December 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Their interaction in the human world represents, in any form or shape, represent the unique numerological map, and when we look at the comparative analysis of two people (and as you know love compatibility is the most important aspect for those who are interested in Astro-numerology and particular birthdate analyses) can be done to assess the degree of compatibility between them.

So, this analysis can show you what the plan for good communication and interaction between partners, where misunderstandings and specific problems can arise and ways of resolving these issues is.

Astro-numerology uses collection and subtraction of the information, in the date of birth – today we are looking into the lives of people who are born on December 3. They belong to Zodiac sign Sagittarius.

This is the sign that is known for their fiery character, with small and bigger variables, but they are undoubtedly intelligent people who are good with words.

Personality and Character

Many representatives of this date of birth, are usually quiet, confident, withdrawn – or they may seem like this for their environment. This aspect of their personality may seem so far away from the Sagittarius Zodiac sign that is known for their extrovert character. They are humans who follow their line of thought and action, without the influence of other people to any significant extent – it is essential for them to be alone in the decision-making process, they need to be free and independent.

But, we must say that those who belong to the December 3 are entirely fair in their interactions with others; they find that it is essential to be righteous, and they will fight for all things they feel are right.

One more thing that these people share with Sagittarius Zodiac sign is their ability to perceive and evaluate a person very quickly, and they can penetrate to others minds and intentions – this is an aspect that can be used in all areas of life, they rarely make mistakes when assessing people.

Once they successfully “read” someone, they in a way lose their interest for that person. They are granted a good sense of humor, although they value more fun moments than others; maybe they can even be seen as people who are too serious or who have a weird sense of humor. The message here is – these people born on December 3 need to be surrounded by the people who get that humor.

Love Compatibility

Love for Sagittariuses who are born on December 3 has a special meaning: it is challenging for those persons to fall in love with a person who does not entirely suits them.  And there must be an optimist and an enthusiast in their lovers, there must be a  physical attraction, preferably on the first sight; if there is no “something,” although the most beautiful lover, they will never stand a chance.

But, when they truly love, they are amazing partners who are very stable and pleasant. They can cheer, laugh, and try to be nice to their family. Also these people, no matter how they are independent, they will never oppose a marriage; the crucial thing is that their partners respect their freedom.

In general, the main characteristic of the people who are born on December 3 is their openness, optimism, serenity and therefore this is something that will attract their lovers.  They are friendly and fun, and above all – good friends. They encourage, help, and do not expect something in return – lovers of these people will enjoy and fulfill their potential as human beings.

They are not jealous, they do not bicker and do not gossip about their lovers and with their lovers – these Sagittarius people find that there are much more important things to talk about with partners. Only partner’s sincerity and tactlessness can be disturbing for people who are born this day, in a sense, they need to have it in a relationship.

These people do not like secrets and do not hide anything about their love, and they hate games and intrigues of passion, do not manipulate people, they are open and expect the same thing in return. It does not mean that it will give you secret if you trust them.

In the end, one of the essential characteristics is the orientation towards the family, towards the parents, the partner, and the children.

Purpose and Career

These are people born on December 3, and they are adorned with a strong character and they have great creative potentials. They are often oriented towards the technical aspects of a problem and show a tendency towards perfectionism, and this is an attribute that can lead them to greatness but also toward failures of personal nature (they can feel like underachievers).

However, these people also need a high degree of autonomy when doing any work, as we have previously said. And in times when things are not going in the desired directions, in crucial moments in their jobs, these people are retreating into privacy and isolation from the outside world. Their withdrawal in extreme cases can be so great that people from the environment can view them as weird.


As far as their personal development goes, these people who belong to the December 3 are threatened due to complete commitment to their business. If they make a right step towards self-awareness, their work will gain universal human values -this is an aspect that all Sagittarius people would want for their work to have.

Anyone who works with them must keep in mind his individuality and the need for freedom. They are excellently involved in publishing, writing and professional sports. The only thing that matters is everything they accept, bring to the end, they are known for their diligent and dedicated work.

They also have strong religious beliefs, their idea of discipline can lead them to some military call, or they can find a job that they will do with military attitude.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 3 is one of the symbolic rulers of the people who are born on December 3, and this means that this impact points to a people who want to rise to the very top in the field they deal with.

Those who are born on December 3 have this effect in their lives because they are more concerned with the process of their work than by improving their careers. Jupiter is also ruled by the Sagittarius and gives these people an even more expansive and optimistic character. People born December 3 love independence and that is why they feel best when working independently and they are revolutionary souls with all their beings. Their flaws are jealousy and naivety, but they are great optimists.

