Dream of Childhood Home – Meaning and Symbolism

It doesn’t matter if you sleep by day or by night – will dream either way. Sometimes, when we wake up we are left with a strong impression of what we dreamed.

Dreams have always seemed as something mystical, yet powerful, which is the reason why some people are afraid of dreaming.

However, we shouldn’t be afraid of our dreams because they are telling us something important that is coming.

Even if something bad is on your way, your dream will warn you about that. It is very important for you to ask yourself why did you have such a dream that left a strong impression on you.

Dreams represent powerful messages for us, people, and carry more than significant meaning. Don’t ever get to think dreams are insignificant or meaningless, as you may be missing on something that has a great value for your future.

Today, we will interpret the meaning and symbolism of a dream about your childhood home.

Meaning of a Dream About Childhood Home

If you have dreamed of a home where you grew up, it may indicate a change, and it may also have the meaning that you should look back at that period of your life because there were not so many things in it.

Dreams with this kind of symbolism usually appear when we are about to reach a turning point in our lives. It can relate to the situation in the house you are living in, and also can announce new relationships or a potential new place for you to live in.

Of course, what you see in the room in the dream in which you are in the house will also have a certain significance.

In the general interpretation of dreams about a childhood home, the definition of a home from childhood may indicate that a new horizon is shown before you.

It also means that you need to ask yourself about which emotions had the biggest impact on you in the past period.

This is also a sign that some things you have been wishing for a long time now can be fulfilled in your life. A dream of a childhood home wants you to think about your actions and words in your life a little bit better.

You may be wondering why someone who used to live in your childhood’s home often appears in a dream. That means you are missing that person and there is a reason why you are not with them.

Dreams of a childhood home can often be compared to real life. If you dreamed that your home from childhood was magnificent and superior to it is in reality, it can mean that you are thinking about how people communicate with you, and also about your childhood.

This can mean that you are thinking about your feelings related to the social connections in your family. If you often dream of a bigger house than you are, it can mean that you have wanted much more since childhood.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Childhood Home

If you are dreaming of going into the house from childhood, this may be a sign that things that are about to happen will change your life. Because of this, you need to get involved in anything that may be related to your goals, because you will achieve what you are expecting.


If you dream of the old door from childhood, this is also a sign that a new phase will arise in your life. If you have dreamed of a hallway that represents a private proctor, this may be an important sign that will lead you to your privacy.

The house will also indicate that new communication, or a new person to be more precise, will appear in your life, especially if you had dreamed of visiting your childhood home after a long time.

If you have visited your childhood home in a dream, it can mean that you will experience some “triggers” in your present life. You may reunite with someone you were close to in the past. Maybe a social event or even an unexpected encounter will bring back someone who was in your childhood.

These kinds of dreams just point to such events. Or, maybe you would like to talk to your partner about having kids. If you decide to do so, the answer is going to be positive.

If you dreamed of a dining room from your childhood home, it can also point out to social gatherings, as well as the way you are raised.

Every dream about childhood home carries the symbolism of being with your family and the relationships between all of the members. You care a lot about living a peaceful life and you are dreaming about a happy family.

This can also be a sign that you will have a nice future with the members of your family. You all are going to experience many beautiful moments.

From a psychological point of view, this dream can also symbolize your relationship with children, if you have them. If you still don’t have children, it may symbolize your desire to become a parent or to spend more time with children in general.

This dream could also be a symbol of some indecision, which relates to something important in your life about what you don’t know what to do. You may, however, the question some of your dedication, and, for this reason, become a little bit more absent.

Do I Have to Be Worried?

Why have you had this dream? Is there a reason to be afraid of something? No! A dream of a childhood home represents positive changes and an inflow of powerful energy with regenerating effect.

Interesting, but such a dream means you need some fun in your life! In our childhood, we follow things that delight us. When we grow old, we sometimes forget about things that can make us laugh. The phenomenon of such a dream can be an indicator to let the inner child have some fun in real life.

You had a lot going on in the past period, and it wasn’t that easy for you either. The things and situations that followed you put a burden of responsibilities on your back. You were limited by a number of circumstances. Yet, that time is over now. Don’t be worried you would have to come through this all again.

On the contrary – you are about to enter a better phase of life.

A dream of your childhood house definitely symbolizes your need to have a little more fun in life. This may be on a subconscious level as well. Try to take a break from everyday life and start doing things that you make you happy!

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

You should remind yourself of some activities from your childhood because this feeling will remember you of joy and happy-go-lucky.

This dream is possibly trying to tell you that you should try to restore something about what you are passionate about or what makes you happy.

Is this kind of a good dream or something bad? Many people are awakening from these dreams with live visions. If your childhood was happy, such a dream is very positive for you, and if it presented you with a nightmare, it certainly means that you should focus more on yourself.

Dreams about childhood home represent you actually. The house can be a metaphor for the current events that you have in your life. This dream wants you do think more about your future and set some goals.

When trying to interpret what this dream expects you to do, you should try your best to remember the most important scenes from it.

For example, if you dreamed of the attic of your childhood house, it may point to your own self. The attic can be associated with your spiritual well-being. As many books about dreams say, “attic” is an indicator of the state of your mind. This may be a sign that you need to think about expanding your views.

If you dreamed about having a bath in this house, it may be a suggestion that you need to clear your mind. It may be that something from your childhood is still bothering you. If you want to move on with your life with no obstacles, you have to think about some situations from an early age and release any eventual sadness, doubts, worries, or even traumas.

Either way, if you dreamed of showering or bathing, this will certainly lead you to procrastinate your mind.

Speaking further, if you have dreamed of a kitchen from your childhood home, it can indicate to your diet in the present. Usually, it means you should pay more attention to what you are eating. You are probably not having a balanced diet, which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid junk food.


Dreaming of childhood home definitely carries a message for you that relates to your early ages. You probably have the nicest memories about your childhood, but even if you are anxious about something from the past – the upcoming period is about to clear your mind and your heart and prepare you for a beautiful phase of life.

There is nothing to be afraid of. Either you will spend more time with your family or you will become a parent. Dream of the childhood home is a sign of positive changes and a blessing.