Dream of Receiving Silver Coins – Interpretation and Meaning

They are inspiring and creative, sometimes bizarre or completely absurd, and they are all ours: our dreams.

Each night, each of us spends two hours dreaming, even when many do not remember the next day. That makes a good six years of our lives. But what is it really: a dream?

The dream and its meaning

Dreams have always played a very special, very spiritual role for humanity – in all cultures. Already in the Old Testament dreams and their interpretation are an important part. There is Joseph, who in Egypt indicates the prophetic dreams of Pharaoh. Biblical Daniel recognizes in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream the future of world history. In the famous oracle of Delphi, ordained priestesses interpret the dream images of the pilgrims. Dream visions also have an important meaning for the North American Indians: many rituals, such as the calling of the medicine men, are influenced by dreamed messages.

In all these cases dreams are ascribed to a divine or demonic source. So they are messages that are transmitted to sleeping people from outside. There is also the idea that the mind goes traveling during the dream, leaving its body.

The dream and the individual

In nineteenth-century Europe, a completely different approach emerges: Here, scientists assume that dreams are merely the expression of physical states. The French psychologist Alfred Maury explores the connections between dreams and external stimuli. He refers to the images and sensory impressions that the consciousness experiences in the falling asleep phase with the technical term hypnagogic perceptions.

But the phenomena he describes are described by today’s dream researchers merely as hallucinations in the process of falling asleep – they have nothing to do with dreams.

In 1900, Sigmund Freud publishes his work “Dream Interpretation” and thus becomes the father of modern dream interpretation. He argues that dreams express the dreams and desires of the dreaming – a view that continues to find support today.

For Freud, dreams are an important source of information that tells him more about the individual’s unconscious worlds of experience. His dream analysis does not have the task of interpreting messages from the outside – it rather deals with the internal processes in the psyche of the human being. He speaks a prophetic content to dreams.

Why do we dream?

The biggest hurdle for modern dream research is certainly that dreams can only be examined depending on the waking state. It is generally assumed that dreams have an important function for humans. But which function that is – opinions are still diverging.

Some researchers reduce dreams to pure biological-functional processes in the brain, which are indispensable for cognitive development. The dream specifically activates nerve connections and launches programs that solidify new sensory impressions and drive the development of the brain.

This approach would be a logical explanation why babies experience very frequent and long dream phases. The dream is therefore a process that ripens the brain.

Another approach assumes that dreams are primarily for identity creation and problem solving. In sleep, the mind can sort and evaluate the experiences of the day, without being disturbed by external influences. With life crises or identity questions the dream accomplishes really heavy work. This approach explains why the dream activity becomes significantly more intense when someone makes new experiences in their lives.

Meaning of Silver coins and silver in general in a dream

Scientifically speaking, silver is a chemical element called Ag (Latin argentum for “silver”). Fantasy fans know silver as their only effective weapon against werewolves. He is also said to have a connection to the moon: The Egyptians also called it moon metal.

Silver has been processed by humans since the fifth millennium BC. In some centuries it was more valuable than gold, for example in the form of silver coins. Today, they make jewelry, cutlery and home accessories; however, you need to polish it regularly as it starts to black over time in contact with oxygen.

In the medical field, silver is used as a disinfectant and remedy for wound healing. The element also plays an important role in the production of computer chips and solar cells, which will probably increase the value of silver in the future.

If someone dreams of silver, he may have necklaces, earrings or candleholders in mind. The shine of the processed metal will surely fascinate the dreaming. Maybe he also enjoys holding massive silver objects in his dream. In the interpretation of dreams one differentiates between the dream symbol as metal and as jewelry.


Dream symbol “Silver” – The general interpretation

As metal, the dream symbol “silver” stands for value, flexibility and magic. It is an easily malleable material and therefore points in the dream interpretation to the adaptability of the dreaming.

In addition, silver is a valuable metal and calls as a dream symbol, not to underestimate the value of their own person. The dream also hints at the esteem that others have for the dreaming. In the mythological connection of the element to the moon, the dreaming’s magical abilities are expressed in the interpretation of dreams: Perhaps he is a particularly empathic person who intuitively recognizes conflicts and concerns and apparently “conjures them away”.

If the dream symbol “silver” appears as jewelery, it is a symbol for the status that the dreaming wishes or in which he currently sees himself. Decoration of silver embodies in the interpretation of dreams valuable qualities that the dreaming knows how to appreciate himself. If he gives away the silver in the dream, he makes these benefits available to others. If the dreamer himself receives a silver chain or watch as a present, the dream symbol is an expression of the esteem that is given to him.

If you get silver coins in your dreams, this implies that you are expecting huge expenses. It is possible that you will begin to sort out something you have neglected, but you will be troubled when you see how much effort and financial resources you will need. You will find that it is better that you work a little bit a day than you accumulated a lot of work that you could avoid.

If you eat silver coins in a dream, this indicates that there is a chance to win in something. You are a person who is constantly in action and you are not satisfied with what you have, even though it is more than enough for a decent life. Look for new challenges that will make you feel powerful and accepted in society. And you have the impression yourself to be so lazy with the loneliness and bad decisions you made on a private plane.

When it comes to money in general, when you count paper money in your dreams, this means a big payoff. It may happen that you will have more work in the coming period than ever you will accept and work without rest. You know that such chances do not go away and they do not last too long, so you can use them for the most. Silver jewelry can also symbolize the love between two people in the interpretation of dreams.

Dream symbol “Silver” – The psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “silver” through its connection to the moon is a symbol of the feminine. Both, silver and moon, are attributed to the Virgin Mary in the Christian cultural sphere and embody purity and immaculateness.

The dreaming has a positive attitude to femininity in general and to the female part of his own personality in particular. In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol “silver” also refers to the mental purification process that is the prerequisite for psychic balance.

As jewelry, silver is a status symbol in the dream, expressing the pronounced or perhaps exaggerated desire for affection and recognition. In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol “silver” can be an indication of negative character traits such as craving or vanity. In addition, in a dream of lush silver jewelry, the unconscious attempt to cover up other mistakes and weaknesses can also manifest itself.

But the value of the pieces of jewelry is also important and in the interpretation of the dream allows conclusions to be drawn about the self-esteem of the dreaming: The higher-quality and elaborate the dream symbol “silver” is processed in the dream, the greater is the appreciation of one’s own personality in reality.

Dream Symbol “Silver” – The Spiritual Interpretation

The dream symbol “silver” is in the transcendental realm of the bearer of energy or a message from other planes. It reveals to the dreaming what contributes to the purification of his spiritual life.

In the dream interpretation also an increasing supernatural ability as well as an increased dream activity with the dream symbol “silver” together.