December 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Even if we can say that Astro-numerology is one enhanced science that makes numerology even better, we must speak some more about numerology in a sense that deals with numbers and in these articles we are talking about dates that are created from numbers.

So, numerology is the science of numbers – the basis of this science is the possibility to define the character of a particular person. This is just a basis that is even more developed to the critical aims that a person wants to accomplish in life, and then provides an insight into the abilities, affinities or qualities that a person maintains in the form of his basic virtues or defects.

It is well known that number science has been treated as a kind of skill since ancient times, analytical method of using numbers in predicting important life events. Many people are intrigued by the meaning of numbers that can be found in their birthdates.

Over time, several theories or methods have been formed to calculate birth numbers, but we found that combining numerical symbolism with the ruling Zodiac sign for that day is the best analyses that can be found.

Today, we are focusing on Capricorn Zodiac sign, since on December 22 the Capricorn rule starts. Now, since this is the first day of Capricorn rule, we feel like it is mandatory for us to speak a few more words about this Zodiac sign that has an entirely different character than the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

General characteristics of this sign show that people who belong to this Zodiac sign find very hard to waste time. The symbol that portrays it looks like a big, twisted horn of a goat -this shows their strength and stubbornness. This is probably because of the ambitious Capricorn, in his pursuit of success and realising business ventures, is like this buzzing faith in many mountains.

These people who are born on December 22 have many of these characteristics, but not all.

Personality and character

People who are born on December 22 are overly insatiable and insulted by other people, and are prone to get offended quickly; you need to be careful with them in every way, so you need to be careful when communicating with them.

But more importantly, these people must learn the process of caring and how to properly pay attention to other things rather their own attitude and view in life. But we must say that these people belong to the Capricorn Zodiac sign, and they are known for their worry and care about their actions in life.

The most important lesson that these people should learn is to eliminate fear and fight the obstacles that are in front of them since their lives are very intense.

Also, they must learn to rely more on themselves because trust in their own powers encourages the confidence of others in them. Fear is their biggest enemy that weakens both the mind that plans and the hands they carry out.

These people who are born on December 22 like comfort, and when they are somewhere where comfort zone is out of their reach, they are eager to return to their warm home.

Love Compatibility

People who belong to the first day of the Capricorn rule are people who like to tempt challenges and are pushing things in the right direction; if they fail they are prone to punishing themselves for failures.

In love, these Capricorns have one strategy – never lie, because these people do not have any tricks when it comes to love. And their lovers should never expect any tricks from them when it comes for love. Even if these people are interested in you, too often they take on the position of a tough teacher who is trying to fool someone.

One more thing is very important here – their partners should never tempt the patience and endurance of people who are born on December 22 to see if you really meet the requirements to be together. They are all about tests, and they will put their potential lovers on some many tests to see a reaction. If the case you are caught in a response that they do not act appropriately (in the eyes of these Capricorns), you should not start a quarrel, or make big trouble about it.

For these people, the most critical aspect is to see how much you would support them in personal and business ambitions.


Purpose and Career

So, when we are mention business ambitions, Capricorns are known for their ambition and their tendency to work vigorously to make their business dreams true. They will work hard, and they expect the results, if they do not have them, they feel bad and blame themselves, but deep inside they are prone to blame, at least partially other people.

So these Capricorns are very ambitious and determined, so they need a job that provides the opportunity for real success. If their jobs require to form them to take responsibility for almost everything, and they feel exceptional when are responsible for some task.

You will never see them late or slacking, they are very hard working, and in many cases, they start working when they are very very young. In those times they usually study and work at the same time, and even if they feel like things are going sour, they will still do it, until they reach their desired goal.

Also, these people have excellent budget skills and can save because to feel secure, those who are born on December 22 must have a large amount of money.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Numeral four is the number that is responsible for these people in a symbolical way, and this number signifies the four sides of the world (east, west, north, south), four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), four elements (water, fire, earth, air). This means that these people have every characteristic that makes the world in their lives.

Planetary influence comes from Uranus. This makes people who are born on December 22 generally quite heavy, tend to pessimism, and they are never completely satisfied. Stubborn, persistent, too serious, have the need for planning, and accuracy is the most important of them. They are very precise, so it’s best to deal with work that requires concentration and patience. In love, they are led by reason, and they have an important sense of security in a partner.

Number 22 is also significant in the realm of numerology and carries a special symbolism that needs to be examined. It carries interesting symbolism that covers many interesting things in life, and it is the number that belongs to people with special energies and amazing opportunities in life.

Their numbers are 22, 4 and 34, and their matching color is brown.

Historical Events on December 22

You probably wonder are these historical events have something special to them, in a sense that number 22 signifies extraordinary events. Read and find out more.

640 – Saracens took Alexandria, two years after the invasion of Egypt.

