December 28 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In so many of these articles, we speak about the basis of every astrological analysis – it is the natal chart that is calculated based on the birthdate. But, the natal charts also present the position of the planet; and in planets form astrological houses and are forming aspects.

Some planets move much faster than others, and some slower -this could also be seen in the character of the people (zodiac signs that are under that planet).

Although it is said that certain planets rule certain characters, which is essentially the truth, they all have a range of influence on each sign.

But, additionally things become even more complex since we deal with the numerological influence – and today we are focusing our attention on people who are born on December 28, and they belong to Capricorn Zodiac sign.

Personality and character

We owe you a little bit of information about Capricorn Zodiac sign – they are a tenth sign of the Zodiac, and their ruler is the planet Saturn. It belongs to the earthly signs, which means these people are very collegial and good friends, although sometimes they are possessive and prone to jealousy.

Capricorn common traits are of traditional value, and family and home are significant to them. You can always rely on members of this sign because they are reliable and disciplined. Frequent mood swings characterise them.

These people have many of these characteristics – they also have a good mind with a great interest in detail. Many of them are interested in science, and generally, Capricorns are often found in the area of science, rather than in jobs that require creativity and artistic skills. But still, if they are in front of such task, they will do solid work.

Those who are born on December 28 are the people who are very skilled and know details, for example, they can be a chemist or an electrician, maybe even surgeons. No matter what they choose to be, they will do all of their tasks with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

Internally they have kindly nature, and during their lives, these people try to solve some of the puzzles of the universe and the mystery of existence. These Capricorns are very open and honest in communication, maybe not overly spacious, but they are not closed as other Capricorns are.

In everything these people do and think there is a certain degree of seriousness, but they are ready to do what they want regardless of the consequences.

Additionally, people who celebrate their birthdays on December 28 respect justice, and are righteous and appreciate righteousness in others. Unfortunately, they look for the mistakes of others, but they must learn to ignore them and not to become obsessive with others, we all make mistakes. This characteristic can never bring anything good into a relationship between people – no matter how much intentions are honest.

Love Compatibility

Even if by looking at these people born on December 28, you might think that they are rigid and cold, these people can be ultra-sophisticated, flirtatious, charming enough, but they can be clumsy and frightened when they feel deep love.

All representatives of this date strive for a career, but this does not necessarily mean that they put love and marriage in the second place. Love maybe yes, but marriage is not. Marriage represents their ultimate goal – it is a symbol of everything that they have imagined in their mind: status, reputation, and honor. If they can reach it, that means in their heads that they made their lives meaningful.

As they are, in fact, successful or ambitious, they feel that they have not achieved anything unless they add a marital and family dimension in their life. And they are looking for perfect lovers, someone who is lovely, desirable and achievable. After all, for whom to create, to build, and to fulfill the role they have come to this world. Because they do not belong to a relaxed type of partners, good romantic surroundings do not come quickly to them after all.

They have a strong desire for touch, but I cannot achieve it on the way, in passing. She needs a love relationship in which they will feel protected and only then you will be left with passionate embraces and kisses. Although they are passionate lovers, they often suffer from a lack of self-confidence, so they need to be continuously persuaded in their brains and beauty. Sometimes this lack of confidence can make interpersonal communication problematic, and they can struggle in this area – their solution is to turn even more to their careers.

Purpose and Career

People born in Capricorn mostly like to plan everything and what they do not like is a surprise -their business journey is often very calculated into the smallest details. Their distinctive feature is that they are always standing firmly on the ground – they distinguish what is essential and can be done later they make sound decisions, and this is important for every job. You can have at least a glimpse of their character generally in life, but also their work environment.


These people work the best when around them are their faithful circle of friends, but no one would want them for the enemy because they can be very dangerous. They are sure of themselves, they are calm and have a strong will – and believe us when we tell you those who are born on December 28 will find their way to success.

Also, the members of this date are extremely hard-working, often are practical, shrewd, cautious, ambitious and very persistent.

Material safety is critical to them, and they are great when it comes to financial issues because they are economical and rare when they allow some spending.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Those people who belong to the December 28 are the people who are ruled by the Saturn as their natural ruler, and he is responsible for all Capricorn Zodiac signs. And we can see the Sun.

Although the Sun is a star, it is the Provider of Life to all beings on the planet.  It is the planet that stimulates, keeps the ego in control, and throws light on nature and character. So these people feel well in their skin and are confident in their abilities.

Their number is 1- this means that they are determined by the individualism. All things have to be done by themselves, and with time they strengthen and become examples to others. What is usually sought and associated with them are the qualities of courage, will, temperament, and dynamics.

They are always active and cannot stand still. Which way many struggles and obstacles sprinkle their life paths, but they carry in their character everything they need to describe it. In their activities, they can often have happiness. The challenge is what I cannot do without, and that is how their life is.

