Dream of Walking on Water – Interpretation and Meaning

In the Bible, Jesus walks across the water as if it were solid land under his feet. When Peter, the disciple, goes after him, he sinks after a few successful steps, suddenly seized with doubt and aware that people are not actually able to walk across the water. We can go by boat on the water or swim through it.

To go on it is possible only in miracles and legends, where the known laws of nature do not apply. The element of water is one of the most common and significant in the world of dreams. What does it mean when it is conquered in the dream, so to speak? How can you interpret your dream?

Dream symbol “to walk over water” – The general interpretation

If you can walk across the water, you are leveraging the natural laws of physics. Where the foot would normally sink, it moves with ease, and what can only succeed in a small animal such as the water runner, in the dream becomes reality: you conquer an element that also carries risks.

The obstacle of a river, a lake or perhaps a sea is no longer an obstacle for you. No wonder that this dream symbol is considered a sign of luck. Especially on sea voyages, but also in the professional career success and satisfaction is imminent.

Anyone who dreams of running over water is also promised a happy time in the partnership.

Moving around on the water without the need for a tool is a miracle, and so there may be something wonderful to come. The impossible becomes possible.

Basically, in the interpretation of dreams, dark and at the same time wildly raging water is a rather negative sign. A clouded blue symbolizes confusion or fears, a clear, greenish shimmering blue expresses serenity and is often used in the interpretation of dreams.

This dream symbol for politically active people is to be particularly successful, since the water symbolizes the population of a country, and that over it points out that the dreaming has these humans under control.

Dream symbol “walking on water” – The psychological interpretation

The water can both give life and be dangerous; if you can walk over it, you may have just overcome a danger, and now it is your turn to succeed and make it in your life. You may now feel capable of actions that seemed impossible recently.

This dream symbol indicates that you can not be stopped by obstacles, not even by your own concerns or fears, since water in dreams always symbolizes their own feelings, their own psychic life.

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If you can walk across the water in the dream, but then fall into it and sink in, it is an indication that you do not trust your feelings and your own abilities. You doubt yourself, and that doubt lets you sink.

Dream symbol “over the water” – The spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, this dream symbol indicates that miracles can actually happen. It also suggests trusting your own feelings more than being blinded by the general worldview.

Basically, in the interpretation of dreams, dark and at the same time wildly raging water is a rather negative sign. A clouded blue symbolizes confusion or fears, a clear, greenish shimmering blue expresses serenity and is often used in the interpretation of dreams.

Dream about Walking on Water – Symbolism

Water is probably the element that appears most often in dreams, sometimes with considerable frequency and insistence. It will also be because water is the symbol of the unconscious and of feelings, which are the same materials from which our dreams take shape. But to say ‘to dream of water’ is such a generic expression that it can really open up to an infinity of meanings.

To better understand what water means in your dream, you need some more details.

  • What kind of water is it: it could be sea water, river water, running water (of tap), or a puddle, rain, fountain, waterfall, etc.
  • Appearance, smell, color: it may be clean and clear water, or dirty and muddy; it can be calm and quiet, stagnant or agitated.
  • Context: with water you can do many things: drink, wash, dive, cross it, swim, drown, etc …. What were you doing?
  • Emotions: water in the dream scared you, or did you like it? Were you comfortable or worried?

Dreaming about water, meaning:

  • Unconscious: when we look into the water in dreams, we are usually exploring our personal unconscious, made of our personal memories and emotions; or the great collective unconscious, consisting of the immense baggage of Universal Consciousness.
  • Emotions, feelings: in general, water in dreams represents our emotional, irrational, creative part.
  • Clean, pure: water is an element that cleans and rinses; in many religious rituals it represents spiritual cleansing from faults and impurities.
  • Recovery of energy, vitality, creativity: water is connected to life, because everything originates from there; it can be an expression of your creative potential and represent regeneration and a new beginning. Just as physical water restores the body, water in dreams restores our emotions and our spirit.
  • Mother: water in dreams can be a memory of the amniotic fluid in which our life began, in the maternal womb. Water would therefore be a kind of maternal embrace. Water is also connected to conception, childbirth and motherhood

The Water Dreams according to Freud

According to Freud, water in dreams is caused by memories of the mother’s womb and childbirth; water can represent the mother’s body, the woman’s body, her genitals.

Falling into the water, due to the inversion mechanism, can represent the birth, the expulsion from the womb. Freud noted that both urinary and sexual stimuli can make people dream of water.

Water Dreams according to Jung

“Water is the most current symbol of the unconscious” “from a psychological point of view, water is the spirit that has become unconscious” “Who looks in the” mirror “of water sees firstly, it is true, one’s own image.

Those who go towards themselves risk encountering themselves. It is the world of water in which every life is suspended, floating, every life. The soul of all that is alive, where I am inseparably this and that, where I experience in myself the other and the other-from-me experience myself “. {C. G. Jung}

According to Jung, water in dreams represents the mystery of the unconscious; in the great expanses of water we find the collective unconscious.

Water in dreams is also female energy (the Soul); men who are afraid of water probably have a bad relationship with women and their “feminine side”.

Water as a recurring dream

Water is a recurring dream for many people: “I keep dreaming of water, who can tell me why?”, You will ask yourself. It can be a dream that occurs at particular times: Emotional stress, periods when you are agitated or upset, or in which you need to regain energy and restore yourself.

Particular physical conditions of the body, such as:

  • the stimulation of thirst (if you have drunk a little or are dehydrated, it is normal to dream of water);
  • kidney problems (kidneys are the filter of our body);
  • pregnancy, a state in which a lot of water is formed in the woman’s body.