1790 – Under the command of Alexander Suvorov Russian troops from the Turkish army took over the city of Izmail, an important port in the Danube Delta.

1894 – French artillery captain Alfred Dreyfus was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was falsely accused that he was selling military secrets to the Germans. Under the pressure of public opinion, he was rehabilitated in 1906.

1917 – In the Brest-Litovsk in the World War I peace negotiations between Axis and the new Russian government began, established by the October Revolution. The forces of Antanta did not accept Russia’s invitation to participate in these negotiations.

1942 – US bombers attacked the capital of Burma Rangoon, who occupied the Japanese during World War II.

1956 – The last British and French soldiers left the port city of Port Said after the end of the Suez War.

1968 – North Korea, after 11 months of captivity, released 82 crew members of the USS-made Pueblo ship.

1975 – After a twenty-hour siege of the OPEC headquarters in Vienna, Palestinian hostages with hostages fled the plane, which was given to them by the Austrian Government, towards the Middle East.

1980 – The war began to emerge between Iraq and Iran.

1986 – Mike Tyson won the WBC title after defeating Trevor Berbick with a technical knockout in the second round and became the record holder as the youngest boxer who won heavyweight titles in WBC, WBA and IBF versions at 20 years old.

1988 – South Africa, Cuba and Angola in the United Nations signed an agreement to give Namibia, the last colony in Africa, independence.

1989 – In fear of the rebellious people, Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elen escaped helicopter from Bucharest, ending his 24-year dictatorial rule. The couple was caught and three days later shot.

1990 – Lech Walensa, the leader of the trade union movement “Solidarity”, became the Polish President after the election victory.

1993 – Alina Fernández Revuelta, the daughter of President Cuba Fidel Castro, left Cuba and got political asylum in the United States.

1994 – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resigned because of corruption charges after he came to the head of a conservative coalition government, 53rd since World War II.

1996 – Guards of the Peruvian left-wing movement “Tupac Amaru” released 225 hostages in the Japanese Embassy in Lima and held 140.

2000 – The World Health Organization warned of the possibility of spreading the disease of “crazy cows” outside of Europe.

2001 – CopyCat (CC), the first cloned cat, was “born” at the Texas A & M University in the United States.

2004 – Sexual and antihomosexual (homophobic) speech was prohibited in France by law.

Famous people born on December 22

There is virtually not a single person born on December 22 who did not make an amazing career and success in life

244 – Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletian, a Roman emperor.

1639 – Jean Rasin, a French poet and drama writer.

1702 – Jean-Étienne Liotard, a Swiss artist.

1723 – Karl Friedrich Abel, a German composer.

1838 – Richter Vogt von Koch, a Swedish writer.

1839 – Béni Kállay, a Hungarian and an Austro-Hungarian politician.

1848 – Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, German philologist.

1856 -Frank Kellogg, US Minister of Foreign Affairs 1925-1929, Nobel Prize winner 1929.

1858 – Giacomo Puccini, an Italian composer.

1866 – Käthe Paulus, the first German parachute jumper.

1872 – Georg Blomstedt, a Swedish actor.

1874 -Franz Schmidt, a German composer.

1876 ​​- Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, an Italian poet.

1878 – Knut Frankman, a Swedish actor.

1887 –  Srinivasa Ramanujan, an Indian mathematician.

1897 – Max Hansen, a Danish actor and composer.

1899 – Gustav Gründgens, a Swedish actor and director.

1905 – Pierre Brasseur, a French actress.

1907 – Peggy Ashcroft, a British actress.

1911 – Wiola Brunius, a Swedish actress.

1912 –  Lady Bird Johnson, a wife of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

1924 – Marianne Stjernqvist, a Swedish actress

1926 – Alcides Ghiggia, an Uruguayan and Italian footballer.

1945 –  Diane Sawyer, an American journalist.

1948 – Nicolae Timofti, a Moldovan president.

1949 -Maurice Gibb, a British singer, The Bee Gees.

1949 – Robin Gibb, a British singer, The Bee Gees.

1957 – Anders Eklund, a Swedish boxer.

1962 -Ralph Fiennes, an English actor.

1963 –  Giuseppe Bergomi, an Italian soccer player.

1968 – Richey James Edwards, a British musician.

1969 -Mats Lilienberg, a Swedish footballer.

1972 –  Vanessa Paradis, a French singer.

1984 – Born Basshunter, a Swedish musician.

Capricorn is serious, thoughtful, ambitious, challenging to succeed in later years- many people who are born on the first day of Capricorn rule are like this. They are persistent and have a strong will; they are wise, spiritual, uncertain, but also a materialist.

They get everything they want to dedicate, and the only obstacle on that road is they, they can sabotage their own lives. This often occurs when these people lose faith in their powers. They do not seek confession for — they like to control feelings and will rarely show them to the public.