Dream of Haunted House – Meaning and Symbolism

Often, dreams point out to situations that relate to real-life and the state when we are awake.

We can associate dreaming of the haunted house with fear and worries. Some of the experiences and situations that you had in the waking state can appear in a dream in the form of a haunted house.

Did someone scare you for any reason in reality? The emotion that you are feeling during this dream does not have to be related to your life in the present time, but they can pull roots from your past as well.

More precisely, all the emotions that you have been dealing with in the past, may be present in your dreams and remind you of something that is still bothering you in some way.

Whatever it is, solving any emotional problems that have should be your priority at the moment, whether those emotions are related to the past or present life.

This dream can show you the need to cope with all conflicts and unhindered problems you have been involved in during the previous period.

You should pay attention to what details, people, and situations appeared in the dream of a haunted house because the interpretation will depend a lot on it.

Meaning Of a Dream About Haunted House

If you have entered into a crippled house in your dream, it can show that your emotional state is not so great right now.

You have certain issues about memories with your family, cousins who have passed away, or other feelings and repressed memories dating back from that period.

Seeing a haunted house but you can only see it from the outside only, this can lead you to meeting someone who is not quite honest.

If you are dreaming of being in the house, it can be a sign that you feel like you are lacking social status and that you need to widen your circle of friends.

If you have seen in your dream a haunted house in which there is a spider’s web, or perhaps a house that resembles a residence, it may be a sign that you should be working on spirituality growth.

Further speaking, if you had dreamed of having died in a haunted house, it could be a sign that you are a bit of an egocentric. You should pay more attention to achieving some true goals in real life instead of being obsessed with yourself only.

There is a potential within you, but you should expand it and work on new ideas and project.

Seeing yourself sleeping in a haunted house may mean you are going to have an active life in the upcoming period. Many people will come to you and you will be friendlier than ever.

If you are looking at a haunted house but you are afraid to come in, it can be a warning to you that someone who is close to you is not being honest.


People are pretending to be everything you would expect them to be, even though the truth is they are not your true friends. Open up your eyes and be more careful about who you trust.

The Symbolism of a Dream About Haunted House

For the dreams of haunted houses, we can’t say that they are so common as some other things people are dreaming of. This can suggest that you have been stuck on some issues that you have not solved in time and now it is about time to sort things out.

These dreams can open our eyes. They instruct us to go back to the past and do something so out conflicts can be resolved in the present. Living with anger or sadness is not good for your health. If you resolve any issues with other people, you will live much happier and with no burdens.

All haunted places, as well as houses, can be important symbols that show us that there are problems from the past which should now be resolved. If you carry a heavy burden from your past, your dream can have a strong relationship with it and can show you how to fix things in the smoothest way possible.

Dream of a haunted house can help you understand the importance of solving the problems that can currently be an obstacle to you in the future. It is likely to feel the influence of such energy coming into your life. There is some hidden pain in your heart, and it starts showing off more and more.

Very often a dream about a haunted house can symbolize some kind of guilt dating back from your younger days. This can be a big obstacle and a big blockage that can prevent you from achieving your dreams.

If this is the case with you, it will be quite difficult for you to understand why are those emotions coming back and you will probably be still holding on these negativities.

The best thing you can do is to talk to someone else who doesn’t know you so well. Be honest with a stranger. Sometimes people we love are not ready to tell us everything, even though they are wishing the best for us.

Pay attention to details in your dream of haunted house. If you have seen a ghost in a dream, this may be a sign that a loved one that passed away wanted you to know they are watching and protecting you from the above. This is considered a good sign.

Another thing that may be important for you is in which part of the house you are. Interpretations differ for every part of the house because they mark different segments in life.

Sleeping a room of a haunted house can represent your physical state and health. Just being in a bedroom of a haunted house relates to having rest and potentially your sexual fantasies. It can be that you are without a partner for a long time now and you feel the passion but have to suppress it.

Speaking further, if you are in the kitchen, it may be you should start paying more attention to what you eat. Your diet routine is not so healthy and you can experience a lot of digestive issues if you continue with such a lifestyle.

If you are in the living room of a haunted house, this is connected to the well-being of our life.

Living in a haunted house, it may be a sign that you would rather replace your present lifestyle with living in a more carefree way. You are the kind of person who doesn’t like responsibilities and you are dreaming of not doing anything but life can’t be like that.

The sooner you realize you should take on some responsibilities on yourself, things are going to develop much better.

You think you can control certain things and destiny, even though this is not possible in any way. The only thing you can control is your mindset. Try to let go of worries and expectations, but just go with the flow. In the end, you will see your worries were in vain, as some greater force is going to set things up the best way for you.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Try to remember all the details that you saw in a dream because it will help you to better understand the dream and find out what its significance is. Dream of haunted house has both positive and negative influence on your life, depending on those details.

You should keep in mind how you feel when you are in a haunted house. You should not ignore any detail from your dream because it will help you a lot in interpreting.

If you are feeling worried or scared when you are in the house, it’s likely that you will feel hatred, anger, aggression, or maybe disappointment in the future. This indicates your willingness to solve some questions, but you may have a hard time to find the truth beneath other peoples’ lies.

This dream can also relate to some emotional problems that arise from your childhood that has to do a lot with your family. In case you feel like your emotional state is not so good, we would recommend talking to a psychiatrist, as you have to get rid of those negative emotions in order to move on with life without obstacles.

This dream indeed relates certain obstacles that exist on your way to your success. You shouldn’t be worried about this, but you should try with all your efforts to clear the mess up. You may be surprised by the results because you wouldn’t guess how easy you are going to set everything in order after having this dream.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

There are some things you need to face again and again in your life. This is the way to learn some lessons you are trying to ignore for some reason.

Now is the time to get rid of everything that makes you feel bad or negative, because otherwise, you may have a hard time to make any improvement.

In order not to return to the same point, try to overcome existing problems. Now is the time to let go of tough emotions, sadness, and depression, and to try to forgive people who hurt you.

And know that if you forgive does not mean that you forget. It would be best to leave all the negative feelings in the past, and so that you can move on to life.


Dreams of haunted houses are definitely not among the pleasant ones. You are going to wake up a bit stressed and worried, but we hope this article helped you realize why you had this dream.

Try to take things smoothly and to resolve things from your past that are bothering you.

Negative emotions are only being an obstacle in your way so it would be best to see a psychiatric.

In case you are single for a while now, open up your heart to new people, as that passion you are hiding in yourself may explode one day. Just kidding! But definitely make some room for a new person, as it is highly likely someone will come up your way.