Dream About Eyebrows – Meaning and Symbolism

Eyebrows are one of the most characteristic details on our face. In non-verbal communication, eyebrows can play the main role, because they are responsible and speak a lot about our attitude towards the interlocutor.

A thousand words can be told by only one move of your eyebrow. We can control the expression of our face, but the muscles on our face often move inexorably, guided by the emotions we express. Controlling the movement of the brow is a real art.

All big actors and those who need to practice muscles on the face are people with great skills and talents. One of the skills about expressing emotions in the acting is related to eyebrows. It may sound funny to some people, but try to control the movement of your brows in an exciting situation.

For example, police officers, politicians, negotiators and diplomats, and people of many other professions must be very aware of the expression of their face, which certainly includes the eyebrow movements.

For fashion trends, eyebrows can be a characteristic that can be largely subjective. Eyebrows are the element that represents beauty and style as well. In world culture and fashion, there were different trends for shaping eyebrows.

Even today, some cultures consider that eyebrows are very beautiful, whereas in some other such eyebrows they would be considered as very ugly. When you look at the ancient Egyptian people, you can see that their eyebrows are long, incredible, and colorful.

You can also find pictures of rounded eyebrows that were adorned by Hollywood dives, or those wild and widespread eyebrows which were popular in the ’80s. In some traditions and certain subcultures can be found and completely shaved eyebrows.

Yet, let’s see which meaning and symbolism carry a dream about eyebrows now that we took a look through the history of eyebrows.

Meaning Of a Dream About Eyebrows

Eyebrows as a special element in the dreams are not particularly common. However, some people still dream of them and we will talk about dreams in which the main focus is exactly on the eyebrows.

Eyebrows, just as we mentioned above, have a very important role in communication with other people, and they can also express someone’s feelings, culture, style, and they can be a very valuable element in dreams. It is important to understand what they represent in our dream because of this.

Also, it is very important to be about all the details that are in your dreams, and also the important emotions you have had during this dream. It is important to note that it is of essential importance whose eyebrows are in the dream and what happens to them. Have you dreamed of your own or eyebrows of some other person?

Dreams about this part of the face can reflect what image you have about yourself. Generally, all the dreams about eyebrows point to the fact that you should do something about the picture you leave to the world and people around you.

Seeing eyebrows in your dreams can mean that you don’t have high self-esteem and you are shy about your appearance. Yet, as eyebrows appear in different situations in our dreams, it is very important to remember as many details as possible about the dream, as this will define its meaning.

Eyebrows as a motive of dreams can tell us a lot about the personality of the one who dreams about them. In any case, this dream is associated with the image we leave on others when being in public.

However, this dream can mean that you are reflecting an image you have about yourself and even though there is no reason to feel insecure, you neglect what other people say of your qualities and stick to negative sides of your body or your personality.

The Symbolism of a Dream About Eyebrows

If you have dreamed of touching your eyebrows in a dream, this may reflect that there is an artistic talent in you. If you are already an artist, this dream has a positive meaning for you. Your talent will develop very well in the future and you will get very a quick creative boost. This dream can also indicate you will get inspired by something or someone.


Dreams about eyebrows symbolize creativity and represent people with a special gift. As some dream analysts claim, if you are not artistically oriented, for you this dream may symbolize you will soon get positive news about a good financial situation.

This dream tells you that you will get new opportunities at work, while there may be something besides work that will bring you a lot of income. Financial stability and a happy future are assured you if you dreamed of this dream. Generally, the symbolism of this dream is good.

If you take any kind of intervention in your eyebrows, it may suggest that in one way or another you want to change yourself or the image you leave on other people. If the intervention is drastic, it is a symbol of a big change.

For example, if you dreamed that you have painted your eyebrows in a very strong color, which is in contrast with your hair, it may be a sign that you need attention in desperation and want everyone’s attention.

In some other way, dream about eyebrows can say that you are very brave as a person, and you are also ready to accept the risk in life.

Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are and do not mind if you don’t fit in society. You should be very proud of your uniqueness and peculiarity.

This dream can sometimes have the opposite meaning. It can symbolize low self-esteem and hiding behind vague intentions.

Do I Have To be Worried?

This dream about eyebrows, though rare, can be very unpleasant and frightening. If you have dreamed of losing your eyebrows, this may represent certain negativity in your life.

Such a dream can indicate the current state of your mind is not at peace, and you can be very concerned about your health. You may have some health issues, and you are aware that you have to do something about it. It would be best to check everything in detail and talk to a doctor, as worrying won’t bring you anything but imagining the worst-case scenario. Take the measures that are needed, if needed.

This dream can also point to indulgence and shame, maybe because of something you have done or said. You feel bad and ashamed of yourself, especially because you are repeating the image of the unpleasant event in your head.

You are very unhappy with your actions, but no one knows about it, and all of this is reflected in your dream. Because of this, you are feeling that you do not belong to the place where you are now.

If you have dreamed of moving your eyebrows in public, and people are staring at you, this may mean that you are feeling very fragile and you are afraid of other people’s reactions.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

If you have dreamed of styling your eyebrows to look nice and stylish, this may be a sign that you want to leave a good impression to someone or the public.

This dream can suggest that you have an outstanding aesthetic taste, a good organization, a passion for detail and diligence.

If you dream that someone else is shaping your eyebrows, this may be a sign that you have allowed other people to take care of you.

This can be an indication you have finally overcome your trust issues and let someone else do something for you.

In case you still feel like you are in your zone of comfort, the dream about eyebrows wants to tell you it is about time to do so. Of course, you can’t trust people you met yesterday.

Yet, you should trust people who have been with you through some of the toughest periods in your life.

However, there is a catch with trust you have towards someone you have been romantically involved with this person in the last few months.

If you have dreamed you were drawing your partner’s brows, this may be a sign that you have idealized them. Your wish this person is perfect for you, but you do not want to see their bad sides.

You do not want to accept reality as it is or you don’t see things the way they are. It doesn’t mean this person is necessarily mean, but it can turn out he/she is very shallow.

The main message of this dream in the context of your actions is to be careful who you trust when it comes to people who recently walked in your life.

Yet, never forget people who were always there for you and open their heart to them.


Dream about eyebrows may seem weird the second you open your eyes, but be aware it carries a couple of important messages for you. If you want to improve the image of yourself, this is the best way to do so.

On the other side, eyebrows can represent creativity and financial gains as well. Remember that not everybody is your friend, but some people have proved they are more than friends numerous times now.