Dream About Earrings – Meaning and Symbolism

Besides Astrology as one of the oldest sciences that deal with human fate and that tries to predict the future and explain the past, and understand the present, the meaning and interpretation of dreams, are also one of the techniques used among people since the earliest times.

The description of dreams is introduced even in the Bible, in the Old Testament, where Joseph explains Pharaoh’s dreams and where he tries to explain what they are.

Some still claim that our dreams are nothing more than the refection of a chance situation in the brain’s neural circles, either for casual disturbances or because of the functioning of the atmosphere, and the tendency of the mind to enter the order of anomalous activity.

But, still many more claim that dreams for them carry something much bigger – they may even hide the secret of what is about to come in our lives, or it can give us the answers what happened before, and we did not see it, or understand it in the right way.

We can dream about anything that we see or feel, both consciously and unconsciously – sometimes we wonder why we dream about something that we do not use in our everyday life but is just a reflection of a particular thing.

Now, earrings usually symbolise the highlighting of one’s beauty, prestige, wealth or social reputation – this was true since the early times.

In ancient culture, earrings were essential for one woman; they were ornaments on women’s ears – and besides beauty, the earrings were much more than a piece of jewellery.

In different cultures, earrings reflected something else – depending on their size, shape and form, and of course, the material they were created.

So, if they were made from gold and silver, they meant something, and if they were created from some other, for example, cheaper material, they signify something else for the woman who carries them.

And the same analogy can be used in the interpretation of dreams.

Meaning of dreams about Earrings

The meaning of earrings in a dream depends primarily on whether the person who dreams of them has lost or found them, whether they are golden or false, whether they are matching or received as a gift and the items that have their own.

Also, the design of the earrings in the dream world can be different, and in this sense, its meaning can be very different and interpreted in a real-world difference.

So the meaning can vary a lot, and the purpose can deliver a piece of different information for the person who dreams.

Their meaning, when translated into our “real world” can vary a lot – from bad to good sign.

The symbolism of dreams about Earrings

If you had a dream that you saw earrings that you did not wear, no other person, but the earring was placed in a store, it gives the symbolic that in front of you there is a good period, filled with good things.

If the earrings are made from valuable material, like diamond, gold or pearl, it symbolizes good things – you will hear good news, gain something or achieve your goal.


But also, if you dream that you wear earring that are overly expensive and that you feel like they do not belong to you, it signifies big or heavy problems, quarrels, conflicts and unpleasant situations, whether in a business or a private aspect.

If you, by any chance dream that you are the one that is wearing earrings, it is the symbolism that you are a very curious person who mingles in someone else’s lives. It means that you are the person who knows other secrets that can even be very dark.

In these negative contexts, if you dream that you are wearing earrings that you do not like, it can be a symbol that in reality, you feel seamless and “extreme,” and that you need very much attention and confirmation from your environment.

If your dreams are connected to a situation where someone else is wearing earrings that you want – it can be a symbol that in real life you are the one that needs to deal with being angry or jealous and envious.

If you dream that you have lost earrings, and you feel disturbed because of this, it can be a representation of great disappointment, betrayal or some insult that you will inevitably experience from dear people.

If your dream is telling you that someone else is wearing your earrings, it can be a sign that someone will or wants to take credit for your efforts, your efforts and hard work.

It can mean that you are about to be manipulated or ruthlessly deceived by the persons to whom you have unlimited trust.

If in your dream there is a situation that you have been gifted with earrings, it can be a sign of many things, but it all depends on who gave you the earrings, and what are they like.

It can be a symbol that you are a blessed person with so many people who are your true friends on which you can rely on at any time and that you are a friend you are loyal to others.

In the last version of dream symbolism of earrings – if a dream is about your founding lost earrings in a dream, it’s a symbol that you have managed to “find yourself” in a certain field of life and that you are very fulfilled and happy, both in work and on a personal or emotional plane.

But if a dream is about earring that is not yours, it can be a somewhat negative sign. It can be an indication that you are overly concerned. These worries can be connected to doubts about love.

Do you have to be worried?

To be a worry is maybe a word that is too hard, but if you had a dream about earrings, in any of these scenarios, you should pay major attention to some things in your life.

In some cases, dreams of earring can bring you, in real life, a chance to quickly advance in business and gain great success and wealth, as well as a very high social status and reputation.

In other cases, there is a reason to be worried since this dream can also be a suggestion that you know someone’s great secret that will lead you to a very bad and awkward position. You can be hurt in the end.

It can be a sign are concerned that an emotional or spouse partner cheats on you, in such a dream there is an opposite and very positive symbolism, signifies some new experiences or some new and very nice emotional relationships.

Also, dreams of earrings can mean that there are about to come to some considerable changes in the sensitive field and that if you are free, you can expect to you will start a new romance, and if you are already in a relationship, it can either be crowned with marriage, for example.

Also, as one version of earrings, dreams show, it can mean that you are the person who is loyal to others, as much as they are to you. In this case, you do not have to worry about anything since the near future will be filled with laughter, happiness, joy and lovely days and very positive moments.

What should I do if I had this dream?

As usual, you should try to remember as many details as possible about a dream with earrings – their shape, size, and the situation around them. This will help you describe a dream in the most concrete way – so you need to be as specific as possible.

Maybe the time in your life has come to be honest and to say to yourself are you hurt – you need to reexamine whether you have made a mistake and whether you have earned things that happened to you.

You should look around you, and ask yourself about relations with close people, and ask do you doubt them in any way – maybe it is all about things you took for granted and you should not have.

But in a more positive aspect, as you were able to see – finding an earring can mean that you have found a good thing in life and that you are on the right track.


So, as you were able to see for yourself, there are a lot of variations of earrings in dreams, and they all have their own symbolism and meaning for the person who dreamt them.

In some cases, it means that a person will hear good news, and they can be a symbol of wealth, in others, it can be a symbol of warning.

But in some other cases, placing earrings on ears can be the symbol of pain or suffering through which some divine representatives have passed.

The similar symbolism can be found in Christianity where children’s ears are pierced as a reminder of Christ’s wounds.

In some cases, dreams of earrings can symbolise a maturity or readiness to become leaders or warriors in life.

It can be a sign of belonging to someone.

So, a dream about earrings can carry both good and bad symbolism, all depending on particular circumstances that are present in a dream.

It can be a symbol of a great love that is about to knock on your door, or it can be a symbol that you must open your eyes wide and reexamine your environment that you have trusted up until that moment.