Dream of a Child You Don’t Have – Meaning and Symbolism

Motives in our dream could vary, depending on other circumstances of our days, everyday life, habits, etc. – we could dream everything from monsters to most beautiful situations that we could have in life. We could even dream of things that we have not experienced yet, or maybe we will never, but in the dream world, everything is possible.

Some symbols in dreams are more common than others – children often find their place in our dreams, even if we are not parents, or we do not plan to be; but our hidden mind is contemplating this idea.

Even if we do not think of this idea, such dreams can come to us, and their meaning does not have to do anything with the need to have kids.

Children in dreams are often a symbol of a secret desire to be a parent and as a dominant motive.

Most often, children are part of woman’s dreams who are most likely pregnant or in great need of becoming mothers, and hope for the subconsciously “wonderful” news “and have the desire to give someone life. This is a clear reflection of such thoughts, and there is not much magic here – our mind is working on the clock.

But, children are a part of a dream world even for people who do not have children and are not contemplating to have kids at all, etc. Such a dream has exciting meaning, and in a few sections, we will look into this issue deeply.

The dreams of children are so different that it is challenging to assign one generic meaning to each such dream.

However, usually, your children dreams represent your “inner” child that is maybe “suffocated”.

If you are uncertain about the meaning of a dream, or none of the implications we will list can be applied to your dream, try to consider every specific detail in the dream that may relate to the child in you. The answer will come to you.

Meaning of a Dream of a Child You Don’t Have

A child, in general symbolism, is seen as the sign of carelessness, naivety and innocence, and it is often said during childhood that the most beautiful time is in one’s life and that children are “wealth”, and that time spent playing and “not understanding life” and significant problems which growing up brings with it can never be recovered or recouped.

Having a healthy childhood is the most important thing about our personal growth that can direct our future events.

It is also said that we should always be in contact with our inner child if we want to be happy in life. It is widespread saying that all of us should nurture our inner child and that we are incomplete if we are neglecting our “Homo Ludens” (a man who is playing, saying it simply).

If in a dream, you see a child that is yours, but in reality, you are not a parent, there is a meaning that you are concerned about someone or something in life, but it is the thing that you are not “fixing” that problem. It usually shows some kind of worry – it can even mean that you are greatly influenced by the environment or some changes, which have affected you quite unfavorably and negatively.

The meaning here is clear – you feel like a child that others (your environment) want to correct, so you feel lowered and sad. Such emotions must come to the surface, if not in reality, but in dreams.

Also, such a dream implies that in some respects you are also progressing and managing to cope with stress and problems and that you are aware of your “growing up” and responsibility, and that you are ready to take yourself seriously and give yourself something very conscientious and dedicated to the maximum.

Such a state could be a transitional phase that is preparing you for the next phase in your life, regardless of your age.


To dream of having children, when you do not have them in wake life, but the situation in the dream is relaxed; it could mean that you are about to discover old talents and skills that you have neglected. This is seen as an alternative version of such a dream but equally relevant.

The Symbolism of a Dream of a Child You Don’t Have

There are so many variations on the theme of dreaming about children that it is challenging to determine the exact symbolism of such a dream. The very fact that a child has appeared in your dream speaks of an intricate connection with yourself, others and the world around you – a child in dreams represented by your inner child who wants freedom and attention.

It can be a symbol of a problem – you are struggling with the attention, you either have it, and you do now want it, or vice versa. But it can also be the symbol of freedom that is suffocated painfully, so your dream world is expressing such struggle.

Such a dream has the symbolism that you are subconsciously quite ready to become a father or mother, and that if you are in a relationship or in marriage, you are expecting some new and good news about your life, and that you are very much looking forward to the days to come in the near future, concerning the “expansion” of your family.

That expansion does not have to be a child, a baby, but it can be a certain addition to your life, presumably the positive one that will enrich you in the best way possible. This is true in the case, wherein a dream you see a child that is waking the most beautiful emotions you have.

Do I have to be worried?

When we, in general, have dreams of children, signify suppressed desires and unfulfilled hopes, but they can also indicate your carelessness, simplicity, purity and innocence.

It can be an indication that you lack one of those things, and that a life that you have lived brought you far from the starting point – where these child-like virtues ruled you.

Often, dreams that are connected to a child that you have in a dream, but you do not have, in reality, is related to the process of your personal growth and become more mature.

If circumstances are such that you are not realized in your role as a parent and yet dreamed of having a child, your dream symbolizes you’re conscious or perhaps repressed desire to fulfill yourself in the most beautiful life role, the role of the parent.

But this is not the worrying part – this part comes from the realization that you have many repressed desires, and that you are struggling with making serious decisions that should change your life.

What to do if I had this Dream?

It just means that you are too burdened with childcare and even in the dream you think about it. However, if you do not have a child yet and have a dream like this, it is a sign that you have a great desire to become a parent.

This is the simplest explanation that we could offer, and if you find yourself in such a scenario, then you should see such a dream as a natural way of preparation for the most important role in your life, a role of a parent. You should just enjoy it and be more relaxed.

But, we must add, that the dream about the child that you do not have in real life, has deeper significance, especially in times when you are not thinking of becoming a parent.

In such cases, we could find an indication that maturity is a burden for you – in this sense, you should work on this issue, and accept responsibility for your actions.

First, examine what the problems are and to explore the solutions.


As a conclusion, we will say that happiness and joy that a child’s laughter is a symbol of the desire and need for everyone to be a parent, to have a “part of themselves” in which they will try to “manufacture” all their qualities.

You may feel that things are going too fast in your life and you would like it all to happen more slowly. Your business, studies or new relationship is developing too fast, and your subconscious tells you that you need to slow down to take a break and think about everything.

Sometimes such dreams are a sign of an inner struggle that maybe be a consequence of your fight with an environment that does not understand you and look at you like on an inexperienced child that deserves criticism.

In some versions of this dream, where you have a positive feeling while you are dreaming, it can be a signal that you about the experience some good news (an offspring, but it does not have to be literal offspring, but a certain addition to your life).