December 4 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

You should be aware that when something is ancient old, just like the science of numerology, it carries a great significance and it can provide amazing knowledge that you can use in your everyday life.

So, in numerology, and Astor-numerology the numbers that can be found in our date of birth are represented in many attributes that we need to interpret in the right way. When we achieve this, we will look at everything from the “other” more adequate angle and have an understanding of some of our life events.

Astro-numerology provides us with the basic interpretation of single-digit numbers from 1-9 and in some cases of multi-digit numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, which in the end the whole life is summed up in this world of numbers.

This knowledge is combined with the information that comes from our Zodiac sign that we belong to, based on our date of birth.

So, today our attention is focused on the people who belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign, and are born on December 4.

Personality and Character

Sagittariuses who are born on December 4 have distinct critical abilities, they know what others feel and think, they are amazing in the assessing others characters and personalities – if these people are their friends, they can expect the advice. They have a rare ability to figure out some personality quickly or understand some argument without relying on previously understood ideas or prejudices – these people are liberal and free-minded.

Courage is one of the most prominent characteristics that people who are born on December 4; they are fighting and aggressive individuals who will struggle for their goals. They are not unknown to severe pain, struggles and conflict, and they often find themselves inadequate to face the challenges they face, but somehow they can make it.

But we must say one more thing that will not be pleasant to here to all those born on December 4 – these human beings often show ego-mania and sociopathic tendencies, but luckily such tendencies never completely dominate their personality, but are always present, as some demons that they need to deal with during their lives. Most often their ideals and beliefs remain clean and uncorrupted, no matter what kind of life they lead or what obstacles they encounter.

Those who celebrate their birthdays on December 4 have an extraordinary talent for the organisation and can listen and understand their colleagues and associates, but in no case will they allow their authority to collapse, and later in the article, you will see how much this ability makes their work life problematic. They will always try to provide absolute power regardless of whether they are working.

Nevertheless, in some way, those who are born on December 4 always succeed in their intentions and all thanks to the ability to see the right opportunity -they will get what they want. These persons can use the unusual combination of grace and vitality that does not because the jealousy of others, if they create resentment in others, problems will arise.

Love compatibility

Some representatives of this date find it challenging to bind one partner, especially when they are young; they often observe love in the almost idealised light, and this is one aspect that is problematic in every realistic situation, and also in love. When in love relationship that has meaning, those who are born on December 4 are funny and passionate, but rarely loyal to the core, or should we say they are loyal to themselves. These people also tend to maintain more relationships at the same time, and they do not see what the problem is, they see it as a way of exploring their lives, and living freely.

The aggressive energy is also present in the lives of the people who are born on December 4, and when it comes to the interpersonal relations, it can very easily extinguish control so that these people have to pay attention to the sudden outburst of rage, especially to their family members and lovers, even worse. To overcome it is recommended to release their energies productively, or they will be frustrated.

Also, it would be good if they learned to find humor and laughter in some serious situations so that their spirit and energy can float in their right direction.

They have no prejudices regarding who their lovers can be; they are free and open to every person who can love them for whom they are, but the best connection can be with lovers who are similar to them, who work the same job for example, or their high school sweethearts.

When we are speaking about sensual pleasures those who are born on December 4 have passionate sex, they tend to experiment with various techniques and expect from their lovers to follow their lead. But in the end, they can be faithful in marriage if they have a tolerant partner who allows them some flirt.

Purpose and Career

As far as their business ventures go, those who belong to the December 4 are people who should develop business skills because they have that innate talent, and this may not be their primary talents, but they will undoubtedly be able to monetise their abilities, by expanding to other areas of business.


However, it happens that many of these people create anxiety or a worrying feeling of tension with their associates.

These people are from the other hand, naturally shy, sometimes too shy, but it will never stop them to show the world their incredible talents and skills. They also tend to worry too much about their business ideas and about things that could happen, but they never do, and to achieve some success they must stop with this attitude.

Sometimes people of the December 4 are seen as unstable, prone to mischief when things do not go as they should be by their opinion. If they succeed to overcome such events, the success in any aspect of their lives will be guaranteed.

They should avoid engaging in business with their friends or relatives because destructive consequences can arise from such relationships, cause people who are born on December 4 are known for wanting to have perfection in every situation, and their ability to know “everything” can be frustrating for people who work with them.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 4 is the numeral that is the governmental number for all people who are born on December 4, and it is the number that is connected to people who have their own and often unusual way to solve the problem. Those who are ruled by the number 4 are usually not overly interested in money, and this is especially true for those people who are more oriented towards the ideas, because of, but very well understand the relationship between money and power.

