December 25 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Calendars, time in general and astrology and numerology as sciences that use them have changed together with the development and progress of Western culture in particular. Traditional astrology, formerly highly respected and used, is largely neglected and partly forgotten due to the modern environment and everyday life -we cannot imagine our daily life and routine without knowing what moment it is or what day it is, let alone do not know when is our birthday. We align our lives with dates and time, and this is something that we see as given in modern days.

Astro-numerology as cross-section or hybrid between two sciences provides us with many answers and benefits, and we can use the benefits that it provides and improve the quality of our lives, and all you need to understand is your date of birth.

Today’s article it is reserved for all those Capricorns who are born on December 24.

Even if these people belong to the first decade of the Capricorn rule, they are still affected by the previous Zodiac sign, and in this case, it is Sagittarius.

Personality and character

Let us start by speaking some more about Capricorn Zodiac sign.

Among strangers and in larger societies, Capricorns are generally quiet, serious and those who are looking at the distance and rarely participate in conversations. They do not know if they are accepted, open up, they give brutal remarks and show a strong sense of irony. In a well-known society and front of the like-minded people, among friends, they are mostly cheerful and witty so that someone can misjudge them with comedians even.

People who are born on December 25 have many hidden potentials of the highest rank that they just need to develop to achieve success. These Capricorns have an emotional, naturally strong character, and are possessing a wide range of interests. Of course, you never know will they use them or even know that they have a skill for something.

These people are the happiest when they follow their way of doing things and when are following the inspiration that comes to them, which is often very good. One more good aspect – these people are generally very modest human beings who will never brag about their possessions or qualities, and hate when others do the same thing. These people will stick to being humble, and they rarely are triggered by being worshipped.

In their youth, people who are born on December 25 have a steady temperament, so it is recommended for them to learn to cultivate calmness. Maybe all Capricorns have this touch to them, but only a few show it to the public.

Love Compatibility

When assessing the situation or circumstances in love, these people born on December 25 immediately calculate how those circumstances will affect them, whether they will make a difference or not, will they benefit from that situation or not. Others destinies concern them only to the extent they affect them – they will never enter a relationship with someone just because, they need to have a deeper motive to get involved emotionally with someone.

In some other perspective, people who are born on December 25 belong to the independent group of people. They do not care about others’ opinions and do not try to fit into the majority, once again we will emphasise that they will follow their own path, that truth to be told can be inspired by someone special, or some event.

They are very stubborn when they want to have something in their lives, like the love interest -they can be in love with someone for a long time, but truly in love. In that process, they may even neglect themselves and forgive their lovers some serious flaws.

But as we all know forcing anything in life is wrong, especially when this process is constant in love life, then things take a wrong turn, and no one can enjoy. Sometimes these people will try to force things in love, but they will remember that sometimes it is worth to wait for good things and to wait for the right opportunity to bring achieve their intentions. It is difficult to communicate with these Capricorns, because these people, with rare exceptions, go on partners nerves. At times, they love more to be included in their work, rather than to be in the company of lovers. In those times they look like more on those serious and uninterested people that we mention at the beginning of this article.

Purpose and Career

Capricorns, and among them, people who are born on December 25, are generally people who are convinced that they are experts in a particular area is very rough concerning those who are suspicious or who oppose them in any way.

These people tend to calm the mind and impose the will to even those who are not formally superior – they are natural leaders and people who know things, and they use such powers to change their environment, and the world in general. If they are in a chief position, they often abuse his authority, and some less developed individuals born on this may use this for achieving their agendas.

These people are generally rigid, and this is an aspect that can be seen in their jobs, they are convinced that their views are correct and rarely allow anyone else to know more than them. They are sweeping around topics that are not of interest to them, but they have cemented attitudes about others.


In general, Capricorns maximally correspond to jobs requiring organisational skills, patience and consistency. They usually are not involved in a career of free artists or bohemians, but they are opting for long-term and safe jobs that bring stable and regular income. This is true in most cases, but those Capricorns who are born on December 25 may step away from this rule. They can become precisely this.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 7 comes in this Astro-numerological story as a number in charge, and it gives people who are under its rule a good memory and perception; they are called the gifted.

These people born on December 25 have a propensity to explore and innovate, to be constructive, rebellious, talented, discerning, wacky, unconventional, and original.

Because of the influence of the Saturn and Uranus that can be found in this combination, we can see people who will resist the authorities, who are lonely and incomprehensible, self-sufficient. They are human reformers and philosophers – with many problems in life, both on the family and on the social agenda. Tolerance, measure, compromise and spirituality are not the categories that are beautiful.

Suitable colors for people born on December 25 are turquoise, green and yellow shades, and their numbers are 3, 7 and 25.

Historical Events on December 25

We all know that in the Catholic religion, Christmas is celebrated on December 25, because on that day Jesus Christ was born, and there is much historical evidence to prove such a statement.

