Dream of Eating Mango – Interpretation and Meaning

Fruits promise the juice and sweetness of the summer. All hours of sunshine have concentrated in the fructose of ripe fruit. The first native strawberries are already available in May, followed by blessing and cherries and Mirabelle’s, apricots, peaches and purines. And when autumn gradually casts long shadows, pears and apples can be harvested.

Exotics such as mango and papaya, the melon such as honey or watermelon, banana, coconut and pineapple bring the taste of the tropics to us. Fruits always promise a sensual experience: they smell and taste good, feel extremely different and usually look appetizing.

Still life often shows different types of fruit as a sign of abundance. However, especially in Baroque painting, signs of decay often appear between the fruit-laden fruits: a worm that eats through an apple or a moldy fruit admonishes the beholder that everything is transient. In addition, various fruits play a role in numerous fairy tales and stories.

Dreaming of eating or holding a fruit can make the dream experience very real. You may think you can smell and feel the fruit smell. Or you may be disgusted because it is corrupt. Apart from the dream symbol itself, the accompanying circumstances are of great importance in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “fruits” – The general interpretation

In dream interpretation, fruit is a symbol of the eternal cycle and thus of immortality. Fruits emerge from the seeds, which ripen and in turn produce new seeds. In addition, “fruits” mean vitality, success and happiness.

The dream symbol also represents diligence and hard work, whose results – the fruits – the dreaming is allowed to reap and should now. Because the chance to harvest ripe fruit, you have to use before the opportunity is over. This can also refer to success in an emotional matter. If the fruit is rotten in the dream, the dream symbol can indicate problems, for example a disease, dangers or other obstacles, possibly at work.

If you buy fruits in a dream, the dream symbol can be a sign that malicious people want to bring the dreaming for the deserved reward of his work and effort. Eating the fruit means, in the interpretation of dreams, that one will come to the goal through prudent deliberation. Fruits, which are served in a bowl, symbolize in the dream the culmination of accomplished achievements.

The dream symbol “fruits” in dream interpretation also means conclusion, harvest and new beginning.

Dream symbol “Fruits” – The psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “fruits” often has a sexual component: especially sweet fruits indicate erotic desires or impending sexual adventures. Depending on their shape, the different types of fruit are interpreted as female or male sexual symbols.

Some fruits are reminiscent of a phallus; others evoke associations with female sexual traits. In particular, apples or oranges are often associated with breasts, the apricot with the female genitalia. The subconscious uses the dream to communicate to the dreaming his sexual needs, which he may have supplanted.

The dream symbol “fruits” is also a symbol for self-confidence and for the development of one’s own personality. Anyone who has rendered services in real life or is currently involved in a process of productive work experiences in the dream how he reaps the fruits of it. The dreaming should consciously enjoy his success.

Dream symbol “fruits” – The spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “fruits” symbolizes spiritual creative power. A dream of fruit is often a sign that the dreaming will develop new plans.

Mango – Dream Interpretation

A mango is one of the dream symbols that appear quite often. In order to correctly interpret a mango dream, the condition and the color of the mango are usually decisive. These factors are crucial in dream research, whether it is a positive or rather a negative clue when a mango appears in sleep.

If the mango in the dream is in a strong and bright color, then they are interpreted as a sign of love. If the fruit has a red and a green mango color, then they also stand for a powerful life.

If the mango is eaten in the dream, then this is interpreted as an indication that there is an intimate love relationship between man and woman.

Are worms in the mango or this is even lazy and moldy, such a dream is usually very unpleasant. Disgust usually attacks the sleepers when they have a worm in their mouth. When these rotten mangos appear in the dream, there are problems in a relationship. Maybe the dreaming or the dreaming bothers the dishonesty of the partner. Talk to the person about your feelings.


If you see a healthy mango hanging from the fruit tree in the dream, then an intimate relationship matures. Even friendships can be meant; these solidify. If the mango fruit on the tree is lazy, then a relationship is threatened in its stability.

Dream symbol “mango” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol mango is interpreted very complexly. Carl Gustav Jung saw in this dream symbol the symbol of life, because it stands for fertility and love as well as for temptation. The dream symbol can also mean that the dreaming should be seduced by worldly material things. It then warns against giving in to this temptation.

In psychoanalysis, the mango is also interpreted as a typical sexual symbol. Its similarity to the female breast underscores this interpretation. Especially when two mangos appear in the dream, this is seen as a symbol of the female breast.

If the dreamer is still young, then the dream picture of mango is often an erotic hint, while with older dreamers this symbol for mental fertility can stand. If the mango is eaten while sleeping, the knowledge should be acquired symbolically.

If this dream symbol is interpreted spiritually, then the mango stands for a new beginning on the spiritual journey.