Dreaming of a Dead Person Smiling – Meaning and Symbolism

The cognitive process going on in our minds can make us feel bit nuts sometimes. You already know this feeling, right?

Like, when you wake up from the strangest dream and you can’t understand what the hell just happened?

Many people say dreams are just combined elements that exist in our real life.

That means, all those themes and weird motives appearing in your dream are related to certain moments and memories you have in your head.

Of course, you may not be aware of such things, but your consciousness is processing everything that makes you happy, worried, or said.

If you would like to interpret a dream, you should ask yourself about the recent circumstances and occurrences in your life, about your goals and aspirations, or maybe even fears.

You must have felt scared a couple of times after waking up. Some dreams are indeed not pleasant, and one of such situations happens when dreaming of a dead person smiling.

This can make you uncomfortable, scared, or even sick after opening your eyes in the morning, or, even worse – in the middle of the night.

Dreaming of a dead person is uncomfortable for all of us, but such dreams don’t occur too often. One thing is sure – a dead person from your dream is someone you care about and whom with you would like to establish a connection.

In your dream, you will certainly have some kind of interaction with the dead person, which all would be accompanied by mixed up and strong emotions. You would either be ecstatic or scared for life.

Dreaming of a dead person smiling is always remarkable and long-term memory in your brain.

Don’t worry – nothing is wrong with you, and we will tell you everything about dreaming of a dead person smiling in the following paragraphs.

Meaning Of Dreaming of a Dead Person Smiling

Seeing a dead person in your dream indeed shows that you are stressed or that you are suppressing emotions.

Maybe you are trying not to express how sad you are because you lost someone you love, but deep down – this emotion is killing you.

You can feel strange or even afraid of that person in your dream if your subconsciousness is strong and it tells you somehow that person is not alive anymore.

Speaking further, dreaming of a dead person smiling is not a dream of your ancestor or a friend only, but there are some things you should know besides, and we will reveal this to you now.


Try to remember the expressions and movements the person you dreamed of made in the dream.

Dreaming of a dead person smiling mostly tells you they are peaceful and in good condition whenever they are.

Yet, no matter if a dead person is smiling, notice their appearance and their clothes. Being dressed up and clean is a confirmation of happy afterlife, but if the person is all dusty or their clothes are ragged, that means they are battling with their sins, but they want you to know they are still thinking of you and that they are sorry for any wrong deeds they did to you.

Sometimes, a dead person smiling at you in your dream may have an evil smile, which is probably the most uncomfortable dream.

You would wake up very lost and scared. This dream has one goal – to make you aware of people from your environment and their actions.

You are ignoring some signs along the road, even though you know these people are not doing you any good, but you are trying to set things in order.

Don’t try anymore – these persons would never become your true friends. Dreaming of a dead person smiling angrily is not pleasant, but it comes as a cold shower for you to make you realize a smile on someone’s face is not always a sign of honesty and friendship.

The Symbolism of Dreaming of a Dead Person Smiling

When speaking about the symbolism of dreaming of a dead person smiling, we would have to make a distinction here.

Were you dreaming of a dead person smiling at you and this person is someone you used to know and this person is dear to your heart, or you dreamed of a dead person who is a stranger smiling at you, but you know they are dead in your dream?

Of course, doubtlessly, in the first case, dreaming of a dead person smiling at you, and the person is a close relative, a friend, or a partner, this symbolizes your wish to be with that person again and to see them smiling at you, just the way they used to.

You are so eager to see that person once more in your life that even seeing them in your dream would be more than enough.

Either way, this dream carries a positive symbolism and announces positive changes in your life. Your loved one smiling at you is a blessing. They are watching your steps from the above and leading you the right way.

However, if you are dreaming of an unknown dead person smiling at you, this symbolizes potential financial losses in the future. You are thinking about getting into a risky job just because you would like to earn a lot of money.

Even though you may gain the sum you would want to get, that money would slip from your hands sooner than you think. What is more, you would experience a lot of inconveniences once other people find out about your deeds.

The alternative of a dream in which an unfamiliar person is smiling at you tells you a lot about being in a bad company. The circle of your closest friends is definitely not doing you any good.

Maybe these people are not bad persons, but their presence is affecting you negatively in some way.

If you are dreaming of a dead person smiling at you while the two of you are lying in a bed, that symbolizes goals you given up, and which were very important to you.

Yet, somehow you lost the will and motivation to fight for what you deserve.

The dead person from your dream is there to tell you to go back to that track and to find motivation within yourself.

Otherwise, you may be dealing with numerous problems (financial, health, or emotional) in the near future.

This person from your dream smiling at you comes as an encouragement to you, so you can remember some of the plans you two made while they were alive.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Dreaming of a dead person smiling most of the times wakes you up scared. There are a couple of potential interpretations of this dream, and it doesn’t have to be you should be worried about something.

Yet, depending on the context of your dream, some things may come as a warning as well.

If you are dreaming of a dead person smiling and suddenly, that person becomes angry and very ugly, that means you may be coming through a period of sadness in the upcoming period.

This sadness will be short-lived, but it will affect your emotions in a very deep and negative way.

You may be suffering or being sad for no reason, but, most of the times, a person close to you will be the reason for these feelings.

Probably the most bizarre dream of such kind of dreaming of a baby who died smiling at you. If you had this dream, then you will be dealing with a problem that is almost impossible to deal with.

You may invest all your energy and your motivation into this, but there won’t be any result. This will break your spirit and leave you hopeless.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

There is no doubt you accumulated a lot of mixed emotions in the past period. Yet, dreaming of a dead person smiling always has a message for you about the future and hides a piece of advice as well.

If you are already messed up and involved in a risky job, try to get out of this as soon as possible.

On the other side, if you are only thinking about it, it would be better to pre-orientate yourself.

It is about time to renew some of your decisions. Try to fix things you messed up in the past. Don’t just talk to others about problems you have, but get on the job and solve them all.

A person in your dream is there to help you bring back awareness about these issues and motivate you to set things in order if you want to live happily on.


In general, dreaming of a dead person smiling is certainly a sign that you are missing that person in your life.

Even though you may wake up with an unpleasant feeling, you should be aware that our loved ones are watching us from the above.

They don’t want us to make bad decisions or harm anyone and that is why they appear in dreams as well.

Dreaming of a dead person smiling at you is certainly a sign that you should reconsider some of your actions and try to fix the mistakes you made.