Dream About a Car Being Stolen – Meaning and Symbolism

A dream of a car being stolen usually means that in the future you will have problems with your personal identity or your profession, and you will be affected by events in public.

The car is a symbol of your personality. It can reflect on your reputation, the trust someone places in you, a relationship with a loved one, a financial problem, costs, business opportunities.

If someone you know has taken your car in a dram, it has to do with someone attacking you in real life.

Also, if your car keys are stolen in your dream, it is an alarm that someone is preparing to take something from you, a place at work or a loving partner.

A dream where you see your car broken down after being stolen tells you not to return to bad habits because it has taken so long to recover from the negative effects of your past behavior.

In general, a dream of a car being stolen symbolically represents the theft of your identity and the loss of direction in life. You need to devote more time to your wants and needs.

The Meaning Of A Dream About A Car Being Stolen

Because a car is a symbol of your identity – a car stolen in a dream is a sign of uncertainty about the future. If a dream is showing you a thief driving your car, it is symbolic of someone taking control of your life, which could lead to some relationship difficulties, whether it be for a parent or spouse. There are many different interpretations of the dream of a car being stolen.

The text below will list some, but in most cases, it alludes to problems with employment, difficulties in interpersonal relationships or current blockages in life.

A good financial situation and meeting your life goals is what you desire, but there are some difficulties in your way. A dream of a car being stolen can relate not only to your identity but also to your life chances. As we all have good or bad luck in life, the appearance of this dream indicates that you are responsible for what is happening to you.

A dream in which you are washing your car and someone steals it right after you polished the vehicle tells you that you have to accept life as it is. The dream of someone stealing your car key tells you that no matter what your life’s problems, you must take full responsibility.

Focus on the future instead of thinking too much about the past. If you are unsuccessfully searching for a car in a parking lot and dreaming that it may have been stolen, you are working on the wrong goals in your life that you will never fulfill, which have already been lost. This dream speech tells you that it is a good time to start over and turn over a new sheet.

If you dream that someone else is driving your car without your prior permission, you are actually letting other people run your life and taking too much responsibility as an individual for the benefit of your community.

The Symbolism Of a Dream About a Car Being Stolen

If you dream of your car being stolen, this may point out to some negative thing in your life. Nonetheless, wisely pulling and thinking carefully is the solution to every problem you are facing.

Basically, the dream of stealing a car carries some dose of insecurity into something within, but this is more about emotional insecurity than insecurity that has to do with your appearance. The most common reason for insecurity in most people is their dissatisfaction with their physical appearance.

But, you don’t have these problems because you know it’s hard to make a big impact on how you look.

Of course, you can always consider aesthetic change, but it cannot change your subjective sense of how you perceive yourself. This change is something that over time will make you feel just as insecure as you did before the change you consciously made. What is best for you is to try to change your attitude about yourself in a positive way, which will help you feel better instead of looking at changing your appearance.


This dream symbolizes how uncertain you are about the future. You may even get a chance to fulfill some of your goals, but because of your laziness, someone else can take over and get the prize you are hoping for. The symbolism of a dream about a car being stolen is rarely positive, which is a clear message to you that you should be more attentive and receptive to good things.

Otherwise, you may attract the wrong ones and mess everything up.

Also, a dream about a car being stolen symbolizes other people who are designing the course of your life. You are simply too compliant other people see they can do whatever they want with you.

You dreamt this dream for a major reason – as its symbolic announces potential changes within you. It would be best to take a stand and tell everybody who is trying to interfere with your decisions that you are going to take the helm from now.

Of course, this brings additional responsibilities to you, as not every decision you would make would be the right one. Yet, it is always better to be sorry for the decision you made than for the decisions others made you make.

In the end, it doesn’t have to be like you would bring any bad decisions. Maybe you would even surprise yourself with the mature moves you are about to make.

This will surprise those who thought you are incapable of such things as well. All in one, this dream wants to tell you that you can make great things in life, but you have to detach from naysayers as soon as possible.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Fear of a bad emotional experience and not embracing the environment are more understandable reasons for a dream of a car being stolen than some real danger you could potentially find yourself in.

There is also likely to be a fear about the security of your home, that is, a review of the door closing by you or one of your homes and other similar issues that test your patience.

Also, dreams of car theft can occur if you are unsure about the safety of your home and feel that someone could easily break in inside unless you have an alarm installed.

The fear in your car’s dream can very easily turn into a real fear that will come to life in reality. That fear would be reflected in your need to upgrade your car safely to protect it from theft.

This may give rise to a general feeling of insecurity that you need to pay a certain amount of attention to. What you can do is find and install some of the cheaper alarm systems on your home and car. If you have some savings, be sure to opt for more reputable alarm systems.

What You Should Do If I Had This Dream?

A dream of a car being stolen can signify career problems, the danger of losing your job, a sign that you need to improve your relationship with the business, be responsible and considerate, more professional in negotiating with business partners.

Follow the guidelines of your business, be kind to colleagues, try to avoid building personal relationships in the workplace.

You can jeopardize your position at work by impersonating yourself as a successful business person or celebrity, even though you are missing out on a lot. What you have worked and practiced so much, such as management and leadership skills, may end up being ineffective.

The best solution in this situation is to try to be tolerant and stable, to face problems without changing your viewpoint, and to be prepared for possible fluctuations in business and to take all necessary precautions.

Talk to your colleagues to stay informed and avoid any problems at work. If you are a student or a professional athlete, you may find yourself a challenger in the coming days, which is certainly a good thing, as it is known that the challenges sharpen our talents.

Try not to get yourself into a mental or physical imbalance. Bring more enthusiasm into your daily activities.


Car theft is considered a serious offense, even in dreams. Therefore, whoever is the offender will soon be punished in your next dream.

At present, your only preoccupation is imaginary money from insurance premiums and how it reflects on your life success. There may be occasional financial difficulties that will certainly not lead you to bankruptcy.

However, the part you should be more concerned about is your personality. Are you a type of person who does everything according to commands?

Is there a space to express your feelings and desires? Maybe you are feeling oppressed and under the pressure of the environment but you lack the confidence to say no to things that are not making you happy.

Are you satisfied with the course of your life until now? How are you feeling about yourself as a person? It is highly likely you are not focused on what your subconsciousness is telling you not to ignore the negative emotions you grew towards yourself during the years.

If you had a dream about a car being stolen and now you are recognizing these traits with your personality, it would be best to have a talk to a professional if you can’t deal it by your own.