Dream of Getting Fired – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams in which we feel anxious or worried definitely can’t be pleasant. We are waking up with headaches and the start of the day just doesn’t feel right.

Some fears date back from our childhood. It seems those fears from our early days are the ones we find the worst, as we are dragging them through life without actually resolving things in our heads.

If your stressful dream was related to a job, then we guess you were scared as hell when you woke up. Most of us have a job and the very thought of losing it can be really dreadful. How are we going to continue with life? When are you going to find a new job?

Maybe your dream of getting fired was very shaky, but don’t let this disturb you, because you are doing overtime anyway, and your job is very demanding.

If you had dreamed of losing your job, move with reading this article, we will interpret different versions of it just for you.

Meaning Of a Dream About Getting Fired

Dreams associated with work always bring great anxiety, especially if those dreams are related to something you can connect in real life. Both women and men feel very stressed and anxious after such dreams because they are worried about their existence in the future.

It is most likely that dreams do not predict the future, and this can be good news for you who are afraid that your dream of getting fired will cause you losing your job in the future.

If you have dreamed about being fired in a very unpleasant way, then you might wonder what is wrong with you in real life. You feel like you are giving 101% of yourself and still not getting results you would like.

If you have dreamed of being laid off, it represents great stress you are coming through at your current job. This is usually associated with working overtime. A dream of getting fired can be linked with your feeling of isolation when it comes to everyday life as well.

According to studies, men dream a lot more often these dreams, because they are somewhere in the subconscious workload. It seems men find it harder to escape from office computers, work meetings, and scheduling in their dreams.

The dismissals are usually associated with fear and subconscious thinking that something can happen in reality. It’s a matter of how much we are devoted to our work.

Such a dream can all be related to our needs in real lives to have a better salary. This dream can indicate that you may need to change your current job if you are not paid well enough.

Try to use your talents to do something else! If you dream of getting fired repeats on and on, this can also be a sign that there are some unresolved situations in the current job. The one who is dreaming about getting fired all the time needs to know their subconscious mind is trying to communicate with them.

It is telling you something about your work or your salary, so try to interpret it according to your current situation at work. It’s possible that your ambitions are high but you don’t have a chance to show what you got.

Dreams in which anxiety is present, such as the one of getting fired, may be associated with the sense of obligation in life. If you see your boss fired you in your dream, it may relate to your attempts to move forward in life, but you feel that something prevents you. It may also mean that you can change your business environment for the better.

The Symbolism Of a Dream of Getting Fired

For some people, dreams about getting fired represent true nightmares, because they feel unwanted and rejected. If we analyze this from a subconscious perspective, the dream of releasing can only be a fear of not being accepted for who we are in real life. Humans always ask for subconscious appreciation from other people.


In case we are not seeing other people like us, that can make us feel less and even depressed.

Of course, if you dream about being fired in your dream, it reflects your concerns about work, but also that you have the feeling that others are controlling you. Just thought of somebody being rude or controlling over you can make you feel a bit angry. You are the type of person who likes to do things its own way.

Since you are fired in your dream, it can mean that you can find a new job or experience a new beginning in real life. This is especially good for you if you are currently unemployed because you feel like you need a new start in your life. Logically, it doesn’t have to be that only people with jobs may dream about getting fired.

If you are dreaming about your manager telling you that you are fired, it can be related to your desires in life. This can also tell you that you will most likely change your life for the better. If some people who take the highest positions in your company are involved in firing you, this can be a good sign because new life will arise in your life.

If you have dreamed of yourself getting back to your old job but your boss fires you again, it can be a sign that you should be happy with your current job. Don’t experiment too much, but stick to what you have at the moment. Getting back to something from the past is not going to do you good.

If you had dreamed that you were involved in a project but you got fired for some reason, this may indicate that you can expect rewards for your efforts related to your job in real life.

Sometimes dreams about getting fired come in the context of a massive firing in a company because the number of employees has exceeded the company’s limit.

Such a dream has a message for you – to be careful who you trust at work. Some of your colleagues are not being honest and are trying to sabotage your attempts to reach higher positions.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Dream of getting fired suggests that you are definitely eager for some changes on your job. These dreams can tell you that you are at the life crossroads. Everything you are doing now at your current job is worth the effort, as there is a great chance you will achieve your goals. So, speed up the pace!

Some dreams of getting fired may mean you have a fear of gaining weight in real life, as well as the difficulties you have in establishing a healthy diet. If you don’t want to gain some weight, try exercising or doing light activities.

It is likely that if you don’t feel secure about your job in your life either.

However, you may be that you are noticing the uncertainty even in other life segments, for example, in romantic relationships, things with your family and friends, etc. Not all of the aspects of your life are related to work, even though you may be thinking your job is the only source of worries.

Speaking in general, there is no need to be afraid of a dream of getting fired. Most of the times, dreams with negative connotations bring positive changes, no matter how it all looks from your perspective at the moment.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

If you are subconsciously worried that you will be fired in real life, your worries can apply to your dreams easily. However, the truth is – you are not feeling supported by your colleagues in real life.

This is not a reason to be worried. Even if they don’t feel like you are worthy, that is their opinion. You should see yourself in real light.

Don’t think about other people but try to make your life the way you want it.

Otherwise, you may experience some bad times when it comes to all kinds of relationships. If somebody or something makes you feel bad, that is definitely a sign you should make some change to bring yourself to peace of mind.


A dream in which you dream that you are fired by signs that you are going through some essential life changes or you that you are having a fear of the future.

However, the dream of losing a job can have a connection with some life-changing aspects that you can not control at the moment.

Or vice versa, you’re probably ready for some major life changes, but you’re also worried about how will everything turn out.

We are not saying you are going through the most pleasant period in your life, but dream of getting fired definitely announces you are going to experience a change that will push you towards achieving your dreams.