Destiny Number 6

In these articles, we speak of numbers, in particular, Destiny Numbers, but primarily we must tackle in the world of the Numerology, that is one science, concept, or area of thought.

But if we look at the depth, we can see also the Universal authenticity, Divine deity. Maybe the best way to understand this science is this – the Numerology is the doctrine of the influence of numbers on human life, in all of its glory and pain.

But this is the beauty of it, and you can learn and better overcome pain and problems, and find the beauty in all that you do.

Now, if we look at the Destiny Number, you can see that this is the vibration that depicts a human fate, or a life path, with all details, small or big that make that life unique journey.

Today we are looking at the people who have Destiny Number 6 – what is their strength, what is their flaw, and how can they achieve balance.

Meaning of Destiny Number 6

These people who live under the Destiny Number 6 have an interesting life path, their fate is not so easy, but these people have numerous experiences that others do not have.

They have incredible life energy, and their personal life can be in a lot of problems, and the biggest problem is that they have the tendency to hide their problems, first from themselves, and then from all others.

This also means that they cannot solve problems that bother them -these persons engage in unwanted relationships, only because they have that need to make a balance in their lives.

These people have interesting life path, and they can experience big blows, and problematic relations in life, while in some other parts of their lives, they can live in peace and calmness for a longer period of time.

Also, what we must say is that those who have Destiny Number 6 are beings that are capable to deeply love and show an incredible sympathy for others, trustworthiness, and respect supporting others.

They are hospitable, generous and good-looking people. They are equipped to encouragement souls in shortage of helping.

The Symbolism of Destiny Number 6

The symbolical ruler of the people who have Destiny Number 6 is the planet of love and beauty, the planet Venus. This celestial object is the brightest star in the sky, and it is, as many will say the most beautiful object in the sky, you will understand that people who are under this ruler, are drawn to beauty, love, sensuality and comfort along with the luxury.

As a symbolical ruler, the planet Venus is seen as the carrier of the maternal energy – and this means that they have the ability to deeply love, to take care of the people who they love, but they are also those who are drawn to the material things, luxury and comfort.

It is the embodiment of love and sensuality, and it gives people attractiveness and radiant personality; it is the embodiment of hedonism and noble nature.

But, also, it is seen as the symbolical teacher of the people who has Destiny Number 6 and, those who know, says, that this teacher is the supreme deity of the seed, the sensual side of human nature.

It gives people the seed they need for a change, and it gives them tools to make this world a better place, that has more sophisticated qualities.


In the end, the Venus planet is a symbol of romance, beauty, passion, sexual pleasures and arts such as music, poetry and dance – all these areas people with Destiny Number 6 have a great desire to do, or they know that they have an amazing talent.

And often they find tremendous success in all of these areas, only if they want it.

Destiny Number 6 and Love

Now we come to the central aspect of this piece about the people who have Destiny Number 6, the love mater (this is understandable since their symbolical ruler is planet Venus, the planet that is in charge for beauty and love).

If they want, these sensitive and charming beings could have any partner they want, and in many cases, in the majority of cases, they marry early, because they are in pursuit of love.

But, also in some cases, they cannot find a suitable life partner unless they get married early – later they wander and get lost in numerous experiences.

We also must say, that these being love, not just their partners, but much more, they are able to selflessly care for their friends and relatives, not to mention their children, they show their tender side when they have them.

In love relationships, these people love to stay free and very independent, but they are still social and like to spend a lot of time in their home, as long as their independence is not jeopardized.

In the end, we must speak of sex, and sensual pleasure, since they are the children of Venus and such areas of life is very important for those who are Destiny Number 6. They have a natural inclination to the sex, but it cannot be just sex unless their spirit can be accepted from.

When such things happen unexpectedly, with almost no personal involvement, the physical connection seems like coercion, like fate, but after these occurrences happen they feel guilt (so once again we say that it is truly important to have balance.

But the most important way of understanding these people is this – during their life path, Destiny Number 6 get all the comfort and plenty of luck.

Destiny Number in other fields of life

We have already said that people with this Destiny Number can find amazing careers in anything that is related to beauty, and luxury, but also they are amazing conversationalists and poets.

These people adore to travel, and all that they do, they do it to enjoy life as much as they can.

You can learn a lot about these people if you know that their nature is much more sentimental than logical and tend to hold on to the past unnecessarily, so maybe learning of history or archaeology are good occupations for them.

It is important to know that they do not accept restrictions and are suspicious; they can break the law and do not follow traditional beliefs; but this does not mean that they are outlaws, they just firmly believe in some ideas, and others find ridiculous.

They are interested in secret disciplines such as alchemy, but this could just be their hobby or something that they do in their spear time, regardless they will do it successfully.

They are trustworthy, peaceful, romantic, methodical in the business they do and can be good diplomats if they want it; but they are most respected when they protect the interest of the company they work.

Sometimes they can waste money, but it is just because they are very generous and spend the savings on entertaining their friends and relatives, and why not, co-workers. They are creative, inventive and interested in medicine, alchemy, and the fine arts.

Because of the strong impact of planet Venus, these people could become very successful collectors of beautiful clothes, fragrances, cosmetics, and jeweler. They persist attractive, beautiful and youthful until old age.

They are workaholics and indulge in too much sexual pleasure, but they want to be spiritually connected to that person, so they get involved in conflicts with their desires.


Having said all of this, you can see that people who are Destiny Number 6 are very active, and they are endowed with artistic, sensual and passionate nature.

Often, they are described very attractive, but we are not talking of classical beauty, but the inner charm and some kind of magic that others see in them.

They walk on the bright path of life that is filled with joy and travel and often they act noble, and many notice their bright personality.

In certain stages of their lives, people who are Destiny Number 6 could act as natural people and find that the most relevant are their relationship, home and the general population that they want to change or at least make better. Without that, their life is not whole. Their experiences rotate about people and instruction about how and where this world should become.

In their version, the world should become one beautiful and noble place, without pain, and filled with love; and even this is a somewhat utopist idea, but they need it, so their life has a direction.

On the more negative side, people with the six as their Destiny Number can be truly judgmental of other people and can point on all things that others do badly, and such behavior makes them irritating, at times.

But the fact is that Venus is their ruling planet, and since it is the ruler of justice, besides beauty and love, so they hate injustice and direct their actions toward correcting it, even if this action can hurt them in some ways.

In the end, we will say that people with this Destiny number, often find difficult to obtain stability when they require to help with a quarrel (always have in mind that they are very sensitive beings who are driven by love and justice, and they would not lack some flexibility in character).

They like to manage personalities and appreciate their business too much while examining others in the wrong direction. Their most significant defect is that they can be worried and they can’t regulate it. They do not understand how to recognize their abilities and do not understand how to handle them.