December 30 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrology and all related sciences originate from ancient times (and their roots can be found in many cultures and civilisations) and are based on the premise that the position of stars and planets – subsequently they have an impact on people and events in the world. But one thing needs to be clear – the beginning of astrology or numerology cannot be accurately determined, but there is evidence that it exists from several thousand years ago, and that she enjoyed an extremely high reputation among the advanced civilisations of the Old Ages.

But even in modern days, these roots can be seen – and the basis of these sciences reaming the same – and that we use the same or similar symbolism for analyses of birthdates. Today we are looking into date December 30, and we are examing Capricorns who are born on this day.

Personality and Character

Capricorn is a rather contradictory sign in some way, and this is something that is relatable to people who are born on December 30. Although pessimistic, depressed and cautious, Capricorns is known for the ability to always crawl to success, and they are working hard to achieve something and to have it for a long time. They never surrender, and when they are older, they are getting better.  A lot of experience, they learn from mistakes and are trained and perfected, rightly can be said that mature years are best for them.

People who celebrate their birthdays on this December 3 are generally very pleasant and friendly, but they lack the sincerity that is crucial to be a perfectly sincere human being.

They would do an excellent job of the priesthood, but it would not be wise for someone to temper your temper on such an undertaking or a similar thing unless it finds a partner that is opposite to temperament.

These Capricorns are very honest in their needs, they know that they want and what they need, but for the achievement of their goals it is necessary to have a stronger personality. They should develop it more, and they should work more, and not in thoughts but reality, to focus more actions, rather than on phantasy.

Love Compatibility

Capricorns are well-known practitioners, and few among them are romanticists – so you will never see a person who is born on December 30 to win you over with some romantic gesture.

They will never allow emotions to blind them to the facts. It does not mean they do not know how to love, but emotionally never will enable them to cross a border. Public scenes of showing emotions, public kissing do not belong to their love style of behavior and, after all, they find such expressions of love as unpleasant as possible.

There is one more crucial aspect to mention here – in the blood of those who are born on December 30 above all respect tradition and customs and will love to have a partner that wants the same thing. Many of them deny the desired things and situations if they are required by tradition, order or family. They belong to people who will never take advice in love, they are doing their own thing – do not waver and do not preach like others, but if you have asked for advice from them, be sure that they will voice you in a decisive voice what they think you have done in a crazy way or what you need to do in the future.

Subsequently, those who are born on December 30 will act on the same principle with their lovers – and they expect from their partners to accept it.  They want to have everything under control, they are afraid of what kind of emotion they will leave, whether they will be loved or deceived. They can exaggerate in suspicion, and will often take precautionary measures to avoid being cheated, and when they are very in love, they are very passionate and jealous.

When in a long-term relationship these human beings will always respect family obligations, suffer all possible frustrations and take on duties with joy. The only thing that is asked by their partners is to stand side by side with them, and they will not waste time on them.

It often happens that these Capricorns get married in times when they are completely emotionally unprepared, for purely dull reasons -they can make a mistake. But they will deal with their choices.

Purpose and Career

In the business, Capricorn is thorough and responsible worker or co-worker, eager knowledge and high position. He is ready to accept a position and when he is not qualified for it, thinking that he will eventually overcome everything.

They are very patient, so they can build their career for a long time, climbing a step up by step. They respond to tasks that require tough ones work, responsibility, focus and endurance, adapting to difficult conditions, and even isolation – and not many people could do this with the same enthusiasm and joy as people of the December 30.

In some way, these people are inclined to take a close look at all things once, and especially in religion, they are not as liberal as they should be. By nature, they would be suitable for some religious or philosophical teachings, but the pressure of modern civilised life outbursts such an idea from their head.

In general, these individuals born on December 30 carefully avoid all possible obstacles that may come along on their way on success. They rarely get stuck in their lives, but their progress is slow but steady. Their eyes are always pointed toward the top – and obstacles that will come along their way are jealousy, passion, emotions, spending, and laziness.


Others will undoubtedly fall, but they will never stumble; and if they make an error, they will regret to turn to the lost and missed time, but will soon catch breath again and continue their climb to the finish.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 3 takes the prime when it comes to the numerical symbolism of the people who are born on December 30, and a constant need for expression characterises all those who are born on this day. This can be a form of speech or an artistic way of expression, which is not typical for Capricorns.

At the top of their list of pleasures is enjoying the company of creative people who think the same as they are – and all people who have numeral 3 are generally pleasant and friendly. Keywords for this of the number 4 symbolism are expressiveness, verbalisation, sociability, enjoyment of life, art and travel – people who live under this impact have all of these traits, and it can be clearly seen in their lives and choices they make.

