Dream of Missing a Flight – Meaning and Symbolism

Even when we take precautionary measures, which are related to the transport we use, it often happens that it is not our fault to miss the departure.

Sometimes circumstances are such that we can’t control them, so missed transportation is not our fault.

However, sometimes it is our fault for missing the departure (of a train, bus, or a plane) of experience that can greatly disturb us.

A particularly stressful situation may be the failure of the flight, especially when there are no flights as often as the case with other means of transport. In addition, flying by plane is much more expensive than other transport. If the flight is missed, there is a risk of missing some important event.

You would lose the money you gave for the ticket, so now we have pay for it again, and while you are waiting for the second departure, you may lose even more precious time. These were just some of the reasons why the very idea of missing a flight is very unpleasant.

For people who fly often, they are routinely preparing for the trip, and in most cases, there is no fear that they will miss their flight. They are very relaxed and are always on time on airports, but even these situations can happen to them.

People who do not fly often should know something can go wrong even with airports and thus should arrive much earlier.

Some people can very often subconsciously attract some circumstances that may be the reason for the flight missed, despite all the measures they took to avoid it. Yet, what happens when you have a dream of missing a flight?

Meaning Of a Dream Of Missing a Flight

There is a tendency to have a dream of missing a flight right before heading to that trip. It can be for your pleasure or work obligation.

Either way, concerns about preparation and packaging, stress, the desire to get on that plane as soon as you can cause missing it. If you felt like this in your dream, then you should know this kind of case is often a reflection of your real-life and does not carry too many symbols for the circumstances in which you are currently.

However, there are certain dream interpretations you should bear in mind if some other things appear in the dream.

For example, people who have phobias of missing their flight often have the exact dream.

Although they know everything is just a dream, they can survive their worries and fears again and again. It is astounding that these people can attract such events in reality, and all of these situations confirm that they are that obsession was right. It would be best for these people to seek professional help and to free themselves from that.

People who are not responsible and don’t care much for deadlines, and are not doing things within a certain time, can have dreams that indicate that they missed the departure of the flight. For them, this is not a problem, because it happens to them in reality.

Such a dream does not only depict their reality, but it can also be a powerful message from the subconscious to become more responsible and change their attitude as soon as possible.

Sometimes, people are not aware of their irresponsibility to the obligations they have, so this dream can present their waking and help understand the need to change something about their behavior.


Sometimes, the dream of a missed flight can reflect the fears we have about missing some important deadlines, so it is no wonder that in a dream we see an airplane that flies without you. It often happens that you have set certain deadlines without asking anybody else about this.

You would feel afraid that you won’t meet those deadlines. This makes you feel frustrated, you are upset, and that is why you have this dream.

The Symbolism Of a Dream Of Missing a Flight

If you were dreaming that you missed the flight, it can be symbolically shown through the fear of missing important events in life.

Most plane tickets should be arranged in advance, and it usually costs a lot if you want to buy a ticket for a faraway destination.

Taking a plane to travel abroad means we can experience beautiful and pleasant moments and expand our horizons.

Symbolically, this is a very important opportunity and represents something that can bring us pleasure in life. You may be afraid to use the opportunity in the right way, or you will not be able to do that, which may be presented through a dream as letting go of this opportunity.

Yet, if you expect an important opportunity to appear soon in your life, it is important to rid yourself of all the fears and doubts in your abilities and to take advantage of the potential that you have.

The dream of a missing a flight can, in some cases, reveal that a person feels the fear of change. It is likely that a good opportunity appeared in their lives, but at the same time, they have the fear that they will not know how to do it well, so they decide to ignore everything and deliberately miss a favorable opportunity.

This dream can help you to support your actions and encourage you when you make the effort and accept the changes that bring new things into people in your life because it will be of use to you.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Sometimes, the dream of missing a flight can reveal what kind of inner feelings you have in some circumstances. You may feel that you missed some really good opportunities and that there will be almost no new ones.

If you realize that for this reason, you are dreaming this dream, try to look at everything else, that something is missing for your own good, and that you probably have another chance to regain some possibilities.

You shouldn’t be worried, as everything that should come to you will come. The right opportunities will make it easy to grab them, while the wrong ones will fade away.

For those who often avoid dealing with their problems, and ignore their existence, the dream of missing a flight can be a warning that they can miss something that is important that will not be repeated again. All this happens because of a lack of interest in facing problems that arise in their lives.

In this way, the subconscious receives a mark, so a person should change his approach to problems and thus avoid any inconvenience due to their lack of interest.

You should open your eyes and be careful about which chances may come to you. It is of essential value to make a good estimate of what steps are the right ones to make.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

Sometimes, when we have so much to do, we feel overwhelmed and we are afraid that we will not be able to achieve all that is necessary for time.

The missed flight indicates that we are afraid to lose control over time and that we will not perform our duties on time.

Symbolically, this dream speaks of our fear that we will not reach the end of time, and there is so much to do. If that’s the case with you, try to rest and reorganize, or try to share your duties with others.

The dream of a missed flight comes from our subconscious mind and tells us to re-launch the project that we have postponed. If for some reason there were no conditions necessary for its realization, now is the right time to start the project and achieve success.

If this is the reason for your anxiety, try to relax and believe that everything will be done on time.

You should not continue to put yourself stress yourself. Try to get rid of all the fears and believe that everything will be done well in time and in the best way.


The dream of missing a flight can sometimes be caused by the fear that in some situation you will not behave well. All this can happen due to some unfulfilled obligations from before.

Try to get rid of the feeling that you are not good enough and that you do not do things right.

Feeling guilty won’t make you achieve your goals, as you would only feel bad about yourself. You create your future by yourself, and for this reason, you should not think about failure, because in this way you can attract your life.

Even if you somehow missed some important things in your past, don’t be harsh on yourself. There was a reason why you didn’t manage to complete this quest.

Maybe something even better is waiting for you in the future – that is the main message of the dream of missing a flight.