Dream of Pregnancy Test – Meaning and Symbolism

Some researchers have shown that dreams truly contribute to our general health, and it is said that people who rarely dream or have some troubles regarding this part of the world can add up to the growth of various illnesses.

Although science has not yet explained why we are a dream (there are many theories, but just because no one has confirmed it, it does not have to mean that dreams are meaningless) it is known that dreams can have significant benefits.

Dreams occur during the so-called REM phase of sleep, and this is the phase of dream experience that starts about half an hour after we fall asleep.

Physically this can be seen by our eyes, they are moving fast from one side to another, and our eyelids are closed. During this time, various brain waves occur, we breathe faster, and sometimes we have involuntary muscle twitching.

Pregnancy is an entirely new condition not only in physical but also in psychic terms for one woman – they are aware that the child we are expecting will change all aspects of life, emotions, and relationships with partner, career, new needs.

It is quite understandable that women (and their partners also) are overburdened by pregnancy; it’s not easy to deal with all these concerns. And sometimes we are reflecting these worries in our dream world, but what you need to know is that dream of pregnancy, in today’s case pregnancy test can symbolize so many different things, that does not have to do with babies, but are almost always connected to worries and fears.

Meaning of a Dream of Pregnancy Test

There are various versions of Pregnancy dreams, and one of them is the one where you see yourself taking a pregnancy test.

This is the dream that indicated that a new stage in your life begins, whether it’s emotional or business life – it does not have to do anything with your desire to have a baby.

Now, this dream has different meanings depending on if you know that in a dream, you are doing the pregnancy test or someone else.

If you are the person who is taking the test, then it means that you are the person who is ready for the following beautiful events in the coming period. This dream can also mean that you will have a material gain or that you will start a new love affair or friendship.

If someone else is taking the test, it means that you have a fear of change and the new circumstances that arise.

There is one more meaning of this dream, and it connected to the actual pregnancy of a dreamer – your inner being is subconsciously preparing for the role of the mother.

In addition, this dream can indicate your fears about pregnancy, childbirth, and maternity.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Pregnancy Test

Let us focus now more on the test itself – is it positive or negative in a dream that you are having?

If in a dream that you are having you see yourself taking the pregnancy test, and it comes out negative, in that case, this dream suggests that something you pledged to start soon will collapse, and it is usually a goal that you are having for a long time, but you did not have the courage to start that project, just because of the fear.

In another case, if the pregnancy test came out positive, it symbolizes different situation – finally, all the hard work that you have been investing will eventually pay off, and you will have a certain period to enjoy and to brag about your good deeds, and others will give you deserved recognition and admiration.


If the test is showing nothing, it is not positive or negative, it is the symbol that you are stuck at the moment, and even if you have the desire to move, you do not have will, or you do not know how to do it.

If a man is doing the pregnancy test – this is a clear sign that you will put some significant person in your environment to the test. This dream may be an indication of the temporary troubles that can have two outcomes.

One is a chance for a material gain, and another is the difficulties in the relationship with a man (it can be the man from a dream, but it does not have to, it can be any male person who means something to you).

If another woman is doing the test, and you are helping her to do it, this implies a good sign and predicts success in all issues that you are starting in the near future – this is one version of the dream that has nothing to do with pregnancy or babies.

If in a dream you see yourself buying the pregnancy test, it can be a symbol of change, presumably in your personal life, which is why you will have to work hard, but in the end, it will truly pay off.

Do I have to be worried?

Pregnancy or pregnancy test in somebody’s dreams usually have a very pronounced and varied symbolism, and the interpretation of such dreams depends primarily on either the “dreaming situation”, or whether men or women dream the pregnancy, and for what circumstances fluently “bound”.

You’re probably wondering if you’re ready for the changes that are coming. This dream often also indicates that you are afraid to get pregnant because you are not prepared for it yet.

As a result, we can safely take active steps: help others and try to implement your business plans, because it will pay off.

You do not have to be too worried, because even in the worst version of this dream, you have enough time to make things better.

You who have seen the pregnancy test have spiritual strength and become mature, and you have all qualities to go further in the career plan.

What to do if I had this dream?

In some versions of this dream, it indicates that you need to prepare yourself for the fact that you are not ready for failures that are seemingly very close.

Nothing will happen as planned, and you will be disappointed. You will have to give up essential goals because you will realize that your effort is futile and that these goals cannot be achieved. It may be a good idea to prepare yourself for such a situation.

In other variation, you will receive the recognition that you feel that you deserve, and you are finally getting good things that you deserve.

But, we want to ask you a straightforward question – are you thinking about becoming a parent soon? Cause if the answer is definite, it is entirely reasonable that you had this dream, since it is said that people who are thinking about parenting and want to become one, often have such dreams.

They are often followed with the sense of fear and doubts, along with the concern – is everything going to be fine with my baby, and am I going to be a good parent?

As a reflection of such inner states, dreams about pregnancy tests are very common.


Dreams of a pregnancy test, in some of its forms, can symbolize that you wish to or you are ready for something in your life grows and develops, and can also relate to the birth of some new ideas and to significant reversals in life.

They are at their beginning, and you want them to be successful even if you are not there yet, the desire is present, along with the fear.

But, we must say that the pregnancy test in a dream symbolism is a sign that beautiful events that will follow the person who dreams in the immediate future.

Dreaming about doing a pregnancy test shows that you are entering a new stage in your life (new job, relationship, friendships, or something smaller like a journey).

So, two things are mandatory in when it comes to this dream symbolism and meaning – emotions and changes.

Both of them create fear and uncertainty.

You feel that you are put to the test if you are ready for these changes.

Alternatively, this dream can have a literal meaning and be addressed to your fears about pregnancy, or your readiness to become pregnant, or if you are man, to become a father.