December 27 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

For Astrology and Astro-numerology, planets, Sun and Moon and their place at the moment you were born, as well as their movements and changes in the Solar system is considered to be the most critical aspect of determining the character and destiny of an individual.

And in fact, planets are those that give astrology its meaning and purpose. At the time you were born, every world of the Sun’s system, like the Moon and Sun, found itself in a particular position.

On top of this, in Astro-numerology we add a few more aspects, and one of them is the symbolism that can be found behind the date numbers.

Today we are focusing our attention on the people who are born on December 27, and who by the Zodiac division belongs to the Capricorn Zodiac sign. Capricorn’s symbol resembles a fish-tailed goat. This symbol reflects their aspiration for the ascent of life, but also its secrecy and the ability to hide from others’ views by immersion in water.

Personality and character

First of all, Capricorns are conceived and memorable people, who are often prone to dark moods but with a sophisticated sense of humor. They are dressed in style and look great in the suit For Capricorn, and it is said that they are like wine: the older, the better. They mature amazingly, and in late ages, they are regularly more content and quality than youth.

It is easiest to recognise them by imaginary, serious and semblance. They tend to be dark, but they have a powerful and venomous sense of humor.

People who belong to December 27 belong to that group of people who are found hard to understand, but once they are recognised for their qualities, they will be appropriately valued. Usually, it seems that they are not appreciated enough, at the world does not see their real value – and this is true having in mind that sometimes these people can hide their true nature and are very cold and distant in communication with others.

There may be some truth in all this, but at the same time, these Capricorns must remember that our natural cruelty makes us think more about ourselves than we deserve. What is the main advice for all those people who are born on December 27 – they need to see their lives and attitude from the perspective of others. Do they need to find out what their role in this world is? Do they have an active, valuable or romantic role?

Love Compatibility

Although seemingly cold and restrained, people who are born on December 27 can have success in love area of life, since their lovers adore their ambition, perseverance and responsibility, so they want to bind them in a long-term relationship.

Since their youth, these Capricorns feel unsafe and in constant fear of refusal or rejection. That is why it is easier for these individuals to conquer a partner who does not cultivate deeper feelings than to get involved with the one to which they are most concerned.

Later in life, but still in their youth, these people born on December 27 usually have many shorter relationships, but when they meet a lover in which they recognise a potential partner with whom they can build a family they are ready to take responsibility and bind. In those moments, their family becomes a priority, and they are prepared to do everything to protect them and provide them with a comfortable life.

Some more in-depth analyses show that people who are born on this day are not too imaginative or romantic, so their partner should not expect the outflows of love and grandiose gestures. They will show affection with loyalty and little attention but will never allow bursting outings of emotions, and they cheer for actions instead of blatant feelings.

In the end, when these people find a partner that impersonates them, who is capable and successful by their stick measurements, but also sufficiently careful, they will remove the cold mask and show a gentle side. A lover that is allowed to approach her reveals a gentle and sensitive soul, who, like all, is craving for love and care.

Purpose and Career

Capricorn is one of the most determined and ambitious signs in Zodiac and this is also applicable for people who are born on December 27, but success does not come either quickly or easily. Instead, they are excellent strategists and reliably advancing with small and thoughtful steps.

Undoubtedly, they have a lot of quality, but they need an expression that is suitable for all those qualities.

These Capricorns, as expected have a sound mind, good memory and fantastic understanding of the facts, which could make them a good scientist.


Since the leadership positions are scarce, these people could be satisfied with doing a specialised job that their superiors do not know much, so they rarely fall into it. They are most capable of motivating himself and regulating, so they do not need someone who would always watch over.

These Capricorns correspond well with jobs with a high degree of autonomy and routine, while he is less fortunate in teamwork and unpredictable circumstances. Strong in logic, analysis, planning and editing -they can find their perfect career in any jobs that are related to these traits.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 9 that is derived from date December 27 is also a part of the group that is called sacred numbers. It is the number of symbolical wisdom and promise – those who have this number in their charts are irreproachable idealists and noble souls who hate all that is low and underprivileged.

Their life paths can be naive, but also in such an approach, they also have happiness, like a child. They tend to fall into distances, heights and depths, and everything that has no end can be their spiritual interest. Often it is also manifested through a life filled with literal travels or the paths of the soul, which give them broad horizons, and these are the most potent philosophers, researchers, and people of high tolerance. The great humanists are incredibly open-minded. They always follow their ideals, and they know how to rise above the problem.

Planetary input comes from the planet Neptune that is here in combination with the “cold” Saturn. Saturn brings the burden in the lives of the people who are born this day, and it is the planet that brings troubles and temptations in life.

