Dream of Earrings – Meaning and Symbolism

Even though dreams about earrings are a bit unusual, people still have such dreams. We can classify earrings as an item that is precious, regardless of the type of jewelry.

Every jewel has very strong symbolism within, while the same goes for the dream of earrings.

Ever since ancient times, people have used earrings not only because they were fanciful, but they also emphasized their natural features.

Earring can point to the financial and social status of a person, but sometimes stand for something completely different.

For the Western modern world, earrings are just a piece of jewelry that can express our style and personality, but they can actually mean much more than that, especially if you dream of them.

If earrings appear in your dreams, it can be a very important symbol, so make sure not to skip this article.

Meaning of a Dream Of Earrings

Even though dreams of earrings s are not very common, they are a very symbolic subject, and dreams about them have many meanings.

Dreams about earrings can be different – you can dream of your or someone else’s earrings, two or only one – there are many combinations. Now, we will talk about the meaning of earrings a little bit more.

What is the significance if you see your earrings in a dream? This can largely depend on the material from which the earrings are made, but also what kind of species they are.

If you have dreamed of golden earrings, this can be a good sign. You are about to get some very good news about your financial situation. In any case, the meaning of such a dream is good, maybe it is a new business offer, or you may inherit something, and even you can win a lottery.

You may now be able to sell something that you’ve been trying for a long time. Generally, this dream tells you that you will make a profit in some sort of kind.

However, it does not mean that the dream of earrings will always stand for positive things.

This dream can also reflect some rather challenging situation when making some important decision in your life. This may also grow some doubts about an offer that it is extremely attractive.

Maybe this is an opportunity thanks to which you may earn a lot of money, but you will, therefore, have to get away from your loved ones.

This dream can have a negative meaning as well. You may have the opportunity to do something that is not appropriate for a huge amount of money. In this case, such a dream can represent lies, fake information, or betraying someone.

Also, the dream of earrings can represent the challenge that you have in reality and your suspicions that persecute you in making some important decisions.


The Symbolism of a Dream About Earrings

Earrings can symbolize status, prestige, beauty, elegance, style, and much more. In some traditions, earrings symbolize pain, suffering, and a lot of tears. Yet, in other traditions, earrings can be tightly related to religion.

Namely, in the Christian tradition, newborn babies were receiving earrings, which symbolized Christ’s suffering. An interesting fact is that in some other cultures, the earrings symbolized the femininity.

After reaching a certain age, the boys received the first earrings, and this represented a certain social status.

Men and women often associate earrings with marriage and love. Men often give their future wives a pair of earrings as a sign of affection. There are various rituals and practices where the earrings are often represented in the world.

If earrings are large, they represent the status symbol of the family. Rare and expensive materials certainly indicate to a luxurious way of life, social status, and prestige.

Just as with real life, earrings can carry a message related to wealth and prestige. Some dreams of earrings may signify you are about to get rich or to achieve a higher social status.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Earrings in your dreams can tell you that you are enjoying your attention or that you need attention. This dream reflects the current state of your mind and emotions, which tells you that you should feel strong, more courageous, and self-confident.

Do not be afraid to show who you really are, as people who matter will stay by your side either way. If the earrings from your dream are very extravagant, it is a sign that you want more attention.

Yet, if you dreamed of wearing earrings made of a precious material that are very elegant, it can mean that you have such qualities as a person.

Maybe in a real-life, you feel some people who were close to you betrayed you in some way. However, this dream wants to tell you to stop being desperate for attention.

This can also suggest that you are on the right track when it comes to the financial situation, so there is no need to be worried about this. In the upcoming period, you will be very happy with that plan.

If you have dreamed of wearing earrings that are not yours, this may mean that you envy someone or are jealous of that person.

However, this can speak about the fact you are unhappy with yourself, and that you want to be like someone else.

Such a dream can point out that you feel like you were trying so hard but you didn’t get the rewards you were dreaming of. It is possible that someone else has received all the praises that were intended for you.

For this reason, you feel very bad and manipulated. It would be even worse if this person is someone whom you spent a lot of time in the past period.

This may represent a reflection that you are feeling incompetent and you may feel great jealousy. Think about whether you are jealous of somebody in real life.

Maybe, there is actually someone who has everything you have dreamed of. This dream reminds you that you should build your own life instead of looking at what other people do.

Also, this dream can reflect you are feeling insecure and you are very shy. It seems to you everyone around you is progressing and have more than you do. This is disturbing your nights, even when you are dreaming, while there is certainly something in real life that makes you think and feel this way.

Maybe your problems come from your indecision. You should think about what you really want. Sometimes we want something that others have just because they have it. But, that is their story, you should try to say your own. Try to be more decisive and more concrete in your life – that is what the dream of earrings is trying to tell you.

This dream reflects some kind of frustration of which you are not aware of in reality. It can also indicate that you live under the pressure that your environment is causing. What is best for you is to remain your own.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

If you are wearing only one earring but you don’t mind it in your dream, this tells you that in reality, you will be able to openly discuss your problems.

This suggests that you are mentally and emotionally much stronger than you were before and that you will finally accept things the way they. This is a kind of liberation for you.

This dream will help you to realize that you, like all other human beings, are imperfect, and accept yourself as much as it is possible.

If you dreamed of wearing only one earring, and you are looking for another one in your dream but failing to find it, this dream can have a completely different meaning.

This points out to the fact you are empty on the inside. This is a sign that you need something that will make your self-confidence raise.

However, nobody but you knows what would turn back that confidence.

You should try to find out whether you are missing a partner in your life or your frustrations have different roots.


Maybe all of your problems come from your indecision. You should think about what your goals in life are. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side and we think other people have all we dream of.

But, that is their story, you want to write your own. Try to be more decisive and more concrete in your life.

Dream of earrings can have a positive meaning as well. It tells you that you have people around you who have a high opinion of you and appreciate your qualities.

As long as the earrings from your dream are made of valuable materials, that represents high social status. If you dreamt of earrings that are unusually designed, this is a sign that your talents are recognized by someone very important.

Either way, the dream of earrings signifies you reached a high status or you are about to achieve it once you overcome the insecurities and start loving and accepting yourself before other people do.