Number 4 is connected to the constructiveness and the desire to organise life so that the smallest little thing finds it’s deserved place in everyday chaos – they do not like chaos and will try to do anything to make their life in balance. It is the number that is symbolically connected to making the unity in life, a perfect whole.

Planet Uranus makes its impact here, besides the Jupiter that is also found in this date, as an integral ruler for all Sagittarius people. Uranus points to sudden changes and unpredictable procedures, and these are qualities that are easily recognised in people born this day.

And symbolically planet Jupiter was, in the ancient times, seen as dignified and righteous master of gods, humans and the cosmos. Jupiter is in the astrology of the planet of great happiness. It points to the moral and the virtue of good and it is the planet of understanding. It can lead to the essence of every problem. Jupiter is a symbol of progress in every respect. It is a natural indicator of material wealth and support.

So, having this symbolism Uranus and Jupiter it can give favorable opportunity, development, growth, success, optimism, good mood, affection, happiness are brought into being.

Their color is khaki, and their numbers are 4 and 19.

Historical Events on December 4

December 4 thought history was not remembered by good and positive events, and it was more connected to the war crimes, and some astronomical discoveries.

1110 – The Crusaders conquered Sidon.

1154 – Nicholas Breakspear became Pope under the name of Hadrian IV, and he was the first and still is the only Englishman that held that position.

1563 – The last session of the Trident Committee was held.

1639 – English astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks made the first observation of the passage of Venus.

1791 – The first number of the British “The Observer”, the oldest weekly list in the world, was released.

1829 – The British in India forbade the practice of burning widows when burning their husbands at a posthumous ceremony.

1943 – US President Franklin Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Turkish President Mustafa İsmet İnönü in Cairo discussed joint actions within the anti-Hitler coalition. Turkey, however, refused to publish the war against Germany.

1974 – A Dutch aircraft “DC-8” collapsed near the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. All passengers and crew members were killed, 191 of them.

1977 – In the south of Malaysia, 100 people died when a plane crashed by a Japanese terrorist group “Red Army”.

1977 – Dictator Jean-Bédel Bokassa was crowned as the emperor of the Central African Empire. The cost of the crowning ceremony was enormous.

1980 – In a plane crash near Lisbon, suspected of being sabotage, Portugal’s Prime Minister Francisco de Sá Carneiro died.

1991 – The kidnappers freed the last American, journalist Terry Anderson, who spent 2,454 days as a hostage in Lebanon. Members of Islamic Jihad kidnapped Anderson on March 16, 1985.

1998 – The latest “Red Khmer” fighters surrendered to the Cambodian army, which ended the struggle of the Maoist movement against the government forces after two decades.

2001 – The Israeli army entered several Palestinian towns on the West Coast and occupied an international airport in Gaza.

Famous people born on December 4

We could not say that the most prominent members of this list where we gather famous people born on December 4 are the best in work, but they genuinely have that something unique about them and their talent, and that is why they achieved greatness.

1795 – Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish essayist and historian.

1866 – Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian-German painter.

1875 – Rainer Maria Rilke, an Austrian poet.

1892 – Francisco Franco, a Spanish dictator.

1895 – Feng Youlan, a Chinese philosopher.

1903 – Cornell Woolrich, an American writer.

1945- Roberta Bondar, a Canadian astronaut.

1949 – Jeff Bridges, an American actor.

1953 – Jean-Marie Pfaff, a Belgian footballer.

1963 – Sergíj Nazarovich Bubka, a Ukrainian athlete.

1964- Marisa Tomei, an American actress.

1964 – Sertab Erener, a Turkish singer.

1965 – Ulf Kirsten, a German football player.

1967 – Guillermo Amor, a Spanish footballer and coach.

1969 – Jay-Z, an American rapper.

1970 – Kevin Sussman, an American actor.

1973 – Tyra Banks, an American model.

1974 – Anke Huber, a German tennis player.

1982 – Nicholas James Vujicic, or Nick Vujicic,  an Australian evangelist and motivational speaker.

1987- Orlando Brown, an African-American actor, rapper, and voice actor.

The time is now – many questions arise in this ending chapter. Are these people born on December 4 good or bad, are they pointed to good, or their aggressiveness can lead them into the darkness? Can they be faithful and honest lovers or they will cheat their partners in every step of the way? Can they use their natural abilities or they will sink when they take a risk in a particular business venture? The answer to all of these questions is yes and maybe. They can be all of that and much more. Those born on December 4 are Sagittariuses, in the end, and the planet of good, Jupiter rules them.

For these Sagittarius people to stay in the present moment and move on to the future, they need to leave the past behind and make the decision to live only in the present moment.