Dream of Ice – Meaning and Symbolism

In some parts of the planet, high temperatures and fire cause wildfires and numerous problems, while on the other side, the opposite happens with ice and snow. Low temperatures make everything frozen and cold.

So it’s no wonder that having in mind such extreme weather conditions that occur around us in everyday life, ice has a powerful symbol in our dreams as well.

For some reason, people dream about ice commonly, and such dreams are more than significant for their future. What is the role of ice in our dreams?

In fact, this can largely depend on the circumstances we have in life and what is our personal attitude towards the ice.

Speaking in general, you can expect a lot of interesting, upcoming situations that will change your life for the better or for the worse – you will find out by reading our article about the dream of ice.

Meaning Of a Dream About Ice

We already know that water is interpreted as an inner reflection of our emotional state, as well as the creative one. Dreams of ice can show us some of our feelings that are deep inside us, but we turn them to ice in order to prevent them from manifesting. Maybe those feelings are so deep nobody but you knows about them.

However, it can be that even you are not fully aware of them now or that you even don’t remember them or give them any importance.

If you see ice that melts in your dream, it can be a sign that some long forgotten feelings can revive. As the ice melts in the spring, there is a new life in us.

We can feel an inflow of new energy that can make use more positive and optimistic. This should be the reason for your excitement because dreaming of ice in such context can truly bring you some beautiful chances.

For example, you may meet an old partner and you two may fall in love again with each other. The reason for your breakup may be someone else or some circumstance that were out of your control. Yet, no matter how hard you tried to ignore the love within you, it all will be clear the second you see your ex.

If you dreamed that ice is just beginning to form, this may be a sign of some kind of juice or injury, which indicates your internal desire to freeze some feelings and thus reduce the suffering that could have been going through.

This dream can mean a warning because if you decide to suppress your feelings, that can result in illness.

So, if the ice has just begun to form, this may be a sign that you are looking for emotional support. On the other side, perhaps you have a feeling like the most important people in your life don’t understand you in the way like you would want to.

We know that the ice is cold, so when it comes to our emotions, this can be an indication of whether we are cold in relationships with other people, or this refers to someone for whom we are emotionally attached.

If you have an emotional partner, try to show off your emotions more. Otherwise, you may leave an impression of a distant and ignorant person who doesn’t want to have a partner.

Eventually, you will break up a long-term relationship.


In addition to frozen emotions or memories, ice dreams may have other meanings. As you know, we freeze food so that we can keep it longer. If your dream is about freezing food, this can be as a symbol of preservation. You want to stick to the same patterns. That lifestyle you are having at the moment seems like a blessing for you, but you should still try to be more flexible.

Dream of ice can relate to our jobs as well. Are you working hard but you still don’t see any improvements? You always get crumbles, while other people pick up everything you are dreaming of. If you can relate to this, that means you should quit your job and start looking for a new one.

If there is ice on your way as you are walking or driving, that certainly relates to some obstacles on your way in real life. You probably felt some kind of energy that blocks your way for some time now. It would be great if you could work on your chakras in order to release things.

The Symbolism of Dream Of Ice

Many people think ice is beautiful. Some poets compare the beauty of women to the beauty of ice. Ice symbolizes adventures, wilderness, extremes, and sometimes isolation. There is a possibility that you want to relax a bit and run away from everyday life.

Dreaming of icy shower water symbolizes a bad sign. This is a warning because you may have let things go their way, without realizing everything lost its balance, so the ice shower returns us to reality.

In a negative context, a dream of ice can indicate your desire to ignore some issues that are more than obvious, instead of bravely coping with them. This can also reflect your dissatisfaction with your life or the habit of not having to deal with anything that doesn’t seem okay to you.

You are running away from responsibilities, but this makes you embarrassed.

However, there is no chance you would admit this. You probably tell yourself that as long as the problem is not so serious, you can ignore it or postpone it and resolve it later.

This dream definitely reflects an arrogant attitude, either from someone else or you, even though this is you 99%.

Also, it can indicate that you may have a feeling like you are in a hopeless situation, even though there is no real reason for that.

Dreaming about thin ice can point out that the person who dreams this does not have such strong financial support. If the ice is fairly thin, it’s a sign that the person’s savings are limited. Yet, this is only for some time, as you can expect a financial improvement after a month or two.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Ice dreams can show some memories you are not aware of or memories you suppressed for any reason. You may have completely forgotten about these deeply rooted memories, but they are very present in your consciousness. Be ready to face those memories and emotions.

Some of them may be extremely negative, which is the main reason why you suppressed them. Ice often appears as a symbol in dreams of people who use some kind of therapy.

Therapy is a great way to find a way out of negative emotions. After facing such emotions, you would feel much stronger and much more prepared for whatever life brings.

If you have dreamed of ice, this can be a reflection of your need to re-examine your past and to think about some of your actions.

Maybe this will help you to talk about your problems with other people, and thus gain insights into possible solutions. You will maybe hear some impressions that are not so pleasant, but be prepared to hear anything.

After all, the goal is to hear what other people think of your actions. If you were unfair to them, you can expect them to admit it to you.

However, make sure not to repeat such mistakes in the future.

Perhaps you dreamed of a tree with a cover covered with ice? In a waking state, this may indicate that you have some major problems with circulation. This is definitely a sensitive subject. Your health should always be your priority, so don’t ignore the signs your body is sending you.

Dreaming of ice in your dream can mean that you caught the flu and you should drink some herbal tea to make yourself feel better.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

If the ice has appeared in your dreams, it is probably time for you to re-examine your creativity, feelings, and behavior. You may have lived a boring life and you didn’t think about making any change.

There is no real reason for being in such a lethargic mood, so the ice from your dream wants you to realize you should start doing things that make you happy. Let the sun enter your life and feel the inflow of positive energy.

Usually, what we dream reflects in reality in the opposite light. In other words – no matter if the ice is cold and harsh, your real life is about to get much better in the future.

You just have to start thinking more about yourself instead of devoting all your emotions to some other people.


If ice has appeared in your dream, it may be a sign that you are probably dealing with some frozen emotions. This kind of dream has the goal to help you revive some memories or contact with people from your past.

However, the dream of ice has a strong meaning related to how you treat other people as well. If you are cold and distant, don’t expect them to be much different to you. Be careful not to hurt anyone – your family or your partner.

Ice dreams can mean that in you are trapped with some problems, but this can be a great start for you as well.

If you make an effort to solve some things from the past, you can expect some improvement in all aspect. If you have dreamed of ice, it can show your concern or fear that you won’t succeed, even though you will.