Dream About Infidelity – Meaning and Symbolism

When we are awake, our consciousness is very active, as it processes, reacts, understands and recognizes, but even when we sleep and when we are unconscious, the subconscious parts of our mind continue to be active.

In fact, our psyche is represented through our subconscious, while our conscious being is only the tip of the iceberg.

During our sleep, our subconscious brings to the surface all the feelings, impulses, and incidents that we suppressed in our waking state. For this reason, people often perceive dreams as stupid and silly, so they do not understand them properly.

Sometimes, dreams hit the target, and they bring some scenarios to the fore, so then we pay attention to them because there is some lesson to be learned.

Sometimes in your dream, you may experience discomfort in your stomach that occurs when we think that our partner is unfaithful because this dream can bring you serious troubles and troubles in a jubilant relationship – as you would certainly tell your partner about the dream.

A situation where you cheat on a partner is also disturbing, especially if you are thinking of another person instead of your partner in a romantic way.

When we leave emotions aside, we should ask ourselves, through this dream about infidelity, does our consciousness want to tell us something? If so, for what reason does it occur to us?

You have the opportunity to find out in this article what interpretations of dream about infidelity exist.

Meaning Of a Dream About Infidelity

In some cases, a dream about infidelity, whether it is you or your partner cheating on you, may mean that your mind is mistaken for some situations.

For example, if you have watched a movie or series and the main theme of the movie is being cheated on or cheating on someone, your mind absorbed some things like a sponge, and through the subconscious shows you like the main characters.

It may also happen that you actually find out or see someone’s infidelity, so in this case, too, your mind will cut a scene related to fraud. Our subconscious will reproduce the thoughts that reside in our mind.

Often, a dream about infidelity may not have anything to do with our love life, but they could be a symbol of another area in life. For example, maybe you typed at random that you worked more hours than you did, or that you cheated on some test.

In translation, what is in your mind as the strongest emotion will display your subconscious in some way, but always with a message. If there has been a situation in your life that someone has cheated on you, your subconscious will most likely repeat the incidents you have had.

Whenever your consciousness finds a trigger, repressed memories of anxiety and hurt will sublimate our subconscious through some situations. For example, you may have gone through a lot of inconvenience and negativity in a relationship with your partner, so those repressed feelings will manifest through a dream.

In fact, you are afraid that the feeling you have when your partner cheated and hurt you will not happen again. The very act of cheating can also be interpreted as leaving someone with whom we were deeply connected for karmic reasons.

If in the past you have experienced the abandonment of a person who has meant a lot to you and who was not with you when you needed them, you will probably have dreams of cheating. In fact, you are afraid that you will not marry your current partner in the future, and that he will leave you. It is a fear that you will be left alone and that your partner will be long gone when you would need them the most.


A dream about infidelity can show both your insecurity and fear that someone else will take your place. Sometimes, this can be the cause of jealousy, especially if your partner knows some attractive person of the opposite sex he works with, or if he spends a lot of time with that person alone.

It is in your mind that a partner should spend time with you, not with that person. It is likely that for this reason, you have a fear that someone else will take your place, so it is no wonder that you dream about infidelity.

If a person has poor self-esteem, he or she can observe innocent and simple events in a very biased way. When self-esteem is poor, every little quarrel and misunderstanding can make you feel that you are not good enough for a partner.

These individuals often live with the suspicion that they are not good enough for the environment or that they cannot live up to the expectations that a partner has. This is the reason why there is a fear that someone else will emerge who meets all these standards. All of this is very often manifested in your dreams.

The Symbolism Of a Dream about Infidelity

Dreams of cheating, like all other dreams, symbolize the unconscious dynamics that exist in you. They can tell you a lot about your conscious attitude, as well as the imbalance that exists somewhere in your personality or life.

Dreams very often can show us things we don’t know about ourselves or that we don’t want to know. The vast majority of people who fear being cheated on by a partner are aware of their fears related to this topic.

If you dreamed that your partner was cheating on you, this may be the path to your integrity, and it may not have to do with the reliability of your partner or you. That person with whom your partner cheats on you in the dream, or that person with whom you cheat on your partner, can be a good indicator of what aspects of yourself you need to better understand or accept.

An aspect of your personality that is not realized may just be a character trait that is undesirable. Many examples have confirmed this to be the case. The images you see in a dream usually symbolize what you are, and not what your partner is like.

No matter how much you love your partner, you can still be jealous of him/her for being so great. You wish you had those traits as well so your partner can love you even more, but don’t worry. They are with you for a reason, and you are the best just the way you are.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Sometimes our subconscious is really capable of genius things. In some cases, the dream that your partner is cheating on you can often be a clear warning sign.

In the conscious state, our mind is exposed to impulses, which we sometimes do not register or do not want to recognize, because such things would cause us pain.

And, it is never pleasant to deal with negative emotions, especially the ones related to our partner cheating.

There is a chance that your instinct is sending you a message to be more careful and attentive to what your partner is doing. Try to put your partner on a test and see whether they would lie to you. If they would, they would cheat as well.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

Think again and make sure whether your partner is cheating on you, and before you get a panic attack, see if there are other signs that can confirm it.

Maybe you spend too much time in the workplace. Do you have a lot of responsibilities that keep you away from your partner? Spend more time with your partner instead of working non-stop.

Because of the guilt, you feel about lacking time for your partner, you can have a dream about infidelity.

Alternatively, your partner may be too busy and you may think he is cheating on you.

Maybe in the past, you spent a lot of time with a person of the opposite sex, and on that occasion, you got to know them well. If you already have a partner, it is better to break up if you want to enter into a deeper relationship with the new person in your life.

Everyday life is sometimes devoid of any surprises and excitement so that even the partner we were very happy with becomes uninteresting and boring.

We, humans, want a life full of excitement, which can spark dreams of cheating on an existing partner.

This can be a picture of your desire to have beautiful and exciting things happen to you, and you may want to refresh your old, better relationship with your partner.


We often forget that our subconscious mind is responding to everything that happens to us or around us.

Sometimes, these things are completely harmless and sometimes they can bring to the surface some really big problems.

A dream of infidelity can make our current relationship, and they ruin your present with fear and insecurity.

Having a dream of infidelity may symbolize your fear of fraud, the desire to cheat, your fault related to sins you did, or the lack of self-respect.

But, it does not necessarily mean that any of these interpretations are applicable to your case.

One is certainly true that your dreams can carry feelings of jealousy, insecurity or fear. We need not look at those feelings literally, but symbolically.

All of these qualities will be a signal that you are trying to find all of those attributes that you attribute to your partner in yourself.