Dream of Helicopter – Meaning and Symbolism

Do you remember what you dreamed of last night? People usually forget everything about their dreams as soon as they wake up. They just know the feeling and the impression that dream left, whether good or bad.

However, trying to remember what you dreamed of last night can actually improve your memory.

After a couple of dreams, you were able to remember, you will get into the tune of every dream you will have.

Even though it seems to us we are having a dream during the whole night, dreams last for only 5 to 20 minutes only. Yet, these 5 to 20 minutes can be so important to use.

Dreams can give us certain hints and point out to some things from our real life.

So, if you are hoping for a sign from the above, make sure to remember as many details about your dreams as possible – the answer is somewhere in there.

The helicopter has the purpose to raise you high in the sky. It other words – dreaming of a helicopter can symbolize that you will achieve your goals and turn your plans into reality.

This is an opportunity to find out what the helicopter means in your dreams.

Meaning Of a Dream About Helicopter

Dreams of helicopter can have variations, just like every other dream. Remembering the concept and the situation from your dream is crucial here.

Even though you maybe remember just a part of your dream, different interpretations of the most common dreams of helicopter may remind you of something from your dream.

Dreaming of a helicopter can certainly be a sign of success you are about to achieve in the future. If you see yourself in a helicopter in your dream, it can be a clear sign that you expect the achievement of all of your goals in the future, and that is likely to happen very quickly.

It would be best to start with making realistic plans and setting realistic goals, and for which accomplishment you will not have to wait long. Having such a mindset will help you get whatever you want in life.

If you have seen the helicopter falling down in your dream or there is some reason for its malfunction, it can tell you that you are, unfortunately, about to experience failure as well. This dream tells you that you are quite mistrustful and insecure.

If you want something big in life to come you need to change something first, and then you will see moving on. Try to work on your confidence and focus more on your goals instead of complaining about everything.

If you dreamed of a helicopter, it also tells a lot about some unusual things that may occur in your life. This can be related to your business life, maybe you will get an unexpected call. What is more, you can also expect to achieve a higher degree of passion in your relationship if you have a partner or to meet a person who with you are going to spend a lot of time.

It all depends on what your goals are. If you set some unrealistic goals and wish for some things that are usually not easy to get (purchase a luxurious house, expensive car, big diamond ring, etc), there is a chance to reach them as well, but a lot lower one at the moment.


If you dreamed of driving a helicopter and being in the center of the sky, you should know that the symbolism of this dream is not so good. This dream refers to your success, which you can probably see, but you don’t know which way to go to achieve your goals. You are going in circles without finding the right path.

Sooner or later, you will get tired of this. What you should do is take a break and try to get a wider perspective of everything. Maybe you are the only thing that is stopping you from making your life better.

Some people had a dream of standing in a room or in a church when suddenly a helicopter comes in from the rooftop. If you feel like your life is in danger in this dream, you should pay more attention to the health of people who are close to you.

If you have dreamed that a black helicopter in your dreams is coming for you, prepare for a tough period in your life.

Actually, you will find yourself in a situation that will bring you a lot of embarrassment.

However, it is more likely you will go through such situation because of somebody else (your partner for example). They can make a scene in front of your friends or be jealous for no reason.

The Symbolism Of a Dream Of Helicopter

If you’ve dreamed of running and catching a helicopter, the symbolism of this dream is that you are hunting for your goals and you are doing this the right way.

If you invest a little bit more effort in your tasks, it will be much easier to grab success and even fame in the near future.

As the helicopter does not need a large runway to be able to fly to the sky, that also means that the ones who have this dream don’t need will reach their goals by going step by step, without much noise and blazonry.

If you imagine yourself in a helicopter in a dream, it surely signifies you are striving for the feeling of freedom and independence in life.

Maybe you are living with your parents still and you want to purchase a new home just for yourself. This dream tells you about your desire to solve the problems, and that is exactly what is going to happen in the future.

To dream of a helicopter means that one who dreams of it will open doors a great success in his life because this person has worked a lot in the past period. You were very devoted to your goals, and the universe wants to give you a reward for all that.

This dream is about your unwillingness to compromise when it comes to your life and your ambitions. You have set clear goals and you don’t want to give them up for no reason. Dream of helicopter definitely symbolizes the high expectations you have.

If you see yourself in a helicopter flying in the sky in a dream, it’s a clear sign that you are in control of your life and that you are looking for your opportunities to achieve your goals.

However, the symbolism of a dream in which you see a helicopter collide in front of you is a sign that your ambitions are inadequate and unrealistic, so there is almost no chance to fulfill your plans.

This can also be a sign of your mistrust, and a lack of faith in yourself and your abilities that are necessary for achieving your life goals.

You know best if what you are praying for is realistic or not. If you try to see things from distance, many issues or doubts you have now will resolve in the near future.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

There are different barriers and questions you are asking yourself but can’t find the answers, and this can be the reason why you still can’t reach the ultimate success.

Dream of helicopter should not disappoint you; it actually has the purpose to point out that you should accept reality as it is but to also be a bit more careful about your actions in the future.

If you have dreamed that a helicopter is waiting for you, you should be happy because the symbolism of this dream brings good things to your life. This dream tells you that you are very close to achieving success.

Never look back, as those things from your past may slow you down. Just continue on the same pace. This dream will give you confidence and passion to achieve your goals – there is nothing to be worried about.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

In a negative context, the helicopter can represent your fears of people or being close to someone again, as some people from your past hurt you. You want to be free and to bring decisions without anyone interrupting you.

We don’t blame you, as what you came through made you the person you are today. However, if you want to achieve the goals you have to be more trustful and more reliable.

Don’t be afraid of being close to someone, as you learned your lessons from the past.

Dream of helicopter wants you to gain more confidence and trust in yourself, no matter what other people do or think. This dream will help you make the right decisions, but also show you that you are not alone in this world.


Generally, all dreams about helicopters can represent projects or plans that are about to come into life.

You will be able to adapt to anything that comes your way, as you are expecting for some changes and will wait for them eagerly.

This dream represents the ability to completely change yourself if there is a need for that. You are about to start working on an important project, which will bring you a lot of money.

You are dreaming of a life without restraints or obstacles. Freedom is your ideal. Be ready for changes a dream of helicopter brings and try to make your goals the most real possible if you want everything to turn out according to your expectations.