Dream of Ice Skating – Meaning and Symbolism

Some say, and the science has confirmed it that during some part of our sleep, there is something that is called “lucid dreaming It is believed that in those moments, it is actually plausible to control what will happen in a dream. It is possible to affect the outcome of a dream, and you could lead it in the desired direction.

But other claims that there are no such things, since in the majority of our dream world, we just dream for a few minutes, and then we think about that dream.

Now, if your dream was great and in it, you have experienced something beautiful, then you will undoubtedly wake up with the feeling of excitement for the possibility that such a thing can happen to you.

For some, that dream could be the one that is connected to a certain activity that that person wants to do, or it can be an activity that a person who dreams actually loves and knows how to do.

For some, it can be a dream of ice skating, and for the majority of dreamers, it is a truly pleasant dream, and it can have multiple meanings.

Depending on circumstances, it can mean that a person who has this dream will gain some appreciation and reward.

It can be something small, but it is certainly something like a kind word from a stranger or a smile from a crush.

This acknowledgement is heartfelt, even if it is very little.

Meaning of Dream of Ice Skating

If you have a dream that you are the one that is ice skating, it can mean that you are the person who looks for the reasons to believe in its own strength and power.

But also the dream about ice skating can be a metaphor that you are or should squirm over something. Or that there are some parts of your life where you are just passing, without proper investment.

And even worse, it can be a signification that you as the person who dreams of ice skating is trying to avoid a problem or not paying enough attention to the problem.

Once again, it can be something small or seemingly insignificant that you are avoiding or do not see – or it can be a small desire that you haven’t fulfilled to yourself but now are the time.

The symbolism of Dream of Ice Skating

Dreaming of ice skating can be a manifestation of a particular project that is active in your life at the moment, and depending on circumstances, it can show different things.

One thing needs to be remembered here when we are speaking about this dream – the act of ice skating implies that you may be on the verge of crossing your boundaries or taking certain risks in your waking life.

Also, symbols of ice skates in dream symbolism can be a sign of problems and unresolved issues among business associates.

If your dream revolves around you ice skating and you fall down during that process, it means that you are in big danger that you will lose your job or ruin a project that you care for.


If in any way, in a dream you fall of the skates, and you found yourself on the ground you might be in danger of truly losing something that you have worked on.

If you have a dream that you are ice skating and that you fall and on that way, you are pulling other people on the ground – it can be a symbol that you are about to be hurt from some bad people that are close to you.

But from another side of the perspective, this dream can have some positive symbolism – if you are skating fast and enjoying it means that you adore beautiful things that surround you.

It is a symbol that you live your life with your heart wide open and that you will get a reward or some recognition for your work.

Once again, it does not have to be something major or life-changing, but the small reward for your hard work and effort.

If you dream that you look at other people who are ice skating, it can be a symbol that you are in some kind of a mood of excitement and that you should definitely try to risk it sometimes because you will see it will pay off.

In the end, if you have dreamed that you are ice skating and that you fall so badly that you cannot get up, and that all around you there is scattered ice and blood, it can signify that you are about to enter one stage in your life where there will be a lot of struggle and where there are going to be bad time with many defeats.

But you should not go into despair, stand up and move on – all of this could just be one interesting lesson, it does not have to be something that will cause you permanent pain, it even does not have to be too serious.

Do I have to be worried?

Ice skating in a dream can have many different meanings, but we cannot say that it has some bad particulate meaning, unless it is a dream whit some extreme conditions.

In these moments, you do not have to worry, but more you have to be careful not to get hurt by some people who are close to you – they may not intentionally want to hurt you, it is enough that they are not considerate enough.

This dream can be an indication that you must act in a future action with enhanced care and caution in some situations – it symbolizes your ability to maintain the balance in your life, above all others things.

But the majority of ice skating dreams are connected to enjoyment of all kinds – you show your love of life and all the activities you enjoy doing.

If you are, in a dream doing something extraordinary, like flips and turns like a real professional, it can mean that are advancing through your life the way and going towards your purpose.

What should I do if I had this dream?

First of all, try to look at this dream as something positive that has come into your life -even if some form of scared feeling has overcome you.

Whether its business, friends, or partner/partner, you will feel that you are used and discarded at the moment you began to doubt and realize the true truth.

Maybe it is just the precondition that you should prepare yourself for the hard times that are about to come, afterwards, enjoyment can come, and had the “taste” that you could only fantasize of.

Be guided solely by well-known sense and logic, which is why your recommendations and opinions are always welcome.

Thanks to this attitude, you will be in the company for a measured person who always chooses words to declare a piece of bad news, trying to get out of every situation only the best.


So, as you know, for many ice skating is incredible discipline – it is something that carries, in real life, lovely connotation, almost romantic.

It is wonderful even to observe those who ice skate, even if we are just the observers, and the same case is when ice skating appears in our dream.

In many cases, dreaming of ice skates is considered to be the symbol of gain – this can be a dream that signifies that a person who had this dream is a natural born diplomat because who always find the best way to solve problems without hurting others.

Dreaming of ice skating can also come as a warning – your sub-conscience is warning you that you might have been deceived.

It means that you may have been surrounded by people who are not completely honest with you – perhaps you are surrounded by the people who tell you fairy tales and promise what they cannot achieve.

In the end, this dream can carry a meaning that you should always listen to the instinct and other people who have drawn your attention to not believing too much to anyone.

The meaning of this dream can be as all dreams can be very simple – you want to learn to do something that will impress you and others also.