Destiny Number 7

Some experts describe numerology as a doctrine that is connected to the study of the secret and crucial meaning of numbers, as well as of all that can be converted to numbers, and especially of man’s birth date and his name.

Many experts calculate Destiny Number in this way, but this does not take the primary interest, it is the number that reveals our path, and this is the most relevant part of this story.

And when you look at things from this perspective, you can see that numerical codes are all around us account number, car registration number, telephone, etc.

These are very important numbers, but the number that we should look at is our Destiny Number, and today our focus on a number 7 – explore the true meaning of this number and its impact on human life of the people who have it.

Read all about this and make your own conclusion about what this number means.

Meaning of Destiny Number 7

Majority of experts agree that this is one good Destiny Number because it makes people react in a way that they are able to repair, possibly, the bad quality that exists in lives of all of us. In their case, they are able to deal with such quality successfully, and even to make it their personal tool of growing and progressing in life.

If you want an example – these people are those who can rise like a phoenix from the ashes, and can work their way into the major success. All flaws become advantages, and this is maybe the best way to describe them.

They are witty, lively, quick to make decisions cause they know how to think and analyze things in one way that is very fast; but others describe them as somewhat unpredictable, but in a positive way, and eternally young (the environment always gives them fewer years than they have).

They have such a charming appeal on their environment, even those who do not like them but secretly admire them – even it can occur that their enemies follow their suggestions and recommendations, regardless of what area of life is in question.

Their presence is enough to convince people to solve problems peacefully and through compromise, and this is the reason why they can find great success in their jobs, for example, in advocacy or humanitarian work.

They can do whatever they like, but the best-case scenario is when they direct their energy to a cause of helping people.

They are connected to their spiritual side, and this is the opportunity, that they usually use for gaining numerous original ideas (they come to them in visions or dreams).

But, unlike some other people, they are able to make them true and to make them a reality; others do not see them as weird and so orthodox.

They are knowledgeable enough to use this insight and connection to the subconscious are a winning combination – the world is their playground, and they are the best players.

The Symbolism of Destiny Number 7

The symbolical ruler for the Destiny Number 7 is planet Ketu (we spoke so many times of it, but it is enough to know that it is the Lunar planet that is seen only in a certain time).

It brings good fate to these people, and the best case for their personal growth is that they develop qualities contained in their spiritual nature.


It gives them adaptability and ability to change when they want to achieve something in their lives and Ketu gives them many to work with.

Because of this adaptability and the trait of not underestimating anyone, these human beings are loved by everyone who meets them, and in some way, they are sharing that energy of good; and if they follow this lead, their circle of helpers is expanding.

Unfortunately, they can be overly sensitive, and in some way, they have a habit underestimating their own talents and latent capabilities make them humble, endearing and charming and give them the traits of humanity.

Ketu, as a symbolical ruler gives them brilliant and practical ideas that in most cases attract people like a magnet – you cannot have them enough.

Destiny Number 7 and Love

It is truly interesting to look at people who are Destiny Number 7 how they interact with people who they like or want to be in a relationship with. It is fascinating is their ability to attract people, and if they are not careful, they can easily get into extramarital affairs or have two or more lovers at the same time.

Many claim that flirting is their favorite hobby and that they are extremely successful in this area of “work”. They are able to use one or many of their talents and make them become their everyday job, and maybe these people are on to something – maybe all of us should follow their example. And that is- follow your heart and do what you like, instead of what others think that you should do.

They have an attractive look and are accepted – often their lovers “fall” on them because they are intelligent, energetic and eloquent. They have all that it takes to make them extremely successful and powerful in any area of work, but at times they can be carried on the “magic carpet” of their self-confidence and not become overly hard-working people, and this is never a good idea on a long term. Sometimes they must give 110 per cent of their power if they want to have results.

These human beings who have Destiny Number 7 have a lot of attachment to their families, but such over-the-top connection can have a somewhat negative effect on other things in their lives.

It is truly important to know that these human beings have an immense capacity to love, but at the same time they want to be loved in a manner they see fit, and sometimes their lovers could be puzzled with their requirements.

Destiny Number 7 in other fields of life

These people are blessed with modesty when it comes to hidden potentials and talents, makes them popular in the environment in which they live – often times they are not aware of their talents.

Their brilliant practical ideas attract people like a magnet.

Even more, these human beings are regularly good speakers and storytellers and not infrequently recognized in the fields of literature, art or diplomacy. They speak and write really well, and are very convincing when they want to present their ideas to someone – people are fascinated by them, and often they can become amazing merchandisers.

They can find their way in trading, marketing or in any line of work that is challenging and where they can show their worth, usually through words.

Often times, human beings who are Destiny Number 7 can be amazing judges, peacemakers and spiritual leaders.  One way or tool that helps them to gain a solution to numerous problems in life and work, and for this reason, they are a supportive system for their environment.

In some way, those with Destiny Number 7 have a unique approach when it comes to rationality, practicality, simplicity and creativity.

They are rational when the situation requires them to be, they are practical in the process of solving problems, and they are simple when things get complicated, but are very creative when they need to show something new to the “public”.


People who have Destiny Number 7 are beings that are witty, lively, and tough when making decisions, unpredictable, constantly changing and always youthful – you can look at them as eternal children who like to play that game that is called life.

People loved them, besides the fact that they are incredibly attractive, they show how great advisors they truly are; so even humans who do not sympathize them take them seriously.

In fact, it is said, that people Destiny Number 7 radiate a peaceful vibration and can calm people with their presence – they can easily calm you down and help you solve any difficulty that people struggle with.

These human beings could do this because their personal strategy is understandable, practical, helpful and original.  Not many people could do what they do, carry a burden of difficulties and pain, with such grace and a positive attitude, but they can, and not many people should follow their strict lead.

But, we must say that many people should look at them as an example as a bright example.

It is said that this is such a powerful Destiny Number that gives these people intuitive power grows, and they read people’s thoughts clearly as a book. They dream original dreams and learn from them.

Most of their brilliant, original ideas come from those dreams or from daytime fantasies that are their favorite pastime. They try to know the secrets of dreams and the subconscious mind, and they believe in a mystical power that can lead people to the future or the past. In some way, they can reach the knowledge that is unavailable to others.

You will recognize them in a way that they are always, regardless of their sex, surrounded by interested parties; and it is not a surprise; they are attractive and charming.

In some general sense, these people with the Destiny Number 7 are social, sensitive and attractive- if they work hard on their lives; they become very smart, determined, and talkative (sometimes exaggerated).

On a negative turn, these people are obsessed with their future and can cause themselves many problems by over thinking and obsessing about what is about to come in their lives.