On the other hand, in the same combination, we can see one planet that is completely opposite, in some way. Neptune is a planet of imagination, illusion, and deception, and especially self-deception. Since it is sometimes needed for us all to leap into the world of dreams and visions, thus becoming more sensitive, its impact is not entirely negative. But with Saturn, it can lead people who ate born on December 27 into the depths of abuse.

Their color is grey, and their number is 9.

Historical Events on December 27

Charles Darwin was a famous biologist who joined a crew on the Beagle boat and went on a scientific trip around the world. The journey lasted five years. During the trip, he collected many samples from nature including birds, plants and fossils. He had a unique opportunity to study botany, geology and zoology. His journey started on December 27, and this is one of the most important historical that occurred on this day.

1831 – English naturalist Charles Darwin sailed with “Beagle” ship from Plymouth.

1904 – The premiere of the play “Peter Pan” by James Matthews Barrie was held in London.

1927 – One of the leaders of the October Revolution and the first head of Soviet diplomacy, Leo Trotsky, was expelled from the Communist Party since the faction of Josef Stalin won in political conflicts.

1945 – International Monetary Fund was established in Washington, as well as the World Bank.

1945 – Korea was divided by 38th parallel (approximately) to two countries: North and South.

1948 – Hungarian authorities arrested József Mindszenty, a Roman Catholic Cardinal for anti-communist action.

1949 – The Dutch Queen Julian signed a document by which Indonesia gained sovereignty after more than three centuries of Dutch colonial administration.

1956 – The UN fleet began cleaning the Suez Canal, which the Egyptians disavowed during the Suez War, sinking into it a larger number of ships.

1969 – Libya, Sudan and the United Arab Republic, the Union of Egypt and Syria, reached an arrangement on the creation of a military, political and economic alliance.

1972 – Australia suspended military aid to South Vietnam and thus ended its participation in the Vietnam War.

1975 – More than 400 miners were killed in an explosion at a coal mine in Chasnala, in India.

1978 – A constitutional monarchy was introduced in Spain by the new constitution, and Juan Carlos I occupied the head of the state (democracy re-introduced after 40 years).

1979 – Soviet troops captured the presidential palace outside Kabul and killed Afghan President Hafizullah Amin and eliminated his guards.

1985 – In simultaneous attacks by Palestinian terrorists on travelers in front of the Israeli airline’s office. At the airports in Rome and Vienna, 16 people were killed, including, and injured more than 100.

1989 – Egypt and Syria restored full diplomatic relations after 12 years of interruption.

1995 – France completed its fifth in a series of nuclear tests in the South Pacific, which caused convictions around the world.

1996 – The first genocide trial of participants in the massacre of over 800,000 members of Tutsi 1994 began in Rwanda.

1998 – Iraq announced that it did not recognise the zone of the forbidden flight that, after the Gulf War in 1991, the West established above the north and south of that country and began a series of conflicts with US forces.

2000 – Most of the Russians for the personality of the century chose the leader of the October Revolution of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

2000 – China and Cuba in Havana signed a protocol on strengthening military cooperation.

2001 – In the general election in Zambia, the third general election in that country since gaining independence, voters waited for hours to vote.

2007 – Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was killed in a terrorist attack in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Famous people born on December 27

“I am more worthy dead than alive. Do not cry for me when I am gone, cry for me now.”  One of the most respected and famous actresses of golden Hollywood era, as well as the most paid cabaret player in the world, said this – she was born on December 27, can you guess who she is?

1571 – Johannes Kepler, a German astronomer and mathematician.

1822 – Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and biologist.

1896 – Carl Zuckmayer, a German writer.

1901 – Marlene Dietrich, a German-American actress and singer.

1906- Oscar Levant, an American pianist.

1925 –  Michel Piccoli, a French actor.

1934 – Larisa Latynina, a Soviet gymnast.

1940 –  William Cliff, a Belgian poet.

1948 –  Gerard Depardieu, a French actor.

1950 – Roberto Bettega, the Italian soccer player.

1952 – David Knopfler, a British musician.

1962 – Joe Mantello, an American actor and director.

1966 – Eva LaRue, an American actress and model.

1970- Chyna, an American wrestler.

1974- Masi Oka, a Japanese-American actor.

1981- Emilie de Ravin, an Australian actress.

1981-  Javine Hylton, a British singer.

1984 – Gilles Simon, a French tennis player.

1985 – Daiki Itō, a Japanese ski jumper.

1986 – Shelly-En Fraser-Fairy, a Jamaican athlete.

1987-  Lily Cole, a British model.

1988- Hayley Williams, an American singer.

1995- Timothée Chalamet, an American actor.

In the end, we must speak more about the inner nature of these Capricorns born on December 27 – they are those people who are ready to sacrifice for people who they love, and are willing to endure much in the name of love, but only if they are certain that the partner deserves it.

In some way, these people will always insist on faithfulness because they see themselves as loyal, and they are seeking support, emotional and material security.