December 21 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

One of the most important features of everyone’s horoscope is the aspect of love (and we believe that most of you would agree), all of us want to know what will future bring to us, what will be our love future, and will we have a fortune in our love lives. This is something that all of us find essential, but we don’t know how to get there.

So, if we accept that in love, as in war, there are strategies and goals, warriors and victims, attack and defense, battles and losses, and then we should not be bothered by the tricks used by lovers to conquer somebody or keep the interest of the loved one.

In this process, we could use all that our Zodiac sign can offer, along with the information that birthdate numbers. But, of course, every zodiac sign has its own ways and methods to achieve goals, and here and how to behave accordingly, so as not to become victims.

Today we are helping all those who are born on December 21, and one more important aspect we should mention here – they belong to the last day of Sagittarius rule. This practically means that these people have some Sagittarius characteristics, but they are also getting closer to the Capricorn Zodiac sign, and they have some of their traits, maybe not in some great magnitude, but they have it.

Personality and character

Originality is one of the strongest of the -character of these people who are born on December 21, both in thought and in actions and deeds – they like to do things in their own way, manner and pace, and there is nothing that can stop them. They are very different from other people that are in their environment, in the sense that they always have new ideas, new plans that they want to make real. These people like to outsmart other people, but they do not mean to hurt others with their obsession, they just like to be winners and people who gain the most out of their opportunities.

These people who are born in the end day of Sagittarius rule are evaluating things, and others cannot influence them much. But in that evaluating process, they are worrying too much, which brings them depressive conditions, as well as physical pain. This state of not carrying must take its toll, but we do not mean that they are not carrying, but they rarely listen to others advice.

These people are open and strong, but always a little immature. They were tolerant and not malicious. In relationships with people, they are open and honest, but never too much does not bind anybody.

They have high standards in everything, and those who belong to December 21 want nothing but the best for themselves. People who associate with this type of Sagittarius, for whatever reason, always respect them – so their way is often the best indeed.

Love Compatibility

Do not think that people who belong to December 21 will be tired of figuring out the tricks to fall in love with them, and they prove such attitude by showing their potential lovers that they are not irreplaceable and that there are more fish in the sea, to speak metaphorically.

So, if by some chance something goes wrong, they should be the first who will walk away. Their behavior in love resembles the game (not intentionally, of course), and those who are born on this day will leave the impression that they adhere to a plan in order to bring you closer to them. The fact is that these people sometimes want to go out with the best partners, instead of their current lovers, but they do not do it intentionally.

Their nature is merely social, and as you know, all Sagittarius people want to be free in love and life in general. When these people tell you that they do not want to bind to their lovers, they feel like they are saying you directly about their intentions. But know that this is just another game and that they want to get even closer.

So, from one point of view these people who are born on December 21 are sentimental and passionate, and as lovers, they have so much to give, but from the other side of the story, they are not the people who will bind unconditionally, because they won’t. They can be dominant lovers and are not everyone’s taste as lovers; they show uniqueness in the love area as well.

Purpose and Career

As far as their work is in question, they have confidence in any venture they put their hands on, and they have a lot of interest in the affairs of the state, but not from the perspective of the politicians as far as the economists and socialists – they like to change society, and are always more focused on general issues rather than on individual matters.

If they are writing or speaking publicly, it would be just about these topics and from this point of view. As many Sagittariuses, they are inclined to be mystical, but are inclined to be gullible – do not believe too much. Decide to manage destiny instead of having it administered by them. In the end, they have a good character but have to work more on their inner powers. And those powers that are potent and in some cases unique can be enhanced to the maximum, and used for gaining success, power or money (or all of it).

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Symbolically numeral three that can be found in this date signifies the father, son and spirit, and it is the number that shows the union of the first two numbers. It is also said that this numeral connects the past, the present, the future. It is the number of potential and growth.

Planetary speaking here we encounter the double influence of the planet Jupiter. So, as the reflection on a character of the people who are born on December 21, it shows that they are adaptable humans who are penetrating to achieve their goals, invest a lot of effort in their actions, can achieve great results and become highly respected members of the community. Work best in the field of creativity or public activities.


On the emotional plane, they must not feel impudent, value their freedom, and at any moment are ready to go.

Their numbers are 3 and 24, and their color is beige.

Historical Events on December 21

Every discovery scientific and every other means so much for the human race and one such event occurred on December 21, among many wars and peace agreements.

69- Vespasian accepted for the Roman emperor, ending the political crisis initiated by the removal of Nero when he was 68 years old.

1124 – Lamberto Scannabecchi becomes Pope under the name Honorius II.

1781 – Austrian Emperor Josef II recognised the freedom of religion with the Edict of Tolerance and seized the position of the state church as a Catholic church.

1898 – Marie Curie and Pierre Curie find the radium.

