December 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Today, in this world of information that is coming and overwhelming our lives, making it even more chaotic, numerology, astrology and Astro-numerology and all related disciplines, are in a way reduced mainly to a small part of existing abilities; for example forecasting.

People are in some way very interested in knowing what will happen to them in the future, much more than discovering their inner abilities and working hard on them in some meaningful way. But the meaning and opportunities are more significant, and the meaning of numbers that are hidden behind someone’s date of birth.

Is this because of this, looking globally, that the interest is reduced to simple life explanations and analyses (love, marriage, work, money), or because people who deal with numerology over time have turned their work in that direction, it’s hard to say.

But this should not be intimidating for you, you should use the best out of it, especially if we can provide you with all the necessary information that you can use to benefit your lives. Today we are looking into the lives of the people who are born on December 7, and who belong to Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

Naturally, those who are born on December 7 have a clear and quick mind, they are strongly intuitive, and sometimes also make themselves appear more confident than these people actually are.

Persons who are born on December 7 are typically Sagittarius people in some ways, since they need a lot of free time, as it is also important not to ask for much from themselves, they are not fans of obligations and responsibilities, but this does not mean that they are not good workers and that they neglect their families. They can be maybe called laid back people, why not. They have that inner relaxed attitude that is really magnetic for other people, but this does not mean that they are not boiling from emotions and that they don’t have the fiery character.

When they are younger, these people can show many talents of which much is expected, but these talents throughout their lives are entirely lost, or to be more specific they can be lost if not nurtured. Here we come to the one more characteristic of these people – they can be lazy, and neglect some important things in their lives, especially the talents and skills that they are born with.

Those who are born on December 7 are very sensitive people who have much more chance of coming to life later. If happiness accompanies them and in the life of people who value and promote their talents, their uniqueness can be unique.

Love Compatibility

These people who are born on December 7  fascinated others by their openness, cheerfulness and embarrassment that sometimes even make them even more desirable; but no one is perfect, and expecting from Sagittarius even this one,  anything that would be crazy and futile. They are wise, intelligent lovers who have a powerful energy that always leads them to the centre of all events. They are incredibly authentic and often have an exciting relationship with people, with partners also.

In any case, they are appreciated by people who have the strength to go their way regardless of the way they are.

Their lovers cannot be weak since these people know to be rude and aggressive, and then ‘cavernous’ technique should be brought into a more peaceful release. Very strange, no one could think that, but they are really humble people, but their lovers are never safe with them, they can surprise their close loved.

They have no intention of giving up individuality for any lover, but they are known for confusing his environment in what they want from love, but they do not see anything confusing to them. What confused others is their confusion with of friendship with love and love with a habit. In their contact with lovers, they are remarkably free, open and direct; if you are a traditionalist, please, skip these people. Their confidentiality is often a stumbling block and source of love struggles.

Purpose and Career

As all Sagittarius people, these also are inclined to think about the big things, they like to search their purpose somewhere among the stars, but maybe these people have a point and should think big, and aim great goals, in the end, they have all qualities to back this ambition.

Because if these people who belong to the December 7 live with the best qualities that they have in lives, even if they do not achieve that highest goal, still they can accomplish anything that is in their area of work by putting minimal efforts.

They have an innate honesty that will prevent them from engaging in any kind of work that is not honorable. Given intuition and spiritual abilities, these people may be tempted to become a “professional psychic” or spiritual guide, but, again, they themselves have the feeling that they would not be able to do it in the right way, and with necessary strength.

In the period of adolescence, people born on December 7 usually have problems deciding which profession to get involved in, and what will be their perfect choice of careers. And we must mention that is not a rare case when these Sagittarius people are wandering from one to another occupation for a while, which are very different before they finally find out what best suits them. Such interest lasts until the end of life, or they have multiple jobs at the same time, but they are sometimes just confused. It is difficult for these people to find a satisfactory social role, partly because they have an ambivalent attitude towards the society itself.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on December 7 are ruled by the number 7, and the first thing that is connected to those who are under this impact is that they enjoy change and travel. Number 7 is the number of secrets and perfection. People with this numeral are the number of people who are called perfectionists and individuals. They can also count on their advantages that their mind can understand even the most frustrating things. They have strong intuition. The bad side is that they do not endorse the orders and it is best for them to work alone or when they are shellfish. Often they are focused only on themselves and are somewhat stubborn.

Planetary impact comes from the planet Neptune, and this is the planet that manages visions by dreams and psychic phenomena, and individuals born December 7 are open to these unstable situations. The combinations of Neptune and Jupiter, which is the natural ruler for all Sagittarius people, bring to those born this day idealism and expansiveness, but also the danger of naivety and indifference.

