Dream of Going Bald – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams can have different meanings, and the basis for their meaning is what you are in fact.

So, based on a person dreamed a certain dream, the interpretations can be quite different.

In other words, two people can have a dream that is the same, but the interpretation for each of them is completely different.

It can also happen that a man who is already bald dreams of losing hair in his sleep, and this dream would have a different meaning in comparison to a dream people who have hair in real life but dream of going bald.

Dreams stand right between your subconscious mind and consciousness and their function is to make you realize some things and be notified about certain upcoming events. It much depends on what happens to you in real life, as your dreams will have a specific meaning that can relate to you only.

Hair can symbolically represent thoughts and ideas that grow from our psyche. What does it mean when you dream of falling out of your hair?

So, let’s start with the possible interpretations of a dream of going bald.

Meaning Of a Dream About Going Bald

If you have dreamed that you are completely naked in a dream and without having any hair, this may mean that you are not overly interested in thinking much.

You are generally not worried about the outcomes of your actions and about the consequences either. This can be a remnant of remorse or guilt for all that you do to others. If you are in completely bold in your dream, on the other hand, this can show that you can be fierce when you are confronted with the problem that is bothering you.

Also, the dream of going bold can show that you will change your beliefs and attitudes completely. It won’t bother you that you will change everything you once believed or thought.

If you have seen a bold person in your dream, this may represent an aspect of your personality that is focused on itself only and free from any interference. This can mean you are occupied with yourself and you have no feelings for other people.

Dream of going bald can also symbolize your belief that you have lost something or someone forever because of your past actions. This can also mean that you are so busy will not be able to believe or focus on anything else but work, which may cause losing touch with some people you were in contact with before.

In of example of a dream of going bald, a man dreamed of walking around the building that is in terrible condition. As he was walking more and more, he lost all of his hair. This man was concentrated on his fears in real life and he was searching for a solution for the personal problems he had.

A man in the dream reflected that thinking about his problems is going to bring him even more problems. The man should be more relaxed and let some things go their own way, as overthinking definitely acts as a magnet for more negativity.

In the second case of a dream of going bald, a man dreamed of a black man who became bald for no reason, which seemed rather insecure to him. In a waking state, this reflected on his health, as the man got ill.

According to some interpretations, the dream of going bald is closely related to our sexuality. You may experience a loss of any desire towards having physical contact with the opposite sex.


In another case, you may start feeling less attractive, which will make you shyer and harder to approach.

The Symbolism Of a Dream About Going Bald

Dreams are always pointed to a whole human being who is the main character in a dream can symbolize the negative features of somebody’s personality. This person has no regrets and no compassion.

You may feel the fear that some of these things can affect your well-being. A reverse interpretation might be that you exaggerate in some way and that you are too harsh when people are trying to approach you.

If you are worried about growing up or aging, then you will probably dream about going bald. This is where the subconscious mind tries to turn you away from time to time and to tell you to realize your goals as soon as possible instead of thinking of completely wrong things. We can’t control time as people are meant to get older with years. The sooner you accept this – the better for you.

You’re worried about going bald as well. You can dream this dream if you are overly concerned about losing hair. In fact, when we are often concerned about some things, and one of the most common fears people have is not to lose their hair. Is there the need to tell men fear of losing hair much more than women do?

If you have a dream of going bald, it may mean that you are very worried about the state of your health. It is true, there may be something that can threaten your health. This dream can be a warning to stop with unhealthy habits if you don’t want to deal with some serious health issues.

Dream of losing hair may in some way indicate a loss of power, control, or feeling alone in this world. In fact, a dream signifies your concern that you will lose the support you had until now.

The dream of losing hair may be an attempt made by your psyche to tell you to pay attention to some loss from the past that makes you worried even now when a lot of time has passed. Maybe this loss has nothing to do with health and hair, but in any case, it symbolizes something else that you had and that meant a lot to you.

If you have dreamed of eyelash or eyebrows falling off, it may be a sign that you are going to experience betrayal. For example, it may be your husband or wife is cheating on you. All this can be a sign that you should be more alert and try to notice eventual lies coming from your partner.

Don’t panic immediately, as the dream of eyelash dropping may mean that you may have difficulties with expressing yourself in everyday life in the right way. If a woman dreams of going bald and her eyelashes and eyebrows are falling off, it can be interpreted as a fear of loss of femininity.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

You are not going to go bald in reality, which is probably your major concern. Even though you shouldn’t be worried, there are some actions you should undertake in the near future if you want to have bright days in front of you.

However, there is one reason to be worried about. If you are not having a healthy lifestyle, if you drink, smoke, or if you are eating a lot of junk food, there is a possibility this will reflect on your health. Try to cut out everything you know is not healthy.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

The most important thing you should do if you had this dream is to think about your health more.

Dream of going bald can relate to serious health concerns and a long period of illness. Try to reduce stress as much as you can.

Spend more time in nature, besides rivers, among trees and herbs, listen to the birds’ song, as this can have a positive effect on your psyche.

You went through a lot until now, which caused certain health issues already.

The most important thing now is to let go of everything else and to try to please yourself as much as you can

. Eat healthily, sleep at least 8 hours, play with your pets or kids from the family – these things can make anyone happy.


You could conclude on the basis of everything that we said in the introduction and what followed along with the text that there is no pattern for interpreting dreams.

We can only try to clarify some of the occurrences from the dream that led to having such scenes.

When we talk about all possibilities, dreams have a deeper purpose than to just serve to give us a list of possible explanations, but they can help us to cope with certain things and people in our life.

What the dream of going bald means after all? A dream in which you dream of losing your hair can be a picture of daily stressful situations you are exposed to.

If you have dreamed of going bald, it can mean that your emotional and mental state would use some time away. In case there is such a possibility, take a vacation.

You are too stressed and obsessed with problems that you can’t think of yourself in the way you should while going a vacation would help a lot.