Also here we have a double impact of the Jupiter planet – this is the planet that points to expansion and growth, it gives them optimism and many amazing attributes. Jupiter, as a planet in a symbolical sense is an indication of high self-esteem, but it can also show the express the extravagance and even anxiety -this is the reason why those born on December 3 can be seen as weird people. In traditional astrology, Jupiter is known as Great Happiness, and you can imagine how many positive attributes this planet brings in its double form.

Their numbers are 3 and 15, and their color is dark beige.

Historical events on December 3

Wars and politics, events that occurred on December 3 are mostly connected to these topics, but somewhere in between, you can see a part of medical history.

1694 – In England, a law was adopted according to which Parliament will be elected every third year.

1910 – In Paris, a neon lamp was invented by French physicist George Claude.

1912 – Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro concluded ceasefire in the First Balkan War. The war continued on September 3, 1913, and the new truce was established on April 23, 1913, when peace negotiations were renewed in London.

1944 – A civil war between the Government, supported by the United Kingdom, and the National Liberation Front, broke out in Athens.

1962 – Edit Spurlock Sampson assumed the position of a judge at the Municipal Court in Chicago, as the first black woman in the US position.

1962 – A heavy mist that covered London over four days caused death by poisoning sulfur dioxide of a large number of people.

1967 – South African philanthropist Christian Barnard at the Grote School Hospital in Cape Town for the first time in the history of medicine performed a heart transplant.

1971 – The Indian-Pakistani war over Kashmir began. The victory of India and the separation of Bangladesh, eastern Pakistan, into a separate state.

1973 – The Pioneer 10 spacecraft sent the first detailed Jupiter images.

1975 – In Laos, the Communists took over and proclaimed the end of the 600-year-old monarchy.

1984 – A catastrophe in the Indian city of Bhopal: The release of deadly gas from the US-based Union Carbide pesticide production plant killed 4,000 residents of the city and hundreds more were hurt.

1989 – After the fall of the Berlin Wall in East Germany, the leader of the Unified Workers’ Party of Germany, Egon Krenz, and all members of the Party Politburo and the Central Committee of the ruling party, has resigned.

1995 – Former President of South Korea Chun Do Hwan was arrested on charges of being responsible for the massacre in the town of Kvangdie in May 1979, when the army killed more than 200 protesters.

1997 – Representatives of 122 countries signed the Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines in the Ottawa capital, Ottawa. Several countries, including the US, have refused to join the agreement.

Famous people born on December 3

Some people describe those who are born on December 3 as people who are incredible artists and amazing human beings but as with the tendency toward self-destruction. For that idea, it is a good idea to take a look into the biographies of all famous people who are born on this day.

1368 – Carlo VI Mad, the French king.

1447 – Bayezid II, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1800 – France Preseren, a Slovenian poet.

1857 -Joseph Conrad, a British prose writer of Polish origin.

1883 – Anton Webern, an Austrian composer.

1884 – Rajendra Prasad, the first President of Independent India.

1922- Sven Nykvist, a Swedish cinematographer.

1924 – John Backus, an American computer scientist.

1930 – Jean-Luc Godard, a French-Swiss film director.

1945 – Bozhidar Dimitrov, a Bulgarian historian and minister.

1948 – John Michael Osbourne, or Ozzy Osbourne, an English singer in the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

1957 – Del Shores, an American screenwriter, director, producer and actor.

1960 – Daryl Hannah, an American actress.

1960- Julianne Moore, an American-British actress.

1968 – Brendan Fraser, a Canadian-American actor.

1970 – Christian Karembeu, a French soccer player and coach.

1973 – Holly Marie Combs, an American actress.

1977 – Adam Małysz, a Polish ski jumper.

1981 – David Villa, a  Spanish soccer player.

1982 -Michael Essien, a Ghanaian footballer.

1985- Amanda Seyfried, an American actress.

1990 – Christian Benteke, a Belgian footballer.

1994 – Lil Baby, an American rapper.

In the end, we must sum up all information that we have in the case of people who are born on December 3 -they are (or can be when circumstances are adequate) manipulative, mysterious, and imaginative human beings. These people do not allow anyone to stand in the way of realising their vision and desires – and ultimately their goal justifies happiness, so these Sagittarius people will use all possible tricks to reach what they want to achieve.

Still, these people do not have significant personal ambitions in the sense that they have to be the best and the first, but their goals are significant, for sure. They are more interested in creative work, families, hobbies, and they never want to exercise power purely for power. These people are also not interested in achieving any significant financial success, and this is not something that persons born on December 3 consider success.