Dream of Home Invasion – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams of home invasion are relatively often occurrence. Dreaming of your home can represent different things in your life, but in the context of today’s topic, the dream of home invasion is a synonymous of private life.

The invasion can symbolize that our life is threatened by some external force or that our private life is endangered.

If we observe what or who is doing the invasion, it can lead us to the path towards discovering some things about our private lives.

There is no reason to be worried if you had a dream of home invasion, but try to apply some of the advice we are about to give you through this text – it will be helpful.

Meaning Of a Dream Of Home Invasion

If you may have dreamed that your boss had broken into your house with a couple of more people, it could be a sign that the questions related to this man and your attitude toward your job could have been affecting you in your private life.

If a person who is an intruder in your dream, is someone you are not on good terms with but you have to work together, this may be a sign that because you are worried about your hectic schedule at work.

In case you are experiencing stressful situations at work all the time, you are anxious, ad it is likely that you will often be dreaming a home invasion. It is actually your work invading your thoughts.

Working part-time, work-related thoughts, stress, or not having a job can be signs that things you are separated from your family in some way. If you are working a lot, then you are absent most of the time.

However, even if you are not employed at the moment, you are probably thinking about getting a job and you are absent in your thoughts.

These reasons can be the cause of this type of dreams, and the result of everything related to the job. In your case – you should try to release the tension and to make some room for other things in your life.

Dreams of home invasions are very often associated with some of our hidden fears. You are not feeling safe in your home. Is there any reason to be afraid? This dream can suggest you to try to discover what makes you feel so anxious about being in your own house.

People often try to find out what the dreams about home invasion mean, especially because they are aware of the fact it has to do a lot with their home in real life.

In the symbolic dreams, home invasion can be a sign that you can’t escape from the feelings that are within you – no matter if they are positive or negative.

These dreams can often be associated with the feelings that you have in personal relationships. Sigmund Freud believed that our psyche represents our house and that there are different rooms in sleep, related to the feelings we have in a conscious state.

The Symbolism Of a Dream Of Home Invasion

Usually, we think that the invaders are men, but in one case, it happened that the man who dreamed about home invasion was very surprised when he discovered that the invader was a woman. This man asked questions about the symbolism of such a dream.

The truth is – he was in love with a woman he dreamed of. They knew each other in real life, but he never told her about his emotions. This woman was invading his thoughts in real life, which mapped to his dream.


Even as we dream, our mind is intensely concerned about our relationships, love, and all the personal relationships we have with other people. In the dream of these men, an affair came up.

The meaning of his dream related to his libido as well, but there was also another part of his psyche that registered a threat to his further family life.

The reason for that is the woman he was in love with wasn’t so good for him. If you are having a crush over someone and have a dream about that person invading your house, be careful.

We analyzed the meaning of a dream of house invasion happening in the kitchen, while the rest of your family was in other parts of the house. If you had this dream, the symbolism of this is that you feel like you are miles away from your family – kids and wife/spouse.

This reaction can cause great sadness within a person who has a dream of home invasion because no one likes to feel neglected.

Everybody wants to feel the connection that they once felt. If you relate to this, you may have begun to think that you should look for some support, love, and compassion in other places.

It would be great if you could make the decision to use your energy to reunite with your family and to find a way to connect physically and emotionally with them by spending more time together.

The very symbolism of someone falling into your house comes as a message to your conscious mind because you feel somewhat isolated and you do not have a break from the pressures that are around you. This dream can bring you sadness in some way, especially if you are living alone.

Dream of home invasion can symbolically portray a person who in some way trying to get into your life. Be careful who you trust, but not be ignorant either. This person can take a significant place in your heart in the future. Just take it slow.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

No, definitely not. Even though the dream of home invasion may carry some a bit negative messages, it won’t affect your life in a negative way.

On the other hand, if you take these messages seriously, there is a chance for you to make a big change in life.

Even though things with your family may seem a bit complicated now, don’t worry – you guys will go back to old good days very soon. There is no reason to think they don’t love or understand you. It’s just – you spend too much of your time on your job or thinking about it so that you appear distant. Improve your mood – things are not as bad as they seem.

Instead of grieving about your situation, try to make things better and be honest about what you feel when talking to members of your family. It will surprise you how much understanding they have for the situation you are in now.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

You need to deal with emotions dream of home invasions is bringing up. Try as hard as you can to establish a nice relationship with your family and spend more time doing family activities.

As you feel that you are not safe in your home or that you can’t be who you are while being there, find out the reasons for such emotions. People usually can’t wait to get back home after a hard day at work.

If your work is demanding and pushes your limits further and further day after day, this can also be the reason for the dream of a home invasion. It would be best to see if you have a passion for what you do.

In case you are working there just for financial reasons, it would be best to quit your job. There wouldn’t be any problems with finding a new one, which will probably suit you more.

Generally speaking, dreams of a home invasion are telling you that there is not much satisfaction in your life or at least you are not seeing it. More precisely, this is an indication that a large part of your life is quite burdensome.

If you want to achieve complete success, the only way to do this is to ask yourself which elements of life are the most important to you. Of course, and what is the way to get things that matter to you in life.

You are investing a lot of your energy into some things that are completely boring to you just because you feel like you should do that. Let go of misconceptions and trying to please everybody. Do things just because you want to do them.


When having a dream, every detail is important. Dreaming of home invasion is a symbol of an invasion on your psyche.

Try to remember people and things from the dream, as this will be of great use to you when interpreting the dream.

Dream of home invasion may bring up some sensitive, family topics now, but you will set things in order very soon. You may also change your job for the one you are more passionate about.

Also, it is possible you will fall in love, which depends on your current emotional status.