December 24 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

To make things short and very concrete, so that everyone could understand, we will say that Astro-numerology is the science that, based on a number that is found in the date of birth in combination with Zodiac sign, defines the character and goals of a person. What are the numbers and how to get to them? As you will be able to see, in these articles we deal with this process, and we sum up the date of birth in one number that is integral, and we try to reveal all symbolism that is hidden in numbers.

So all of have this number, and today we are dealing with people who are born on December 24, they are Capricorns in the Zodiac system of signs.

Personality and character

Before we start analysing the nature of the people who are born on December 24, we will introduce Capricorn zodiac sign to whom these humans belong. This earthly sign is known for being reliable and responsible. Everything will be done to make sure that no one is counting on him, and because of a strong sense of responsibility, he often neglects his desires and needs.

Capricorn is magnificently stubborn, but not because of laziness, but because of stiffness -they can be rigid and serious. But the life philosophy that people who are born on December 24 develop in childhood later only builds on and strengthens.

They are different in the sense that they are more reasonable if they face evidence that their attitudes or intentions are not valid. Advice for these people is never to ask from them to acknowledge error, but let them be withdrawn and carry out the changes in silence.

Those who belong to this Zodiac sign value their word, and when promising something, they will do so even if it is the last thing that they will do.

These Capricorns who are born on December 24 are, in fact, naturally clever and invincible, they are marked with good intellect, which they do not use much, although it could bring prominence in the world, so it highly recommended for these people to stimulate this even more.

But, there is one crucial thing that sets these people from other Capricorns is that they do not like any limitations in life and they naturally have an independent spirit, so others should not influence them.

These people born on December 24 have a great interest and compassion for humankind, which can make them fighters for socialistic reforms that will change the world we live in.

Also, and this is one of their amazing traits -these people see well in everyone, and most of the time they are optimistic, unlike so many other Capricorn people.

Love Compatibility

These people, besides their amazing qualities, are all about fears and insecurities in life; and we must say that the spectrum of their fears begins with a fear of misery and addiction to the people who they love, so they are most afraid of emotional risks and insecure future investments. They will never invest any action in something they do not know well or carry the prospect of losing. I fact, these people would like to be safe all the time, but this is not possible of course. They hate to be limited and to be secure in some relationships they need to be limited, at least to a certain extent.

Although they can communicate politely and communicatively, these Capricorns born on December 24 maintain an official distance for most of the people for a long time. Instead, they open up and feel uncomfortable when someone is questioned about their private lives. Some of them, therefore, seems very cold and inaccessible, but deep inside they would love to be loved, and feel like they deserve that kind of love, but sometimes they are insecure and do not know how to grasp it.

The affair for people who are born on December 24 is like a business project. They truly believe that time is money, but that’s why they never make hasty decisions in love, for example, they will never hurry to enter a love relationship.

To increase the prospects for obtaining a positive response from sympathy, they carefully prepare and try to find out as much as imaginable about that potential lover – especially their interests and tastes in various fields of life. Some Capricorn, and this is also true for those who are born on December 24, are preparing for encounters with potential backup lovers- better be safe, than sorry is their motto.

Purpose and Career

These humans born on December 24 could be a good lecturer or instructor if they direct their skills in this direction. They can also sway as a writer of serious, life, and human-related topics. The main advice for these human beings is that they need to learn to take their abilities and skills seriously and to ask from other respect, and it will be a blessing and a sure way to success.

As far as their work goes, people who are born on December 24 do not like even when someone in their environment takes some risk because they fear that this could be adversely affected by their situation. But there is one more aspect of their personality that we need to describe with one example so that you can understand.


The executive director of a company born on this day will have no problem, after they are, for example, introduced to the results of an extremely bad business year, they will never blame themselves. And this is not a question of selfishness, Capricorns in general, and these people also believe that they must be adequately rewarded for their hard work. The greater satisfaction with the one because of a well-done job, they only have a fat bank account and financial security.

In some extreme cases, and the lives of less developed individuals money and other assets are at the first place for people who are born on December 24 most of their lives. Avoiding poverty and addiction to others is one of their goals. Although they are much less interested in luxury than security, their materialism often turns into stubbornness and greed.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 6 is the number of God, and this is the number that is in charge of all people who are born on December 24; it is the symbol of harmony and truth. So, those who are under the impact of this number require from their environment to respond to their willingness to change the world with the truth and wisdom.

Planetary impact belongs to planet Venus, in combination with planet Saturn. First, planet Saturn is slow, unique, somewhat cool, but beautiful with its rings that achieve the necessary distance.

This is the planet of wisdom and the great teacher, and those who belong to it have all these characteristics. It is not easy to fight with them because they always seek effort, renunciation, restraint, effort and intransigence, but ultimately without them, there is no maturity in combination with planet Venus that is the planet that brings the synergy of senses, the enthusiasm of pleasure, and the emotional states that cause comfort – so these people are between coldness and extreme warmth.