Besides the Saturn rule that is in charge of all Capricorns; we can see the properties of Jupiter, and its influence is very visible in these people.  Jupiter is a vast, self-illuminating planet that radiates more energy than it receives from the Sun. The symbolism of Jupiter says that courage, play, hard work, strength, knowledge are connected to these people who are under its influence. The primary ruler is Saturn, and it represents the symbol of great ambition and a need for climbing to the top (and that climbing is filled with obstacles and problems) but is the planet that gives something, even more, it provides the tool for survival.

Their number is 3, and matching color is khaki.

Historical Events on December 30

History is a social and humanistic science that explores and studies the past of human society. It got its name after the word “historía”, which means “knowledge gained through listening and asking.” Now, you can read all about historical events that occurred on December 30.

1460- Richard, the Duke of York was killed, and his army was destroyed in battle at Wakefield in the War of Rose.

1803- The former French colony of Louisiana, which the French Emperor Napoleon I sold to the Americans the same year, joined the United States. This almost doubled the then-US territory.

1853 – The United States bought from Mexico about 77,000 km² of land south of the Dale River and west of Rio Grande for $ 10 million.

1886 – Germany and Portugal signed an agreement laying borders between Angola and Southwestern Africa, today Namibia.

1903- Fire broke out in the Chicago Theater, in the US, 600 people died.

1915 – The British passenger ship “Persia” torpedoed the German submarine at Crete in World War I. 330 of 501 passengers and crew members died.

1922- Soviet Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the creation of a Confederation of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Transcarpathian Federation was created.

1924 – Edwin Hubble has revealed the discovery that some of the nebula (nebulae) that do not belong to the Milky Way.

1927- The first subway line in Asia opened in Tokyo.

1933- A member of the Romanian “Iron Guard” organisation killed Prime Minister Ion Gheorghe Duca.

1933 – Greek King George II declared the appointment and left the Greek throne.

1947 – Romanian king Mihal I abdicated under the pressure of the Communists who subsequently proclaimed the People’s Republic of Romania.

1953 – The first television in color was sold.

1968 – Norwegian statesman Trygve Lie, the first United Nations Secretary-General, from 1946 to 1952.

1990- The authorities of Albania for the first time allowed the Jews to go to Israel.

1991- At a meeting in the capital of Belarus, Minsk leaders of the Commonwealth of the Independent States that were formed after the collapse of the USSR failed to agree on a joint army.

1993- Israel and the Vatican, after two millennia of mostly hostile relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Jews, signed an agreement on mutual recognition and establishing full diplomatic relations.

2000 – General Omar al-Bashir was elected President of Sudan for the second time and promised to continue efforts to establish peace in a country.

2000- In a series of bombings around Manila in the Philippines that occurred within a few hours, 22 people were killed, and 100 more were injured.

Famous people born on December 30

There is no uncertainty that those who are born on December 30 and found during or after their deaths notoriety and fame deserve a place on our list; but the main thing is that some representatives of this day had their share of controversy that jeopardised their lives or careers.

39- Titus Flavius, a Roman emperor.

1673-Ahmed III, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1819- Theodor Fontane, a German writer.

1865- Rudyard Kipling, an English writer.

1905- Daniil Kharms, a Russian writer.

1906- Carol Reed, a British film director.

1937- Gordon Banks, an English footballer.

1946 – Hans-Hubert “Berti” Vogts, a German football coach and player.

1946- Patti Smith, an American musician.

1950- Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish computer scientist and mathematician.

1957- Matt Lauer, an American Television host.

1965- Heidi Fleiss, an American reality TV personality, and a former madam

1972- Daniel Amokachi, a Nigerian football player and coach.

1975 – Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, an American golf player.

1977- Laila Ali, an American boxer.

1978- Tyrese Gibson, an American actor and singer.

1980- Henry Domercant, an American basketball player.

1982 -Kristin Kreuk, an American actress.

1984 – LeBron Raymone James, an American basketball player.

1986 – Domenico Criscito, an Italian soccer player.

1986 –  Ellie Goulding, a British singer.

1987- Thomaz Bellucci, a Brazilian tennis player.

1991- Camila Giorgi, an Italian tennis player.

In the end, Capricorns who are born on December 30 are known for their energetic and strong character, possessing exceptional physical and moral characteristics – many of them make amazing careers developing one of these two. But in all of this, it should be mentioned that they can fall as they have never succeeded in lives.

These people are precise and glorious organisers who, thanks to their persistence and great power, always relate to victory. They are incredibly persistent and ambitious because they put their great working ability and rationality in the first place.