This date eventually became the officially recognised date for Christmas because it matched with the pagan festivities celebrating Saturnalia and the winter solstice. The church offered people a Christian alternative and eventually reinterpreted many of their symbols and actions in ways acceptable to Christian faith and practice.

1 – According to the Gregorian calendar, Jesus Christ was born in a stall in Bethlehem.

350 – The Roman Emperor Constantius II in Nais forced the usurper Vetranion to renounce the emperor’s position and then confiscate him on a property in Prussia in Asia Minor.

800 – Pope Leo III in Rome crowned the Frankish ruler Charles the Great for the Holy Roman Emperor, which will be the title of the German and Austrian monarchs until the time of Napoleon I.

1000 – The first Hungarian Christian King Stephen was crowned.

1066 – In Westminster Cathedral in London, Norman Duke William I was crowned as the King of England.

1741 – Swedish physicist Anders Celsius announced a 100-degree scale to measure the temperature.

1745 – A peace treaty was signed in Dresden, ending the war of Austria and Prussia.

1818 – Austria: For the first “Silent Night” was performed.

1876 ​​- Mohammad Ali Jinnah with Gandhi and Nehru fought for the independence of the Indian subcontinent from Great Britain. He later collided with them, seeking a special Muslim state.

1914 – In World War I, an unofficial “Christmas Troop” came into force in the Western Front when British and German soldiers stopped firing, walked out of trenches and met on “no one’s land”.

1926 – Japanese regent, Prince Hirohito, succeeded the throne of Japan after the death of his father, Yoshihito. Hirohito died in 1989.

1932 – British King George V sent the first Christmas message to the nation over the radio.

1932 – An earthquake in Gansu in China killed about 70,000 people.

1941 – The Japanese Army in World War II occupied Hong Kong after 17 days of siege.

1974 – Cyclone almost destroyed the Australian city of Darwin.

1979 – Soviet troops entered Afghanistan, in the first military intervention of the USSR outside the Warsaw Pact, to support the government of Babrak Carmel. In the war, from which he withdrew after ten years, the USSR lost 27,000 soldiers.

1989 – After the bloody revolution, the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu was executed.

1990 – Tim Berners-Lee performed the first successful communication of computers over the Internet.

1991 – Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as President of the USSR and transferred his duties to Boris Yeltsin.

1997 – In Cuba, for the first time after three decades, Christmas was publicly celebrated. President Fidel Castro declared that day a holiday in honor of the Pope, who visited Cuba.

2000 – In a fire in a discotheque in the Chinese town of Luoyang, 311 people died.

2001 – More than 540 people were killed in the fighting between the rebels and the Burundian army when they took a rebel haven in the Tenga forest near the capital Bujumbura.

2003 – In the assassination of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in Rawalpindi, at least 14 passers-by were killed and 46 injured.

2003 – The European probe “Beagle 2” was lost when landing on Mars.

2003 – 138 passengers were killed in a plane crash on a plane in Benin, and 22 people survived.

2004 – NASA’s probe Huygens successfully landed on Saturn’s moon Titan.

Famous people born on December 25

This was the day when according to Christian religion Jesus Christ was born, but many celebrities are born on Christmas day. They all had interesting lives and careers.

1876 ​​- Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a Pakistani statesman, founder and first president of Pakistan.

1899 – Humphrey Bogart, an American film and theater actor.

1908 – Quentin Crisp, an English writer and actor.

1916 – Ahmed Ben Bella, an Algerian politician and statesman.

1918 – Muhammad Anwar Muhammad al-Sadat, an Egyptian statesman, President of Egypt.

1923 – René Girard, a French historian, writer and philosopher.

1924 – Rod Serling, an American television author, creator of the series “Twilight Zone”.

1927 – Ram Narayan, an Indian musician.

1944 – Jair Ventura Filho -Jairzinho, a Brazilian footballer and coach.

1946- Jimmy Buffett, an American musician and songwriter.

1948- Barbara Mandrell, an American singer.

1949 -Sissy Spacek, an American actress.

1954 – Annie Lennox, a Scottish pop singer.

1957- Shane MacGowan, an English-Irish musician.

1968- Helena Christensen, a Danish model.

1971- Justin Trudeau, a Canadian politician and Prime minister.

1971 – Dido Armstrong, an English pop singer.

1976 – Armin van Buuren, a Dutch DJ.

1992 – Ogenyi Onazi, a Nigerian footballer.

Without these people, who are born on December 25 the world would seem a trivial place to live in. These people have the basic seriousness and perseverance for some more significant achievements that have a lasting value.

They are under the Saturn influence, and they are particularly sensitive to its transits, but also all others, especially in important places. Without it, there is no growing up, but ultimately Saturn is the one that builds and forms a character and makes the world a better place for all us.