Dream of Losing Wallet – Meaning and Symbolism

Knowing that we all are keeping some of the most valuable items in our wallets already points out to the fact every one of us would be disappointed if we lost it.

Losing a wallet means losing a part of our memories and personal information.

If you lose q wallet full of cash, credit cards, or maybe even gold, that would make you very disturbed.

Dream of losing wallet brings despair and makes you feel lost yourself, even in a dream. It may also make you feel guilty because you lost.

Being carried way usually doesn’t bring good things, and that is the case with the wallet as well. You should be careful about where you put your wallet and how much money you are taking with yourself.

Waking up and realizing your wallet is still with you will bring you relief, but the negative emotion from the dream may mark the day ahead.

If you are wondering about the meaning and symbolism of a dream of losing wallet, here is the interpretation.

Meaning Of a Dream of Losing Wallet

Noticing your wallet is missing will make you search for it, even in your dream. You will look for it in the places you visited and try to remember where was the last time you saw it, who with you were, etc.

A wallet in your dream represents your identity, as you are keeping your ID, driving license, pictures of your family members, partner, and of course, money.

There is no doubt why wallets stand for the image you have of yourself and how much you appreciate yourself as a person.

If you don’t have confidence in yourself and if you are insecure about realizing your life goals, a dream of losing wallet will only confirm your doubts.

However, it will confirm your doubts just to show you that you should make a change and regain that confidence, but we will talk about this in detail in the next chapters.

The main meaning of a dream of losing a wallet relates to responsibilities. If you lost your wallet in the dream, that means only one thing – you lost the idea of responsibility.

However, you should be aware of the fact this dream may come as a warning to you that something similar can happen to you in your real life as well.

It doesn’t have to be you would lose your wallet, but maybe another item that carries great importance and is precious to you.

On the other hand, maybe this already happened and you are still under the impression of that unpleasant day. You are feeling shocked and confused, but you are blaming yourself because of this.


In this case, the dream doesn’t mean anything special, but it is only a past situation that is still disturbing you but will fade away with time.

The Symbolism Of a Dream of Losing Wallet

As the main purpose of wearing a wallet is to keep your money in it, the main symbolism of this dream relates to your abilities to establish financial security and earn money, either for yourself or for the whole family.

In case you have been worried about the financial situation lately, this will reflect on your dreams as well.

Another symbolism of this dream is that you are overloaded. Even though you are not a person who runs away from responsibilities, you have been under great pressure in the last few days, which made you a bit moony.

Sometimes life gives us more than we can stand, while the dream of losing wallet symbolizes your efforts to handle everything, even though this is not possible at all.

Sometimes, a dream of losing wallet symbolizes your actual worries that you won’t have or earn enough money to live. In case you are struggling with earning money even though you are hard-working and there is no need not to earn better, you are certainly feeling depressed.

The fear gets even bigger if you need money to support your family and kids. You are being harsh on yourself as you believe you are spending more than you should, even though this is not the case. Try to ask other family members for help, as this situation is not going to last much longer.

Another symbolic meaning of the dream of losing wallet relates to being embarrassed because you are not wealthy.

However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have money at all. Mostly, such a dream symbolizes your desire to be rich and to be able to buy everything you want, but just because you can’t – you feel embarrassed in front of your friends.

Your subconscious or fully conscious wish to be enormously rich is represented in this dream of losing wallet, but this is nothing but a childish attitude.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Dream of losing wallet definitely indicates you are unfocused and absent. Even if you are not realizing this, your subconscious mind is telling you to think more about your responsibilities.

We know – this is not the funniest thing in the world and you would use some vacation, but there are numerous reasons why you should be highly focused during this and the upcoming period.

Yet, there is a reason for you to be afraid. All the things that are bothering you represent a big threat to your mental health. If you don’t change something almost immediately, there is almost 100% you are going to go nuts.

This would first manifest as experiencing problems in all areas of life, which will keep on pressing you until you can’t take it anymore.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

We have been talking about responsibilities through the whole article and you got the point – there is no running away from certain things you put on your back yourself.

However, this also doesn’t mean you should pack all those things in your head and lock yourself in. Absolutely not! You have to find some time for yourself during the day. This is the least you can do for yourself.

When we said in the last section that you are losing focus, it may mean that you are trying to stay focused but you wrong things, or at least not the real ones, are stealing your attention. You are going through a period in your life when you can’t see what is really important.

In numerous cases, people who dream of losing their wallets feel bad about themselves.

They believe they are not worthy and are losing self-value for some reason, as the reasons vary from one man to another.

Maybe you experienced a situation which made you think of yourself in a bad way – worthlessly.

However, this may be a subjective impression and nothing more. In case this dream comes to you night after night, then you probably truly went through something that left a strong but negative impression on you and you should confront it as soon as possible.

Dream of losing wallet may represent a threat you are receiving from someone or something.

Yet, even if there is nothing that threatens you, you may be feeling completely insecure about yourself and you are afraid of making any decisions.

Try to inspect the cause of this opinion which showed up in your mind and if there is something that truly represents a threat for your personality, resolve this situation for your own sake.


If you had a dream of losing wallet, you should be aware this is a strong message your subconscious mind is sending you.

In case you ignore this fact and neglect the dream, you may be going through serious mental issues in the upcoming period.

You probably already know the current situation is maybe a little too much and you can’t take it but there is nothing to do about or. Or, there is?

Even if you don’t see an issue in front of you, it is hiding somewhere in your subconsciousness and dreaming of losing wallet will let you know this for sure.

A dream of losing wallet doesn’t represent money and financial situation all the time. The symbolical meaning of such a dream unfolds some other things that may be causing your worries.

It is of essential importance for you to take a dream of losing wallet for serious and start making some changes that will help you cope with the pressure.