Their color is the color of earth, warm brown, and their numbers are 6 and 55.

Historical Events on December 24

Can you guess which famous book was proclaimed as the book of the century o this day?

640 – John IV was elected as Pope.

1294 – Benedetto Caetani became Pope under the name Bonifatius VIII.

1777 – English sailor James Cook discovered the island of Kiritimati in the central Pacific.

1814 – The United States and Great Britain signed peace in Ghent, Belgium, ending the war that started in 1812.

1865 – In the city of Pulaski in the US State of Tennessee, the racist organisation of the white “Ku Klux Klan” was founded.

1871 – Premiere of Verdi’s opera “Aida” was held in Cairo.

1914 – A German plane threw a bomb on Dover in World War I, which was the first air strike in the history of the United Kingdom.

1914 – Christmas truce began in World War I.

1924 – Albania became a republic.

1942 – A successful experiment on the new ground-to-earth rocket “FZG76”, later known as “Fau 1”, was carried out in the Peenemunde field on the German experimental ground.

1943 – US General Dwight Eisenhower in World War II was appointed as the Commander of the Supreme Staff of Allied Expeditionary Forces to invade occupied France.

1951 – Libya was established from the former Italian colonies Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan.

1954 – Laos became independent.

1979 – The first European space rocket “Ariane” started its journey.

1989 – Panama’s deputy Prime Minister, General Manuel Noriega, flew in front of US occupying troops into the Vatican diplomatic mission in Panama City and sought political asylum.

1994 – Islamic terrorists killed two people during the abduction of a French passenger plane in Algeria and took 239 hostages.

1995 – In the parliamentary elections in Turkey, the Islamic Prosperity Party won the highest number of votes, which was the first election victory of Islamists in Turkey’s 72-year history.

1997 – Islamic fundamentalists killed 59 civilians in Algeria in two separate attacks.

1999 – “Little Prince”, the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was proclaimed as the book of the century in France.

2000 – During a four-day riot in Turkey, 28 people were killed.

Famous people born on December 24

Howard Hughes and Ava Gardner are two famous names that make the golden times of Hollywood what it was, and they also share their birthdays. When you look at their biographies, these people had their fair share of controversy, but their work is amazing and still relevant.

1166 – John Without Land, the King of England 1199-1216.

1740 – Anders Johan Lexell, a Finnish astronomer and scientist.

1761 – Selim III, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1812 – Karl Eduard Zachariae, a German war expert.

1818 – James Prescott Joule, a British physicist.

1822 –  Charles Hermite, a French mathematician.

1837 – Elizabeth, an Austrian Empress and Hungarian Queen.

1838 – John Morley, a British writer and politician.

1845 – Fernand Cormon, a French artist.

1845 – George I from Greece, the King of Greece 1863-1913.

1861 – Rudolf Arborelius, a Swedish architect.

1868 – Emanuel Lasker, a German chess player and mathematician.

1875 –  Otto Ender, an Austrian politician.

1884 – Carl-Harald, a Swedish actor.

1887 – Eva Sachtleben, a Swedish actress.

1905 – Howard Hughes, an American producer.

1906 – Joseph Höffner, a German Cardinal.

1910 – Fritz Leiber, an American writer.

1914 – Herbert Reinecker, a German writer.

1914 – Dorothy Hyson, an American actress.

1917 – Kim Jong Suk, a Korean politician.

1922 – Ava Lavinia Gardner, an American film actress.

1925 –  Karl-Erik Stark, a Swedish actor.

1929 – Mary Higgins Clark, an American writer.

1931 – Mauricio Kagel, an Argentine composer.

1931 – Jill Bennett, an American actor.

1933 – Eva Engström, a Swedish actress and writer.

1945 – Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, an English rock musician.

1945 – Nicholas Meyer, an American writer, director and producer.

1957 – Ian Burden, an English musician.

1963 – Mary Ramsey, an American musician.

1971 – Ricky Martin, a Puerto Rican pop singer.

1972 – Richard Dutruel, a French footballer.

1974 – Marcelo Salas, a Chilean footballer.

1983 – Irina Krush, an American chess player.

1991 –  Louis Tomlinson, a British singer of the band One Direction.

1992 –  Michel Babatunde, a Nigerian footballer.

In the end, as a conclusion let us speak some more about the good traits that these people born on December 24 are adorned.

They are emphasised by far-sightedness, strategic thinking and persistence in every action they get involved in; they may be tempted to be angry about the situation, but will retire the right moves and give useful advice when needed. They will control emotions so as not to spread panic, count to ten, and take action – slowly and surely.