners have developed in different directions. The dreaming is aware of the dream symbol “Grandma dies” that he has already dissolved internally. The dream should cause him to change the external conditions accordingly. The grief over the end of the life phase is reflected in the dream interpretation in the death of the grandmother.

Dream symbol “Grandma dies” – The psychological interpretation

The grandparents in the interpretation of dreams stand for authority, wisdom, experience and kindness. In particular, the grandmother is often a close confidant, which gives a particularly intense sense of security and protection in childhood. On the psychological level, the dream symbol “Grandma dies” is a sign of a mature personality. The dreaming is ready to finally distance himself from the sheltered childhood and to take responsibility himself.

In dream interpretation, death is a symbol of change. With the dream symbol “Grandma dies” the subconscious helps the dreaming to set the right course for the new life path. In the dream, he experiences the unconscious grief over the loss of the completed phase of life and at the same time learns to accept the change.

Dream symbol “Grandma dies” – the spiritual interpretation

In the dream interpretation, the grandmother symbolizes ancient knowledge and special spiritual powers in spiritual terms. The dream symbol “Grandma dies” reflects the mental rebirth and resurrection that are invisible in the material world. The dream helps the dreaming to leave behind his old spiritual self and take the journey to another developmental step.

The meaning behind dreaming about dead relatives

Often, people ask what it means to see dead relatives in their dreams repeatedly. Some are happy to see dead relatives, others are afraid of it. The questions also includes: ‘Did my father come to the afterlife?’, ‘Did he go to heaven?’, ‘What do you want to tell me?’ Etc.


What are the reasons for seeing deceased family members in dreams?

Through spiritual research, we have determined that there are psychological and spiritual reasons for seeing family members in dreams. About 30% of the reasons are psychological and in 70% of the time they are spiritual.

Psychological reasons include feelings of guilt or regret that one had no time for the beloved before his / her death, or fears for the deceased family member. Yet the images that appear in the dream are outbreaks of the subconscious.

Among the spiritual causes there are mainly two. One is that the subtle body of the deceased family member needs help in the afterlife (death after death) and turns to his descendants on earth. The other reason is that he wants to take revenge or settle accounts with some family members.

Deceased dead reasons for dreams and signs

Through spiritual research, we discovered (for spiritual reasons) that in about 70% of cases subtle bodies in the afterlife need help, and in about 30% offspring seek revenge or torment descendants living on the Existence Plains of the Earth.

A dream can be considered spiritual if it repeats itself at least three times. Dead family members will usually come into contact with offspring that they most likely expect them to do something for (or appear in a dream). Subtle bodies in the hereafter find it easier to communicate through dreams than when they are awake, since people in their waking state are more concerned with their five senses and do not have the necessary mental concentration. During sleep or in the dream, the mind is more receptive to messages from the subtle, spiritual world.

We have found that people who die premature or violent death are more often in dreams than people who have died from a normal death, for example after a long illness. This is because people who die for natural reasons are mentally prepared for it and therefore can easily move on in the afterlife. Only in 10% of the cases could it be negative entities that spend in dreams as deceased ancestors.

What does the dream of a close, suddenly deceased friend mean?

Dreams of deceased are not necessarily bound to family members. Sometimes deceased close friends appear in dreams. This is mainly to seek help because they feel closer to the person they contact than to their family members on Earth. The following example, told by a member of the SSRF research team, will illustrate this aspect.

Dreaming about dead people in general

When family members, friends, or fellow human beings leave us to move from our world of the world to the hereafter, they often leave a great, deep hole in the hearts of their loved ones.

That people die is part of the very natural cycle of life. Some people are better at dealing with death than others. Some fall into deep depression in the loss of a loved one. Another person accepts this fate.

Dreams of the dead are among the most common recurring dreams. As we have already explained in this separate article, recurrent dreams always occur when the dreamer has not processed or is looking for something.

In dreams of the deceased, it is obvious which event is still consciously or unconsciously occupying the dreamer.

Symbolism of dreams of the deceased

Dreams of the deceased are highly symbolic and can only be understood in the individual dream context as a whole. To decipher the symbolism of those dreams requires detailed knowledge of the deceased’s life and the relationship the dreamer had to the deceased person.

Appear long or recently deceased in the dream, one is accompanied by either positive or negative feelings. No matter what your feelings are, they are always dependent on your relationship with the deceased. Either way, such dreams are always very moving and stay in your memory for a long time.

In dreams of the deceased can find many clues to their own psyche. They show us how we deal with the deaths of certain people, how we stood with these people in their lifetime, and whether there are unresolved conflicts with them that literally do not let us settle down.

Some dream interpreters claim that dreams of the dead include messages from those who wish to transport them through the spiritual world of dreams into the mind of the dreamer. Other interpretations say that it is merely a matter of fragments of memory that processes the subconscious in a dream.