Destiny Number 3

Following the principles of numerology, that is the science that is based on a claim that numbers can reveal our personal path (to say it widely) and by knowing such aspects we can obtain the possibility of achieving certain goals.

In this sense, each number is assigned a specific vibration, and just by its name, you can see the importance of the number that is connected to your Destiny, a so-called Destiny Number.

In its unique way, based on very precise analyzes (and parts we will try to give you in this piece), it will help you gain an inside insight into what you really are on the inside and offers the opportunity to take advantage of our strengths and to correct our weaknesses.

Today we are looking into the world of the people whose Destiny Number is 3.

Meaning of Destiny Number 3

In this case, we are not sure what to tell you, is this good or bad Destiny number, cause it cannot be said, all numbers have their potentials that could or could not be used. It is up to all other traits and circumstances in the life of that person.

Some say that number 3 as the Destiny Number will force people in such a way that it will make them work hard, and if the circumstances are such, they will get overloaded and this creates stress and tension in their lives. It also causes a mess in their lives from which they cannot pull very easily.

But, on the other hand, these human beings can develop a solid character, and become very durable and can handle incredible burdens that not many others could even think of doing.

From a negative point of view, their selfishness prevents them from growing and developing in the direction they would want, and what is even worse their environment often turns away from them because of their flamboyant nature.

But, there are so many aspects to work with, and it is up to them to use them in their advantage.

The Symbolism of Destiny Number 3

It is important to know that the symbolical ruler of the people who are Destiny Number 3 is the planet Jupiter.

One of the primary features that come to the connection to Jupiter is the feeling of greatness that in some cases could be discussed.

We know that the Jupiter is a huge, self-illuminating planet that radiates more energy than it receives from the Sun – when looking at the character of these people, it is the same, and they can be narcissists.

They firmly believe that they are in tittle for good things in life, or, better to say the best possible things they can acquire in life.

Because of its extraordinary size, it is the heaviest of all the planets in our solar system – when looked at their person, we could see courage, determination, action, hard work, power, knowledge above all other things.

Jupiter, as the governor of the Destiny Number 3, is important because it rules posterity, education, and marriage. It determines the life span, status, nature and behavior of these people.

It can show that they will never be happy in love, or that they will never find joy as they see fit, or that their love affair will end with divorce or bitter break up. This planet is useful, but at the same time, such a symbolical ruler can create many obstacles in life, especially in love life.


In the end, such a symbolical value makes his subjects (in this case, people who have Destiny number 3) helpful, active, arrogant, obedient and honest in their behavior (in some cases brutally honest, and in this way, they are not for anyone, and cannot be good friends with everyone).

They believe in a simple life and sublime thinking – but they can use their opportunities, or they can be the ones that sabotage their own lives, blaming all others for such unfortunate events.

Destiny Number 2 and Love

One aspect of their lives that is very interesting is the fact that they are very weak for sensual pleasures, and such a way of life often puts them at odds with family members where they encounter defiance – often their families cannot accept that they live such free and sexual lives.

However, they are fortunate and able to avoid such opposition, and will love who they want, and live lives as they see fit. Their open and critical nature creates problems for them with their lovers, and this is one completely different aspect of their inner problems.

We also must say that their Destiny is such that their friends often betray them and that they very rarely benefit from their associates.

In love, Destiny Number 3 often encounter failures in their love life and sometimes go out of their way to resolve such issues, often without any success.

But, if they find their way in life, calm down, they can be endowed with good family life. Life partners support them (when and after they understand their true nature) and take on family responsibilities to give them time to devote themselves to some good and holy common good.

Once again, this is just one option of many, but they have the potential to do so; and what is, even more, their partners need to be involved in helping and serving their many friends and acquaintances, many of whom are poor and in need of social assistance and care.

Destiny Number 3 in other fields of life

Because of their pride, people who have Destiny Number 3 will miss many opportunities for success in life – they are sometimes too proud to accept some jobs, and will rater do nothing.

After that, they will feel guilty, but their wastefulness creates financial crises; so no one gains when they act in this way.

On the other hand, they are lucky, and that happiness saves them from many problems – maybe happiness is not the best word, but we will use the word good fortune instead.

These humans can gain a lot of money, from unexpected sources, and this occurs whenever they need them and are able to make their dreams come true. But they need to see that opportunity, not to be proud to accept someone’s help or assistance, or money.

Many see them as leaders, and they can easily advance in politics, and come to good positions in government, they should focus their work to the greater good. They start out as ordinary people and ascend to high positions in their business through hard work, good luck, a highly developed sense of responsibility, and conscious planning.

If people whose Destiny Number is three could succeed in avoiding conflict and spend their own money to pay or help their friends and relatives debts, for example, they can grow to be good people.

These people work the best when they cooperate in their plans created in over-enthusiasm or sacrifice for giving up their plans in the last hour.

But these human beings know how to enjoy, and for example, all sensual pleasures are very familiar to them – they love delicious food and comfortable, well-appointed homes. Some of them find their occupation in one of these spheres. The only requirement is that their obligations are loose – many of them enjoy long sleep and a relaxed environment.

They are most suitable for publishing, commerce, advertising, higher education, research, tourism and travel organization, can also work as good advocates.

They can teach the philosophy that is their favorite subject, and generally, they can talk very well, and know many topics, just like religious and spiritual themes. They can find their place in some form of a charitable foundation.

Destiny Number 3 can work everywhere, only if they want it; but the best way is if they create their path alone, not receiving help from anyone.


In the end, we hope you have a better picture of the character and fate of the people whose Destiny Number is 3. Now, you have an idea that these people are amazing creators of their lives, only if they want it.

But the fact is that they often do not see their path like this; even if no one can deny that they are cordial, generous, righteous, and trustworthy and earn with the help of their own appeal and charm.

All traits that is necessary for major success, only if they focus and aim at the goal that is meant for them.

They can be very social, and Destiny Number 3 people find their friends and helpers everywhere they look.  They are in love with ancient history and politics, but the range of their occupations is huge, only if they find them enjoyable.

We must add one more thing regarding people who are Destiny Number 3 – these interesting creatures spend generously on others, and their money goes to good things, they like to buy things for comfort and decoration, food, or any form of hedonism or pleasure.

They are endowed with creativity, apt imagination and intuition, as well as the power of clear expression, written or oral – once again, only if they want to do it.

If not, there is nothing anyone could do to make them; they are very proud and do not like to take help from people; they will rather help others, then take help.

However, they do not acquire a good name and fame early in their life when they most want it. It only happens when they reach their mature age, and when they are satisfied with the things that they have.