Dog Bite – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

We can all agree that is not an easy to task to interpret dream world, we all have our subjective feeling of what dreams may be for us, and messages can in them (if there are any) are personal.

There are numerous pieces written regarding this topic, and many of them agree that in them there are cryptic symbols, messages that we subconsciously disguise because we do not want to be conscious of them ourselves in real life.

Many people tried to understand the meaning of dreams, and many of them said the same thing – sometimes dreams can hide symbols that if could understand we could foresee forthcoming events.

As we have said numerous times by now is that the motive of a dream could be anything that we could imagine (it does not have to be something that exists in the real-world).

Even motives that are “normal” in real life, in the dream world could appear is something that is deviant and strange.

Among those motives, one of the most common is animals – experts say that these dreams showcase our “rough”, primordial perceptions, responses and feelings.

These are dreams of our impulses, usually the ones that have been repressed or neglected in some way – and just as Freud said, these feelings are looking for the perfect way to manifest them in some way, and the easiest is via dreams.

It is said that dreams of animals can show our “dark desires”, buried parts of the personality that we hide primarily from ourselves and also from others.

Now, one of the exciting symbols that is most beloved in real life, but that can also look like something that is devious in the dream world, is a dog.

Mainly we will try to discover what it means when you have a dream that a dog bites you – as this specific situation can be the symbol of many things.

What does it mean when you have this dream? Is it a good or a bad sign? Read in the piece below.

Meaning of a Dog Bite in a Dream

The Dog was one of the first animals that man successfully domesticated, and since then, the dog became one of the regular comrades on his life journey, and this remains till this day; and even more, the dog has become the part of the family.

Some people say that they trust their dog more than humans, and we could understand this since this is the animal that is known for its loyalty.

Now, as the mythology and ancient traditions suggest, the dog is often portrayed as the defender and protector of humans and all things that matter to people.

Even more, the Dog often took place in the world, as the secret guardian of the entrance to the underworld; he is the fighter and a devoted pet, all at the same time.

This remained till this day since the dog in modern days is seen as the protector of the home and people who live in that home; and not just that, he is the protector of the all good things in life, loyalty above all others.


In general, the dog in the dream can be portrayed in numerous ways, you can have some positive situation with him, or you can dream that the dog has bitten or attacked you, have some fascinating and diverse meanings when translated in real-life meaning.

Now, when in a dream you suffer a dog bite, it can a sign that you will have to deal with the significant loss in real life or that someone will betray you, and when we say someone, we mean someone who was close to you (someone loyal or very close to you).

But, also such a dream can be predictive in a sense that it can prognosticate that in the coming period you will receive the news of the death of a loved one you loved.

Alternatively, such a dream could signify that you will anticipate a quarrel in marriage or in business matter, and the harder the bite is, the more problematic is the dispute that is about to occur.

Often times in such a dream dog is seen as angry It means that your numerous attempts will not provide the desired outcomes or threaten you with a dangerous illness. If a mad dog manages to bite you or someone you love, it means that a terrible tragedy could happen and that you need to be alarmed.

The Symbolism of a Dog Bite in a Dream

In ancient myths and legends, the dog was the guardian of the underworld, the guardian of the souls of the dead in the Hades underworld when he was called Kerberos and when he prevented the one who died from wandering into the outside world, and that he was descended from the wolf as an ancestor is the embodiment of his the courage, fearlessness, and willingness to fight for the protection of the one who is pet and who feeds and cares for him, so he is domesticated.

In a version of a dream where a dog attacks you and bites you, and in a dream, you have not to provoke him in any way, it is a clear symbol of great betrayal by some dear people whom you trusted, and that their actions will hurt you and you will be very hurt.

On the other hand, if a dog bit you in the dream and you were the person who provokes or attack that dog first, then such a dream has a completely different symbolism. In that scenario, the dog has just reacted in self-defense and in this sense, it means that you have been wronged by someone, but that you are not ready to apologize or accept your guilt, but to persistently and stubbornly “claim on your own” and do not want to face your errors or very wrong deeds.

Now, in some general symbolism, the dog bite means that something else is controlling your life, and it is the symbol of your weaknesses (the one that has the dream).

Also, in the majority of cases, such a dream is the symbol of rising aggression and betrayal that will come soon after that aggression show its face. That is, this dream could mean that you will be betrayed by a work colleague. Because of this, you will find yourself in dangerous trouble and the understanding of your superiors.

This dream, in general, can be the symbol of losing some of your distinctive qualities (or skills) that you are proud of. This could seriously impair your self-esteem.

If the dog in your dream bites you on your foot, it is a clear symbol of loss, but in this case, it is the loss of the stability in your life. That is, there is a period in which you will feel that you are “losing ground” because you will face problems that will work unsolvable.

If the dog in a dream bites on your arm, any part of it, it symbolizes that you are the person who is constantly facing too many obligations in life and have a hard time coping with the imposed responsibility.

If the dog in your dream bites your neck, you are a person who is about to face some problems and is in many conflicts already, from which neither one you did resolve successfully.

If the dog bites on your head, or to be specific on your face (any part of your face, eyes, mouth, ears); it means that someone from your environment is stopping you from achieving your goals.

It also signifies that your relationships with other people may be considered unsatisfactory. Namely, through your own or someone else’s fault, you are in the mercy of some people who will try to ruin your life and create problems.

If the dog in a dream just tries to bite you, it can be the symbol of the feud that is taking place right now in your life, and it could be a possible fight with a colleague at work or with a close person.

Do I have to be worried?

As we have said, animals as the motives in dreams are fascinating to look at and observe – it is said that if we dream animals, it can be the aspect of our lives that we want to hide from everyone, including ourselves. If we learn the proper meaning of those dreams, we can truly understand what troubles that are bothering us are, and how we can solve them.

In some cases, as you were able to see, dreams that include dogs (in any scenario) most often refer to the friendships that we have in life or the ones that we have lost, but also to the loyalty, or protection.

In some other cases, the dog as the motive in our dreams is the representation of our inner self or the people who matter the most to us. And here comes the worrying part of this story – we are in the centre of this story, and therefore, everything that a dream has to tell us can be worrying.

You should be alarmed, especially if the dog in your dream is angry and is attacking you a few times before it bites you (even if it bites someone you love, who is close to you in real life), is annunciation of the unfortunate events that are about to come into your life, tragedy or a terrible loss.

What to do if I had this Dream?

The worrying part is definitely present in this case, there is no doubt, and it makes sense since this is a dream that speaks of you and your interpersonal relations in life that could be jeopardized in some ways.

So you should reevaluate them.

You should stop letting others decide for you and to rule over your life, regardless of which part of your life it applies.

Reason says one thing and feels another. You don’t know how to act, not make a mistake.

You have to distance yourself from that person because that is the only path to success.


As you could see from the previous sections, the dream in which dog and some of his actions are the main motives is very common.

This comes from the fact that he is the man’s best friend, guardian and protector.

Also what we must say is the fact that the meaning of dreams about a dog depends primarily on the specific circumstances in which the dog appears, and is considered to be commonly “encountered” as a motive in childhood dreams that are very attached to him as a pet, but it is undoubtedly the symbolism of those dreams.

Other meanings are different and dependent on who dreams the dog, and how this animal is “seen”, “experienced” in it, what feeling it evokes.

And in the case such as we had today – when a dog tries to bite, or succeeds in such intention, this means that you are in some danger, maybe not in physical danger, but you are definitely in danger of being betrayed from the part of the people you love the most, like your friends and family.

Depending on the part where the dog bites you, this dream takes a different meaning, but the point remains the same in all cases.