1937 – The premiere of the Walt Disney movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, was held in Hollywood.

1948 – The law on the constitution of the Republic of Ireland was signed. Ireland declared 1949 full independence from Great Britain and withdrew from the Commonwealth.

1958 – General Charles de Gaulle was elected President of France.

1968 – Apollo 8 mission was launch from the Kennedy Space Center, which took its crew for the first time in the Moon’s orbit.

1972 – East and West Germany signed a treaty on good neighborly relations and established diplomatic ties, formally ending hostilities that lasted more than two decades. This is an open way for the international recognition of East Germany.

1973 – The first peace conference dedicated to Israel and its Arab neighbors was opened in Geneva. Jordan, Israel, Egypt, USA, the USSR and the United Nations took part in the conference.

1979 – A peace treaty was signed in the United Kingdom, ending a seven-year guerrilla war in Rhodesia and a 15-year rebellion against the British crown.

1988 – “Pan Am” aeroplane that flew from London to New York exploded above the Scottish town of Lockerbie. All 259 people were killed in an accident in the “boeing 747” and 11 on the ground. Libya was later accused of being responsible for this terrorist act.

1993 – Russian President Boris Yeltsin disbanded the Ministry of Security, the former KGB because he did not warn him promptly about the dangerous developments in the country and said that the institution that has intimidated citizens for decades has been unable to reform.

2001 – Argentine President Fernando de la Rua resigned after fierce clashes between demonstrators and police in the biggest social unrest in the history of Argentina, and the Peronist opposition refused to support him

2007 – 9 new countries implemented the Schengen Agreement for Land Borders. These are the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Famous people born on December 21

The end of Sagittarius rule clearly make some very interesting personal characters. Read all about famous people who belong to this group.

1118 – Thomas Becket, a Canterbury Archbishop.

1401 – Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Simone, an Italian painter.

1804 – Benjamin Disraeli, a British politician and writer.

1815 – Thomas Couture, a French artist.

1853 – Maria Clara Isolde Kurz, a German writer.

1878 – Jan Lukasiewicz, a Polish logician and philosopher.

1890 – Hermann Joseph Muller, an American geneticist and Nobel laureate.

1892 – Dame Cicely Isabel Fairfield, a British writer.

1892 – Walter Hagen, an American athlete.

1896 – Konstantin Rokossovsky, a Soviet Marshal.

1912 – Brita Appelgren, a Swedish actress.

1914 – Gunnar Lundén-Welden, a Swedish composer.

1917 – Heinrich Theodor Böll, a German writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 1972.

1918 – Kurt Waldheim, an Austrian politician, and president of Austria.

1919 -Ove Sprogøe, a Danish actor.

1920 – Alicia Alonso, a Cuban ballerina.

1921 – Britta Holmberg, a Swedish actress.

1930 – Kalevi Sorsa, a Finnish politician.

1935 – John G. Avildsen, an American director and producer.

1937 –  Jane Fonda, an American actress.

1940 – Frank Zappa, an American composer, musician and singer.

1941 – Ingrid Dahlberg, Swedish director and producer.

1942 – Hu Jintao, a President of China.

1943 – Lena Bergman, a Swedish actress.

1943 – Marvin John Nance, an American actor.

1946 – Carl Wilson, an American musician, member of The Beach Boys.

1947 – Paco de Lucia, a Spanish guitarist.

1948 – Samuel Leroy Jackson, an American actor.

1948 – Anneli Martini, a Swedish actress.

1948 – Carol Potter, an American actress.

1954 – Chris Evert, an American tennis player.

1955 – Jane Kaczmarek, an American actress.

1957 – Raymond Albert Romano, an American actor.

1959 -Florence Delorez Griffith–Joyner, an American athlete.

1963 – Govinda Ahuja, an Indian actor and politician.

1966- Kiefer Sutherland, a Canadian actor.

1969 – Julie Delpy, a French actress.

1970 – Stefan Lövgren, a Swedish handball player.

1977- Emmanuel Macron, a French politician and French President.

1980 – Ricardo Melo, a Brazilian tennis player.

In the end, we must mention that these people have many flaws – they can take foolish risks. Besides, they will rarely learn anything from their own mistakes. They do not have a head created for money, and always exaggerate with expenditures, but they will have chances in life to win some cash especially since these people adore gambling.

Many people who are born on December 21 are defenceless and hasty, so they also get their mouth shut. They know they carelessly hurt others when they are cunning or honest at the wrong time. They tend not to keep promises, but not because they want to hurt someone, but because they will never acknowledge that they made a mistake. They do not stick firmly to their plans and often jump from one job to another. They can be very undisciplined, and they are wasting their energy to the stupid things, and instead, these people would advance their powers to the highest altitudes.