Dream of Coffin – Meaning and Symbolism

People start experiencing a dream world when they approximately three years old, and this is the stage when our mind starts processing information while we sleep, or in other words, it is capable of doing so.

After this stage, the human mind gets very sensitive when we dream, and to confirm this statement, we will add a few more exciting information.

Famous inventor Alexander Bell came up with his revolutionary idea about telephone after having a dream about it. Many famous musicians and writers find their inspiration in their dreams, and one of them is undoubtedly horror writer Stephen King.

This is possible since while we dream, our work process is connected to our subsconsciousness.

If we look at the content of dreams, you will see that it enables us to look into our unconscious perception, and there we can found out what is our secret and hidden desires, and if we understand what they are, we can change the imbalance in our psyche (that certainly exist, since dreams often reveal fear and anxiety).

If we feel miserable in our private life, and you are experiencing some personal failure, you might have opposite dreams – those in which you dream of things that excite you in some way. But, there is a possibility that you will have dreams in which you reflect that pain and struggle, and dream of something terrifying.

One of those terrifying dreams could be the one where you dream about Coffin – and there are numerous variations of this dream, and many of them are equally scary. But, we wonder, does this necessarily mean that something scary will occur in our wake life?

Meaning of a Dream of Coffin

First of all, the first association of Coffin in real life is its connection to physical death – just thinking of it makes us feel uncomfortable.

Now, in some meanings of this dream, Coffin does not have to do anything do to with death, but with the transformative energy in a person or its ability to change. So, in many cases of this dream, it can mean moving in different directions and with the different power used to do it.

It can vary from moving to another country, to changing a job or a lover.

But in some other case, the dream of Coffin can be connected to death, but not in a prognostic sense as annunciation that you will soon die, or something similar. It means that you are facing your life and even more vital that you are meeting your mortality, and that nothing is eternal, but our soul.

It can have a meaning that you are focusing your thoughts in the direction of death, or being more specific, ending certain things in life (ending a love affair, ending a bad personal connection, lousy job, etc.).

In a version of a dream where the Coffin you see is empty, then it signifies irreconcilable discrepancies, but also such dream can be seen as the representation of ideas and habits that are no longer useful for your life in general, and maybe they are buried.

In cases when a coffin has a distinctive color (white, or if it is pale), it means that in your innocence is lost in some way, or that your brain is processing a sure thing that you have never done before.

But the most common and terrifying dream where the motive is a coffin is the one in which you see a body in it. In this case, such a dream suggests that you are going through a phase of the crisis that you cannot “survive” easily.

You may even feel like you are limited in many ways, and you are in need for freedom in life (it can be love or work), but you cannot deal with the stress and suffocation that you are feeling.


The Symbolism of a Dream of Coffin

As far as the symbolism of a coffin in a dream goes, the first association is when you dream of a coffin that is empty, it can be an implication that you will get angry at someone, even if you do not want that anger to be seen.

This is the dream that symbolizes your hidden anger, and your mind is telling that you must confront that person, instead of burying those feelings. They will be manifested in one way or the other.

Another version of this dream is the one in which you see a coffin with the body in it, and such a dream has the symbolism of sadness over something, and this sorrow may come as something that is not expected in any way, your brain concisely did not recognize this feeling, but your sub concisely certainly did, hence the dream about Coffin.

It is not uncommon for people who had some disturbing experiences to have such a dream, and those events must certainly shake you to the core, even if you are not willing to admit such feelings. Although you are trying not to think about it, you unconsciously revise and convince yourself that you have done everything in your control.

If in a dream you see yourself lying in the Coffin, this dream has a surprising symbolism – it may be an indication that you are very healthy and that you will have one very happy and long life. Such a dream may be an indication that you are the type of person who loves to indulge yourself without thinking about things that you cannot influence, and your fear that such life will take you in death is not justified.

Alternatively, this dream may be a consequence of your thinking process very you have seen many people ruin their lives and others’ lives because of nonsense and have long guaranteed you that you will not be one of them.

Another version of a dream where the Coffin is the main motive is the one where you dream that you are buying or selling a coffin.

In the first version, where you are selling a coffin, it is the symbol of the unnecessary burden that you want to shake off from your life. It can be a thing that takes up space in your home or emotions that prevent you from living the way you want. You must take good care of your emotions, mental hygiene, and all in between.

In the version of this dream where you see yourself buying a coffin, it can be a symbol of poverty and misery. You will probably have sudden expenses after which you will be in a big minus and debt, and this is the version of a dream where the accent is mostly on a financial spot.

You will need a truly a lot of time to get back on your feet, and by then, you will succeed and, if required, do more jobs at the same time and regain your money fast.

Do I have to be worried?

You have to be worried, but not for the reason that you will soon die or that something terrible is going to happen.

Here we are talking about the fact that you are a limited person or that you are experiencing time in your life where the only solution will be to have more personal freedom.

In a metaphorical sense, seeing a coffin with a body in it indicates that in your life where there is a decaying (or a dead situation where there cannot be anything done).

Even more, there can be a problem in your life that you need to pay attention to – this dream may be a suggestion that it is time to end of this situation or relationship.

It may happen that you will be bothered by a person from the environment, and you will tell the other person what you really think.

You’ve been a quiet person for a long time and let to build an obstruction between you, and you will find it difficult to defeat.

What to do if I had this dream?

As you were able to see, in a personal sense, this is the dream that signals you that is time for a change and that you must use all the transformative energy that you have in you and make the first move.

You will think for a long time before you take this step, but you realize that it’s not good for you to get involved. You will feel the need for challenges and progress that you will not achieve in this environment.

In some more extreme version of this dream, there can be seen an indication that you must be prepared for a defeat at work and in the family.

In the worst-case scenario, if in a dream you see Coffin that is moving, without any help, on its own, it can be a signal that you need to check your health status, as soon as possible. If the Coffin is moving and someone you know is inside of it, you need to take care better for your family or friends, because they can be in great danger.


So, to conclude this exciting story about dreams that have a coffin as a motive, primarily we want to say that such dream indicates that you are one person who is exceptionally intuitive and should listen to his inner voice.

This dream does not mean that you will die soon, but you should take care of your health and overall well being, in a sense, that such dream can indicate that some danger is coming your way, and it can affect your family.

You are an intuitive person who has often managed to see what is waiting in her life. Try to be realistic and prepare yourself for some events that you know in advance that they will not be comfortable.

Some version of this dream can have a negative connotation (in the case when you are buying a coffin) where such dream is a symbol of poverty; or in the case where you see someone familiar in a coffin.

All in all, you should never bury your feelings and needs, it is always better to fight for what you believe in, resolve the issue that you have with people you love, and listen to your inner voice.