December 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

To make matters as simple as they can ever be – stars (Astrology) can give us an amazing insight into our character and life potential, but it can also give us the advice on how to behave in life so that we can acquire the most out of it.

But the Universe has given us one more “source” of help and that source is one number, in particular, a birthdate number that all people have, but just a few know more about it.

So, in addition to the position of a star that astrology explains, and which affects us at the time of our birth, the date of birth also speaks of us and our actions. Are you determined, brave, generous, sensual, cold or intelligent?

You can find out which traits are hidden behind the date of your birth, and today we are looking into date December 20, and we are wondering, are these people have something in common with their ruling Zodiac sign, Sagittarius, since they are born in the ending Sagittarius rule?

Personality and Character

The ninth sign of the Zodiac system is Sagittarius and the last sign of the fall. His graphic symbol is a centaur, a mythological creature whose head is human and the body, or lower part of the body is a horse with the bow and arrow.

Because of this double influence, his inspiration will be sometimes spiritual, and occasionally material. It is the fiery sign, and this means that Sagittarius takes on quite a different dimension; it is not a hot flame that flames, but before an internal fire that enlightens. We suggest that you look at all Astro-numerological analyses of Sagittarius people, and you will be able to see this inner light.

The temperament of those who are born on December 20 is often difficult to understand because it is full of contradictions. These people too often do not perceive themselves and their actions, so they cannot expect from others to understand them, but this should not be an alert sign for all those who want to be near these Sagittarius people.

These human beings are very sensitive, and although they do not like it to be visible, they often disguise it with astonishment; it hurts others, and it’s not what these Sagittarius had really in mind. It is just one of the paradoxes in the nature of the people who are born on December 20, so they often give other people the reason to get the wrong impression about their personality; although they are aware of this fact, they cannot change it anyway.

What is the main advice for humans who are born on December 20 is that they are advised to cultivate more calmness and stop hurrying and worrying, especially concerning things that could happen, and never do.

Also, it is recommended for them to cultivate more honesty and directness toward other people so that they can show their true qualities. People who are born on December 20 should don’t be ashamed to seek advice from others; it’s no shame to know, but it’s a shame to be stubborn and pretend to know things they do not know.

Love Compatibility

Sagittarius people to whom people who celebrate their birthdays belong are carefree, indifferent and unconventional in love, and they are particularly attracted to strangers and intriguing and mysterious people. They cannot resist the call of an unknown, wild, adventurous, especially in their youth. They do not want to tie in any way, and panic escapes from everything that represents the finality.

Although, in general, Sagittarius people know how to love, those who are born on December 20 are hiding it, and do not get enough love in return – love should be a two-way street.

So, they should learn to express better what is inside them, or at least to learn how to recognise their feelings appropriately. Knowing this “process”, they can enter more mature relations in life and maybe have some solid and sustainable relationship.

They are persons who are well accepted in the environment in which they live, their families and friends love them, and partners in them like the fact that they are brave and humorous, and in every occasion, they radiate indescribable warmth and love.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on December 20 have interests that can lead them to science, especially mathematics, and these people find creativity even inexact science, which is rare; they are competent in managing finances and can become successful bankers, or excellent accountants.

So, this is just one aspect of their work personality, to say it in that way; but in these interesting people there is much more, and they are blessed (at least some representatives of this date) with some artistic talents. They have a creative soul and can have brilliant results in jobs where they express creativity and artistic talent, whatever that can be – music, acting, writing or painting. You can find people who are born on December 20 involved in painting, music, and fashion design or as a web designer.


They are interested in everything related to foreign and remote countries are attracted by law and legislation, religion and philosophy.

People who belong to December 20 express their sporting spirit and love for animals and nature, like to organise competitions, tournaments and train and train others.

In work relations these Sagittariuses born on December 20 are kind, and this is one of the reasons they succeed in their careers.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 20 is a part of this date, and by numerical symbolism, it is the number that shows the tendency towards changes; it is the number that, by some analyses points to a switch. Subsequently, these people are full of initiative and very ambitious, inclined to innovating their environment. They can also tilt to spiritual life — their life will often surprise them providing them many unforeseen situations.

Another influence comes from the numeral 2 – it is the numerical symbol for duality in people’s nature, and the tendency toward partnership and sensitive emotions that are difficult to cope.

Planetary impact comes from the Moon – it is the symbol of multiple things that is very important, it is the symbolical soul and the carrier of genetic records, it can also reveal family relations. Jupiter, a planet that is ruler for all Sagittarius people is considered a planet of happiness, culture and philosophy. Jupiter is a tolerant and expansive planet, and it gives such a character; it seeks insight through knowledge and wisdom. It gives adventurous nature, and master Jupiter, the largest planet that embodies authority, power, justice and generosity, and brings an abundance of optimism and happy occasions.

Matching colors for people born on December 20 are sky blue and pearl white. Their numbers are 22 and 42.