Their number is 1, and their color is white.

Historical Events on December 28

History lessons are essential for all us; there are significant to be remembered in the present time so that we can go into the future without making the same mistakes.

457- Major was crowned as the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire and recognised by Pope Leo I.

484 – Alaric II inherited his father, Euric, as King of Visigoth.

1065 – The Westminster Palace was consecrated, which was built between 1045 and 1050 upon the order of King Edward of the Confessor.

1768 – Taksin the Great was crowned king of the newly established kingdom of Thonburi.

1836 – Spain recognised the independence of Mexico, which the Spanish conquistadores conquered in 1526, destroying the state of the Aztec.

1846 – Iowa became the 29th United States State.

1869- Williams Semple from Ohio patented the gum.

1879 – In a passenger train ride on the Edinburgh-Dandi line in Scotland, the bridge collapsed, killing 90 people.

1895 – Louis and Auguste Lumière in the Parisian restaurant “Gran Café” organised the first film projection.

1897 – Charles and Emile Pathé founded in Paris “Pate Cinema”, the world’s first film production company. This Parisian company soon managed to dominate the international market for “moving images”.

1908 – In an earthquake that destroyed Messina, the second-largest city on the Italian island of Sicily, more than 82,000 people died.

1942 – Japanese planes in World War II bombed the Indian city of Calcutta.

1943 – After the fierce eight-day urban struggles, the Canadian 1st Infantry Division captured the Italian city of Orton.

1948- During the months of social unrest and violence in Egypt, Prime Minister Mahmoud El Nokrashy Pasha was killed.

1950 – In the Korean War, Chinese troops crossed the 38th parallel.

1962 – In Mozambique, a Portuguese colony in Africa, the Liberation Front of Mozambique, founded under the leadership of the country after a long struggle, gained independence in 1975.

1966 – China made a fifth nuclear test.

1968 – Israeli commandos destroyed 13 Arab planes in an attack on the Beirut airport.

1973 – American President Richard Nixon signed the Law on Endangered Species.

1974 – About 5,200 people died in an earthquake that destroyed villages in the Pakistani coastal region of Karak.

1974 – In Bangladesh, the government introduced a state of emergency in the country that allowed Prime Minister Mujibur Rahman, to have almost unlimited political power.

1981 – The first American “baby from the tube” was born in Norfolk (USA).

1989 – Former First Secretary of the Communist Party Aleksander Dubchek was elected as the president of the Czechoslovak Parliament, returning after two decades to the political scene.

1989 – Lithuania became the first state of the Soviet Union in which a multiparty political system was introduced.

1992 – Inflation in Yugoslavia reached the world record, 19.810.2 per cent for that year.

2001 – The European Union has published a list of organisations that are considered a terrorist, specifying, in particular, the radical Basque separatists, and groups in Northern Ireland and the Middle East.

2007 – The monarchy was abolished in Nepal, which became a federal democratic republic.

2011 – By information that Kurdish fighters cross the border in the Sirnak province, two Turkish F-16s fired open fire on a group of peasants, killing 34 people.

Famous people born on December 28

Some people change their environment, others can change their country, and just a few special among them are able to change the entire world. Couple of them are born on December 28.

1856 – Woodrow Wilson, an American president and politician.

1872 – Pío Baroja y Nessi, a Spanish writer.

1903 – John von Neumann, a Hungarian-American mathematician and scientist.

1908 -Yevgeny Vuchetich, a Russian sculptor.

1922 – Stan Lee, an American comic writer, editor, publisher, producer, television presenter, actor.

1925 – Hildegard Knef, a German actress, singer, poet and writer.

1932 -Juan Manuel Puig Delledonne, an Argentine writer.

1934 – Maggie Smith, an English actress.

1954 – Denzel Washington, an American film actor, director and producer.

1969 – Linus Benedict Torvalds, a Finnish-American programmer or software engineer.

1971 – Sergi Barjuán, a Spanish soccer player.

1972 – Patrick Rafter, an Australian tennis player.

1973- Seth Meyers, an American TV host.

1976- Joe Manganiello, an American actor.

1978- John Legend, an American musician.

1979- Noomi Rapace, a Sweedish actress.

1979 – James Blake, an American tennis player.

1981 – Khalid Boulahrouz, a Dutch footballer.

1985 – Benoît Trémoulinas, a French football player.

There are some general traits that all members of a certain Zodiac sign have, but still, we have to say that human character is so much unpredictable and complex that it is impossible to know what lies beneath. In this, ending part, we will point out on one, a most notable characteristic that all Capricorns have, but it is not the case in the lives of those who are born on December 28.

They can show a certain extent of openness and readiness to communicate with other people honestly, and we must say that this aspect comes as a surprise to all of us, since Capricorns are known for their stiffness and inability to be open.