Destiny Number 1

It is a known fact that numbers carry vibrations and that they affect our lives, so as the science this is the message has a tremendous influence in all spheres of living: passion, work, well-being, relationship.

Wherever you look, you can see numbers, they are in everything we do, and it’s troublesome to obtain something that isn’t labeled with a numerical symbol.

And in the same case, many claims (and there are a lot of confirmation that this is so true) that numbers can determine our fate, to the smallest details and that if we know what our number means and how you can overcome weaknesses and achieve your full potential.

Today we are going to dedicate this article to all those people whose Destiny number is 1.

Meaning of Destiny Number 1

Experts say that this is one very fortunate Destiny Number since it affects individuals who are under its impact or to be more precise, who has it, and this is the number that guarantees that they will never have to work hard but will also gain a lot.

These people will progress in their lives, and they will do it by enjoying the fruits of others’ activity. In some ways, these people who are under the impact of the Destiny number 1 to become prominent in the circles in which they move, consciously or unconsciously.

Deep inside, they want to become respectable, famous, and number one in everything – there is some poetic value in this, and the fact is that they are considered lucky by other people. They are endowed with a strong spirit in a strong body.

They become leaders and chiefs in their circle. They achieve success effortlessly, as they are able to see the future clearly and plan harmoniously – they are in most cases those who are pioneers in many things they do, but others look at them as inspiration and role models, more than anything else.

They spend energy planning to help the poor in an unenviable situation, and they are very ambitious, authoritative and pioneer in their area.

But because 1 is primarily the number of world achievements and successes, fate units are rarely found as great spiritual leaders. They are materialistic, logical and smart. Spirituality requires sensitivity and faith, not logic.

The Symbolism of Destiny Number 1

As far as symbolical connection of the Destiny Number 1, we must say, and you may know this fact, is that the Sun is the ruler of those humans who have one as their Destiny Number.

And in the same way, as the Sun is seen as the ruler and the center of our Solar system, humans who have Destiny Number 1 have the same properties. In this sense, these people are adherent, kind, friendly, popular and prone to sudden decisions.

One more thing needs to be added that their decision-making process is great, but also when Sun is weak, they can show their weaknesses, and they can make a wrong choice, but this is also ok.

Even if such behavior can bring them disappointment, but it teaches them patience and this more valuable lesson, without a doubt.

Since, in a symbolical sense, we are talking of Sun, and since our world depends on it and these people must learn to send positive energy so that they could be followed and they do not “burn” others with their strong power.

Just like the Sun, these people should follow the regularity of movement, and revolves around good ideas will succeed in life.


In the end, Sun is the symbol of our ancestors, and these people whose Destiny number is 1 have a strong connection with the past, but they should learn to use it in the right way.

Also, it is said that they are beings who can be illuminated, and their consciousness is represented by the seven rays of light. It gives a confident, independent, humorous and proud nature.

The Sun represents the purifying masculine energy. In connection with Vishnu, the Lord of protection, the Sun has a steady and selfless nature, which is strong, firm, authoritative, royal and honorable.

Destiny Number 1 and Love

People whose Destiny Number is one are those who like to lead, like new connections and in many ways like to be in the company of different people.

As far as Love goes, they are able to get Love suddenly, and in the same way to lose it lightly; for them, this is just one more interesting experience that makes them more emotionally filled, even if those emotional connection leave trace on their soul, but they never shy away from this way of life.

Many describe people who belong to Destiny Number 1 as humans who are recognized for restraint, patience, organizational skills and perseverance. And you can imagine what kind of lovers they attract and what kind of lovers they want to be in a long- term relationship – only those who have not different, but the similar traits.

Only this kind of relationship could work; these people want to be in Love with partners who are aware of their need to rule and to succeed in life. They must be compatible, and their lovers must follow their lead, or in some cases, wisely turn the story on their side, but never directly, and openly.

If they are inclined to the spiritual, they become heads of spiritual organizations and true teachers. As teachers, they are clear, precise, focused and committed to the truth – and in the same way, people with the Destiny Number 1 want to have Universal Love in their lives, and will do everything to succeed in this process (whatever is in their power).

The point is that these humans, whatever they do, it has to have that spiritual touch to it, and the main lesson for them, is to learn that primarily Love must enter their lives, in the process of self-love, and then they can give it someone else.

They are not exactly romantic; they are unhappy at the point of marriage and Love, but they want to have it in their lives, even if they do not show it right away and openly, like some other.

Destiny Number 1 in other fields of life

We must go back to the note from the beginning of this piece about Destiny Number 1, and that is that they are very fortunate, they achieve success and rise freely in the material field.

Even better results are created in the case when they with the preacher spirit and have a goal in life that is above all that they know and want for themselves, and their selfish needs. They create a pleasant environment for friends, guests and members of the family. Helping those in need and the poor, becoming great mothers. They are heartfelt, thoughtful, sensitive and easy to handle.

When working in an organization, they are in important positions because of their good qualities. They are sociable and royalty-friendly. They have a strong character, neat and systematic methods and behave nicely when they are directed to some goal that they have set for themselves.

If they are writers and deal with words in any way (oral or other) then they are educated and very clear in expression; the themes that they deal with are amazingly original and are very attractive for others who want to listen to them.

Summary and Advice for Destiny Number 1

Now, when you know all that you may know all about people with Destiny Number 1, you know that this number describes them in the best way.

But, what are those actions that they should do, so they can use their inner potentials to the fullest extent and avoid their flaws coming to the surface.

In the work area of life, they should be inspired to encourage their associates to thrive and encourage young people to become leaders – often times it is recommended for them to lead, regardless if the group they are leading is small or big, work, or any other. They will lead it in the best possible way.

People with the Destiny Number 1 are smart, always smiling, lovable and attention-grabbing persons, but we are not saying this in the negative sense, it is just their nature, and they do not mean harm.

They can be charming when they are speaking, and many claim that they like to listen to what they have to say since they are great storytellers.

Destiny Number 1 people belong to those humans who are favorite among famous people, and in many cases, they exceed their expectations and become the best at everything they do.

The negative side of their destiny is that if they do not see their full potential, they can become absent from reality, completely unaware of the circumstances that surround them, and they have a clear intention to become introverts.

In the end, those who belong to the Destiny Number 1 are doing amazingly well in gaining in popularity and coming into high positions because it is not difficult for them to do any work in any organization.

It is also true that those who belong to this Destiny Number tend to be superior and subordinate others that are close to them (this is true in all areas of life, Love, work, and other fields) because they have superior control skills, and are not shy about it.

Many predict that those who have one as their Destiny Number will get as rich and have a secure future. Then they commit to charity work. As politicians, they become leaders of their organizations.