One more thing that is important for the symbolism of the date December 7 must be mentioned in this part; by some December 7 is, by some Astro-numerologists, is considered an unfortunate day, and according to astrological learning, everything we start on this will be deemed to be unhappy. But, this do not means that unfortunate will reflect on people who are born on this day since they have all the needed tools to fight negativity.

Their color is beige and green, and their numbers are 7 and 19.

Historical Events on December 7

From the Roman times, some very interesting events took place, and they had importance for those people also, so they were recorded for the future generations. Read all about this event and many others that took place on December 7.

574 – In Constantinople, Tiberius II Constantine has proclaimed as the co-ruler of the mentally ill Emperor Justin II.

1787 – Delaware became the first US state to ratify the US Constitution.

1869 – An American criminal Jesse James made the first confirmed bank robbery in Gallatin, Missouri.

1917 – The World War I: The United States declared the war to Austria-Hungary.

1941 – Japanese planes attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii and destroyed a large number of planes and ships.

1941 – WWII: Great Britain announced the war in Hungary, Romania and Finland, countries that participated in the aggression of the USSR as members of the Tripartite Pact.

1949 – Chiang Kai-shek is on the island of Taiwan (Formosa), where he left the remains of his army after defeating the People’s Liberation Army of China, declared the state and established the government.

1965 – The Patriarch Athenagoras I and Pope Paul VI abolished the mutual excommunication of the two churches, which in 1054 began the split of two Christian churches.

1970 – A convincing victory in the Eastern Pakistan elections The Awami League, the advocate of the autonomy of Bengal (later Bangladesh), led to a deep crisis between East and West Pakistan, which escalated into a civil war the following year.

1971 – The Soviet space capsule began to send radio and television signals from Mars.

1974 – Cypriot President Archbishop Makarios III was greeted triumphantly in Cyprus, which left on July 15, 1974, after a coup. The mistreatment in Cyprus was organised by Greek officers, but they failed to retain power.

1975 – The Indonesian Army entered East Timor, where, after the abolition of the three-year Portuguese colonial power, a civil war broke out.

1988 – Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev announced in the UN unilateral reduction of Soviet troops, tanks, combat aircraft and artillery.

1988 – More than 25,000 people died in the earthquake in Armenia, 12,000 injured and half a million left homeless. Ten per cent of the Armenian industry was destroyed.

1992 – The government of India banned fundamentalist movements following riots that killed at least 400 Hindus and Muslims.

1995 – A probe from the US spaceship “Galileo” entered the atmosphere of Jupiter and sent 75 minutes of data before it collapsed.

1996 – President of Algeria has signed a constitutional reform banning political parties based on religion.

1999 – The American Discographic Association Association filed a lawsuit against Napster, a data-sharing network for copyright infringement.

2001 – In the civil war in Afghanistan, the Taliban surrendered their last stronghold Kandahar.

2002 – Iraq handed over to UN inspectors a document on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, as well as the military industry, as required by the November Security Council resolution.

2004 – Hamid Karzai took oath as the first president of Afghanistan elected in free elections.

Famous people on December 7

If you look at this list of the famous people born on December 7, maybe the majority of names is not “going to ring a bell”, but we assure you that they all deserve their place on our list.

903 –  Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi, a Persian astronomer.

1545 – Henry Stewart, the Scottish King.

1598 – Gian Lorenzo Bernini, an Italian sculptor, and painter.

1637 -Bernardo Pasquini, an Italian composer.

1801 – Johann Nestroy, an Austrian writer and actor.

1873 – Willa Cather, an American writer.

1905 – Gerard Kuiper, a Dutch-American astronomer.

1928 – Noam Chomsky, an American philosopher, linguist, psychologist and writer.

1949 – Thomas Alan Waits, an American musician.

1956 – Larry Bird, an American basketball player.

1972 – Hermann Maier, an Austrian Alpine skier.

1972 – Sean Dundee, a South African football player.

1973 – Ibrahim Kutlay, a Turkish basketball player.

1980 – John Terry, an English soccer player.

1983 – Jacopo Giachetti, an Italian basketball player.

1984 – Robert Kubica, a Polish Formula 1 driver.

1990 – Alexander Melnikov, a Russian long-range jumper.

1990 – Urszula Radwańska, a Polish tennis player.

There is also one more aspect of their personality that we haven’t mentioned so far, and that concerns people who belong to December 7 – they can be difficult to fit into their environment regardless of whether they find themselves, like school, workplace or family unit.

These people often think of themselves as strange and unusual or just a little twisted, but it is just their inner feeling, it does not have to be the objective situation. But one thing is undeniable – the fact that these Sagittarius attract people who are unusual, and there is no doubt about this and many of their interpersonal connections are unusual.