Dream of Being Homeless – Meaning and Symbolism

Although many people do not even remember their dreams, it is proven that all of us dream every night – and what is even more fascinating we have between 3 and six times during the night, and every dream lasts between 5 and 20 minutes.

Another statistic says that about 95% of dreams are forgotten as soon as we get out of bed – we have all experienced such state where we dream, and we could not remember about that dream, what it was. It usually stays just a feeling, good or bad.

What is good to know is that a dream is helping us to learn and to develop a long-term memory – it is recommended for people to memorize their dreams and to try to make some more profound message for your life and future growth.

Now, dreams can be connected to anyone and anything that we could imagine, and often times people have dreams about homeless people – and they are scared that this dream means that they will experience poverty and misery in some way.

Dream experts say that this dream means that you need to take care of your investments and that you need to take care of your health.

Meaning of a Dream of Being Homeless

Being homeless is the scenario in life that is virtually unimaginable for most of us, but the sad reality is that in the modern times, we can all become one – our home can disappear in some natural disaster, or we can lose it due to some money debt.

And since this fear is present in all of us, regardless of our social status and culture – it is the aspect that is often times reflected in our dream world, and when it appears, it carries a significant message.

Seeing yourself in a dream as a homeless may be a signpost, you must read and understand dream symbols in a personal way, and as many specific things, you remember about your dream, the better.

To dream of a whole group of homeless people and that among them are you, means that you can expect health problems of some sort, it does not mean that you will endure something that is overly serious, but you are warned. Slow down and make sure you lead a healthier life.

But this dream can also mean that you are the person who is homeless but is building some shelter where you can hide, it means that you finally decided to solve the problems that made you.

Be brave, and you will solve everything – this may be the biggest sign that this dream could carry for you, in a sense that sometimes in life, bad circumstances can shake us, but we should always continue being strong, and small actions of bravery can lead us out of that situation.

The symbolism of Dream of Being Homeless

Why do we dream of homeless people, and are things even worse if we are the ones that are homeless in a dream? There are many variations of this dream scenario, but they are all equally scary, and we do not feel comfortable after we had them.

Most of the dream symbolism is considered a negative sign that warns of problems in the financial sector, but this is not true till the end, it has some truth to it, but it is not the complete answer.

The first scenario is that you are the one that is homeless, and you are surprised by that, and you cannot answer how this happened.

In this case, this dream could be a recommendation that it is worthwhile to be more compassionate in life.  Or, it can have a good alternative symbolism – it can be a good sign that promises career progression.

If you see yourself in a dream as homeless, but you are not alone, you have your family with you – it is considered a sign of financial problems, or it can be a sign that the danger is coming from the enemy.


If you had a dream that you and your friends are all homeless, it is interpreted as a recommendation, which is to give up risky transactions involving money.

If you are a part of a group of homeless people in a dream – it is a sign that you need to prepare for an attack on a difficult period in his life. Such a dream indicates the emergence of many problems.

If you see a homeless person inside of your house, it can be a symbol that you are about to lose some property or something material that you have cherished for a long time.

If in your dream, there are homeless people around your house, it can be a signal that problems are about to crash on your home and family.

If in a dream, homeless people are on the street, and you are not one of them – in real life and happiness will succeed.

If you are homeless in a dream and you are asking for help from people, and if they reject you, it can be a negative sign, indicating the occurrence of defects and losses. However, this can be a symbol of internal discord.

Do I have to be worried?

This disturbing dream has so many meanings – one of them is that if in a dream, you are the homeless person – you are determined to solve all the difficulties that you are facing.

Just boldly forward, this is the meaning of the dream that is positive and brings a positive message.

In this sense, you do not have to be worried that you will be left without your belongings so that you will end up being homeless, because you will not become that. But an extra caution is always a good idea.

So there is nothing to be overly worried, although problems are not so far from you, they do not have to be the ones that you cannot recover, they are not sudden as you think they are.

Dreaming that a homeless family lives in your garage indicates that something is missing in your life. Maybe you’re heading in the wrong direction.

What to do if I had this dream?

In the dreams, we can see ourselves as very different people than we are in public, and it is considered that this is definitely a hint of the subconscious of events in the future.

To find information that you need for progress in your life, you need to look at the correct interpretations of the symbols that you find in your dream, even if that symbols are disturbing and you are afraid of these dreams.

What we are saying that you should not be worried as much, but extra care is always welcome.

If you have dreamed that you are homeless, it can be a sign that poverty and misery are the things that are scaring you and your mind.

Think carefully before deciding to invest in something because you could lose everything.

As we have said that this is the dream that can symbolize some warning of possible health issues that you may have to endure – slow down and make sure you lead a healthier life.

In the near future, they should refrain from entering into any transaction and signing a contract.


Dreams about being homeless are not uncommon, and they usually indicate that you, as an individual, feel helpless and insecure.

You are not sure of yourself or what you want. To see someone who is homeless in a dream is a reminder to nurture and appreciate what you already have.

If you dream that you are cruel to homeless people (or that you are the one who is homeless and others are rude to you), then it means that you take what you already have for granted.

Your current journey makes you unfulfilled and unhappy – this may be one of the obvious symbols that the dream about being homeless carries.

Alternatively, the dream in which you or someone else is homeless means you need to be resourceful and make the best of an unwanted state – in this case, and by looking things from this perspective, this dream has a good symbolism.

Also, one of the interpretations of this dream is the one where a homeless person is the warning that you are about to -or you have already received bad news from someone.