Dream About Birds Landing On You – Interpretation and Meaning

In dreams, birds have a strong symbolism that can be interpreted with different meanings. According to Jung’s psychology, the bird is a symbol of conscious thought and of the ideal. According to today’s culture, he is a rescuer and a messenger.

Naturally, if the bird is for example a dove, for Western culture it symbolizes, as we all know, peace and love. What does it mean to dream of birds?

When the bird in dreams gives you positive emotions, the unconscious can express desires for freedom, the desire to reach the top, to be above the others.

In women’s dreams, birds are a symbol and an important sign, at least as far as intimate interpretation is concerned. Many of their meanings can derive above all from our common way of using epithets in the common language as “the bird of man” or phrases like “my sparrow”.

The meaning of the Bird in dreams

Dreaming birds in flight or dreaming birds that fly away can describe the need to free yourself from responsibility, obsessions, thoughts that disturb the psyche, but can also give inspiration and suggest bizarre ideas.

Dreaming birds flying in home can have a meaning that intertwines with the one just presented on and what we are going to describe down

Dreaming birds at home can mean disappointments or problems that we need to deal with.

Dreaming of birds in a cage, in this case it is probably in a difficult situation where you feel stuck, not free to act as you want.

Dreaming of small birds can represent femininity and sweetness. Dreaming of big or giant birds can only increase and intensify the message they call as well as the meaning they express.

Birds in different Colors

Dreaming colored birds has a strong link with the colors, especially if the bird represents us. Each bird and color is particular because they need a possible explanation, but I advise you to consult the meaning of the colors to give the right interpretation to your dream. The bluebirds in dreams are for oriental culture a symbol representing fairies and heavenly auspicious messengers.

White birds in dreams can be a symbol of good omen and positive thoughts like happy and peaceful moments; if it is not there, it is definitely about to arrive or at least it is sought. Black birds in dreams appear when you normally have to deal with particularly bad negative thoughts.

See also the bird of prey in the deepest dreams.

Birds in dreams are symbols of the soul, of your spiritual essence; often birds are almost magical presences in dreams, they suddenly appear as messengers that remind you of the bond with yourself.

The specific meaning of the dream is certainly related to the type of bird that appears (for example, a sparrow, an eagle, a dove, etc.) and the emotions you feel: you might experience the joy of seeing a bird close to you, or even to keep it in his hands; but sometimes birds can also be threatening and aggressive presences, to be afraid of.

Meaning of Birds in Dreams and Birds Landing on You

Soul, spirit: the bird is a symbol of your soul that can fly high, light and free, free from the body and from material needs.

Thought, ideas, knowledge: the bird moves in the sky and in the air, it is linked to the world of abstraction and the Invisible, far from material and earthly matters. It is a symbol of noble thoughts, high ideals, spiritual elevation, and imagination.


Hopes, aspirations, dreams, desires, and ambitions. Spirituality, divine grace: when flying, the bird can act as a divine messenger and carry messages from heaven and hell; it may appear for in dreams to reveal important spiritual messages.

Relief, comfort: the singing and chirping of the birds brightens the heart, is linked to good weather, spring, rebirth. Their flight is an expression of psychological and spiritual freedom. Sensitivity, emotionality, alertness: birds are animals very sensitive to all the minimal signs of the environment that surrounds them; they detect the dangers and promptly give the alarm. Couples in relationship: a dream in which birds appear can express feelings about the couple relationship. Sexuality: for Freud the bird is a phallic animal, which represents the male genitals.

Specific Birds in Dreams

Every bird has a specific meaning; here is a sketch of rough interpretation of the main “species” of birds:

  • Canaries, sparrows, robins, parrots, doves etc.: grace, joy, tenderness, happiness and harmony, in life and in love.
  • Water birds such as swan, duck, goose, crane, seagull, etc. have a link with our unconscious; can bring messages from deep within.
  • Traveler birds like the swallow, the pigeon: the journey, the departure, the homesickness.
  • Large predatory birds like the eagle, the hawk: strength, power, domination.
  • Night birds like the owl: they are linked to intuition, to mystery, to wisdom.
  • The magpie and the blackbird can express scam, cheating.
  • Hens, roosters, pheasants: fertility, prosperity.
  • Crows, and black birds usually express the Shadow, the dark part of the psyche.
  • Peacocks, swans and birds of paradise: beauty, elegance, nobility, seduction.
  • Prehistoric birds: old ways of thinking that no longer belong to you.

Dreaming of colorful birds with beautiful feathers

  • Dreaming of colorful birds, with beautiful feathers (such as birds of paradise, parrots, exotic birds, tropical, etc.) is an excellent sign of health and creative power. Moreover a colorful bird can be a symbol of courtship. Male birds have the brightest colors to attract females (like the peacock, which has beautiful colors, while the female is much less flashy).
  • Dreaming of black, white, yellow, blue, blue, purple, gray, brown, pink, green, etc. birds: to understand the meaning of the dream, you can search for the meaning of the individual color.

Dreaming about birds landing on you

Dreaming birds landing on you is a good omen for prosperity and fortune; seeing many birds flying high in the sky means that life is offering you various opportunities to choose from, which you can aspire to high goals.

The flight also carries with it all the meanings inherent in spiritual elevation, freedom, personal affirmation. See also Dreams about flying. Dreaming birds that fly low or do not fly indicates lack of ambition or materialism.

A flock of migratory birds that fly away more symbolize missed opportunities, or allude to the ideas of travel, separation and lack. Dreaming of holding a bird in your hands, feeding it, etc. it can represent your maternal and protective part. Feeding so many birds can also indicate that you are feeding your spiritual part.

To dream that a little bird is coming unexpectedly close to you, flying around you, laying on a shoulder, etc. can allude to a happy period, an inner ‘awakening’, a new love coming. The chirping and singing of birds in your dreams announce good news coming, joy, harmony, peace, love.