Historical Events on December 20

Roman times are remembered in the history as times when civilisation thrived, but wars and political intrigues were part of everyday life. December 20 was important for some Roman Emperors.

69 – An army loyal to the Roman military commander Vespasian entered Rome and defeated Emperor Vitellius.

1192 – Austrian Duke Leopold V has captured English King Richard the Lionheart during his return to England after making Peace with Saladin.

1483 – The first book was printed in Sweden, called “Dialogus creaturarum”.

1522 – Suleiman the Magnificent, in the siege of Rhodes, accepted the surrender of the remaining Knights of Rhodes, and he allows them to evacuate.

1582 – The Gregorian calendar was accepted in France.

1712 – In the Battle of Gadebusch, Sweden defeated Denmark.

1857 – By the decision of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, the construction of the Vienna Ring began, with the intention of a planned expansion of the city at the site of old fortifications and city walls.

1860 – South Carolina became the first federal state to try to leave the United States.

1902 – Marie Curie-Sklodowska for the first time separated radium chloride from uranium oxide.

1907 – 91 miners were killed from an explosion at Yolanda, Alabama.

1912 – The peace conference of Turkey and the Balkan countries began in London, after the victory of the Balkan allies and the conquest of almost all Turkish possessions in Europe.

1915 – The last troops were evacuated from Gallipoli.

1917 – The first Soviet secret police was founded, and it was called Tjeka.

1924 – Adolf Hitler was released after serving one year in prison (sentenced to five years).

1945 – Karl Renner was elected the first president of the Austrian Second Republic.

1951 – The first experimental nuclear power plant that produces electricity began operating in Idaho.

1960 – Front National Liberation of South Vietnam, the communist political wing of anti-American guerrilla forces, Vietnamkong was established.

1970 – Polish Chief of Staff Wladyslaw Gomulka resigned from office.

1971 – Pakistani President Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan resigned after defeating Pakistani troops in a war with India in eastern Pakistan and handed over power to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

1986 – In the biggest demonstrations since the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in China, over 30,000 students protested in Shanghai seeking democratic freedoms.

1987- In the toughest peacetime sea accident, the collision of the Philippine ferry “Dona Paz” and one tanker, only 11 people survived of the 4,397 passengers and crew members.  “Dona Paz” was registered for the transport of no more than 1,500 people.

1989 – The United States began an invasion of Panama with 12,000 troops, joined by so many US soldiers stationed in Panama.

1990 – Head of Soviet diplomacy Eduard Shevardnadze, a key figure in the Soviet reforms that led to the end of the Cold War, resigned.

1995 – The American Boeing 757 aircraft with 164 passengers and crew members, flying from Miami to the Columbia city of Cali, collapsed in the mountains of southwestern Colombia. Four people and one dog survived the accident.

1998 – A Nigerian-American woman gave birth to eight babies, which was the first such known case. The smallest baby died seven days later.

1999 – The High Court in Vermont makes a ruling, giving the homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual married couples.

1999 – Portugal returned Macau to China.

2001 – The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution to send the International Security Assistance Force to Afghanistan under the command of the United Kingdom.

Famous people born on December 20

Among famous people who are born on December 20, there are those who belong to royal families, who are inventors and politicians, social activists and actors.

1537 – John III, the Swedish King.

1676 – Leonard of Port Maurice, an Italian saint.

1792 – Nicolas Toussaint Charlet, a French artist.

1876 ​​- Walter Sydney Adams, an American astronomer.

1893 – Charlotte Bühler, an Austrian psychologist.

1894 – Sir Robert Menzies, an Australian politician and statesman.

1898 –  Irena Dunne, an American actress.

1901 – Robert Van de Graaff, an American physicist and inventor.

1902 – Prince George, the Duke of Kent, member of the British royal family.

1926 – Otto Graf Lambsdorff, a German politician.

1930 – Margaret Meyerson, a Swedish actress and singer.

1932 – Christina Lundquist, a Swedish actress.

1938 -Jayawantiben Mehta, an Indian politician.

1939 – Kathryn Joosten, an American actress.

1946 – Uri Geller, an Israeli illusionist.

1946 – Aíto García Reneses, a Spanish basketball coach.

1947 – Gigliola Cinquetti, an Italian singer.

1978 – Jacqueline Saburido, a Venezuelan activist.

1978 – Geremi Sorele Njitap Fotso, a Cameroon footballer.

1980 – Ashley Cole, an English footballer.

1980 – Martin Demichelis, an Argentine footballer.

1981 -Julien Benneteau, a French tennis player.

1983 – Lamine Diarra, a Senegalese footballer.

1983- Jonah Hill, an American actor.

1983- Lara Stone, a Dutch model.

Rejoice in your life and try to enjoy it as much as they can -they know how to be weak on life’s temptations and lose sight of your goal – this could be a mantra that those who are born on December 20 should say over and over again.

Open attitude, honesty and coping with emotions whatever they can be, in a mature way is also one of the ways these people can grow.