Dream of Parents – Meaning and Symbolism

Would not be nice if we could prevent some negative events in our lives? If we could avoid all those bad things from happenings, and if not, it could know that they are coming so we can be prepared for the worst?

And in this sense, could we have foreseen a tragedy and make our lives less miserable and what is the tool to do so?

Maybe the dreams are the answer!

For all of us, dreams are the representation of the magical world where anything could happen – some events that we see in our dream world are unusual; others are perfect or real.

Their magic comes from the fact that dreams are not adequately explained on the scientific side.

In the category of realistic dreams, at least in a sense that as the primary motive is a dream appears, is the dream of Parents.

This is a common dream, and it is reasonable to have dreams about people who are closest to us.

Meaning of a Dream of Parents

There is one saying that if the relationship between parents and children is without any issues, and is very positive, and then it is not very common to dream about parents.

Maybe in moments when something stressful happens, and we subconsciously seek protection in our dreams.

This may be the first and most common meaning of a dream of Parents.

If the relationship with parents is problematic or was problematic in some period of life – then the motive of parents in dreams is more often and it reflects a time of some anxiety and is connected with the troubles that await us on occasion.

It is said that women dream more often their parents, and in the majority of cases, it is an either very bad or very good dream, where parents are depicted in extreme ways.

The display of the parent in a dream usually frees a feeling that, in real life, you are trying to hide something or do something that society would not approve, or that is against moral norms.

Of course, it is said, that when a man dreams of a mother, it certainly has more in-depth meaning.

What also must be said is that a manifestation of a parent in a dream does not need to be personified in the character of a real parent, it could be manifested in a role of someone else (these dreams can be absurd, and someone from your environment can play that role).

If in a dream, we see our father, regardless of how a parent is depicted in a dream, frequently it has a broader meaning and usually appears when we are in search of something in life.


The motive of a father in a dream has a connective meaning, and this implies that he is the connective tissue of the rational and the spiritual in his life.

In the end, these dreams come as a conflict between these two areas in life, especially when we choose our life path.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Parents

If you see your parents in a dream, and there is nothing strange or weird about them, you feel happy in that dream, and it is the symbol of true happiness.

It is the symbol of what is essential for you to in life – a family, and this is just a confirmation that you should always put family before career.

If the parents in your dream are sick, it can be a true warning that you will experience many difficulties in life.

This is a symbol of problems, and it is very likely that in the following period, you will have stressful situations.

If in a dream you are having, you see yourself running away from home and your parents, it is the symbol of your immature nature. If you escape from your parents in a dream, it implies that you are immature.

You are the person who pulls bad moves just because you cannot see things clearly and maturely.

In the end, if a dream about parents shows you like the person or a child that gave up his parents, it is the symbol of your inability to realize what the sacrifice is.

You are not capable of seeing the more comprehensive picture and of knowing what others (not just parents) did for you.

You do not appreciate enough what others have done for you, but you will consider that they could have been much more.

You will think about their mistakes and omissions, so you will not notice the ones you are making.

Do I have to be worried?

Whether you should be bothered or not depends on other aspects in a dream – but if nothing is alarming in a dream, you should not worry. The road you are currently on is good, and your decision to put family first is the best that you can have.

Such a dream means that you correctly understanding with all family members and, unlike many others, you are glad to be like that.

If in a dream you see yourself being in a conflict with your parents, this is a symbol of misinterpretation – the people who are close to you want the best for you, but they have a peculiar way of showing it.

There is another version of this dream – the one in which your parents gave you up, and this is a sure symbol that you are one very insecure person.

Some say that this dream can reveal early problems in childhood and fear of rejection. You crave for love, and if in later life you felt unwanted in a certain relationship, then this dream comes as a manifestation of that insecurity.

In a version of a dream where you see your parents ill, you should be worried, not for your parents, but for yourself and the problems that you may have in the near future. You need to face your flaws and forget disagreements and devote a little more time to dear people because otherwise, you will regret it.

If a dream you are having depicts your parents dead, it carries a surprising symbolism – you could expect your material status to change for the better. You may profit from someone else’s misfortune or failure, but it is not your fault.

After this a dream, you would probably feel concerned about the damaged person from your dream, or the fact that you have seen your parents dead.

What to do if I had this dream?

Try to show a bit more understanding for the people who are closest to you – they presumably want the best for you, but they cannot show it.

Often they incorrectly comment on your preferences, and why you are blocking them and do not tell many things, they should know.

Sometimes the dream about parents suggests that you, despite years, still behave like a child – stop ignoring the problems and letting them build-up, after which you resort to solutions that you only bring you damage.

You should resolve issues that you have, like insecurity so that this attitude does not jeopardize your future relations.


As we have said at the beginning of this piece, dreaming of your parents can be a sign of anxiety and the need for protection, but in some cases, it could be a sign that you will meet happiness and satisfaction in work and private life.

In the case of a dream where you have dreamt of parents that are no longer alive, you can expect success in the job you are dealing with.

Besides, you have a solution to the problems you have had before.

But the dream in which your partners are saying something to you, it has a lot more negative context.

It is a sign that you have left unspoken – it can be a warning that something is wrong, so be careful.

If you have dreamed that your parents are dying, success in your job is guaranteed, but with supreme energy and charge only.

So, to conclude, there are numerous versions of this dream, and it is never connected to your parents and you do not have to be scared that something bad is going to happen to them, as always, this is the dream that connected to you and presumably your personal relationships (past and present) with your surroundings, including parents.