December 2 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

To look deeply into the world of numerology, we can say that it is the science about numerology that can be used successfully to unveil human traits, talents, and predispositions. It is the method that can help us better understand ourselves and make the best use of our abilities, develop unrecognised and achieve happiness.

As you were able to see, all numbers (1-9) have their equivalents in planets, but also geometric structures, or music notes, even colors. One number does not explain all the characteristics of a person.

Several segments of personality and aspects of life can be seen through the birthdate number – and today that date is December 2. They belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign, and one thing that we can say about them is that all Sagittarius people are endowed with considerable intelligence.

They are best in solving challenges in the exact things. These requirements, which are the law for them throughout their lives, are ready to respond. If there are no challenges, do not worry – those born on December 2 will surely find them!

Personality and Character

Those who are born on December 2 are considered to be brave and love the thrills of various kinds, as many Sagittarius do; and more importantly, they are able to help others to find the best they have. They are not persons are not those who are want to live in an environment where there is only peace and passivity – they need activity and energy to function well.

These people love the hustle and bustle of city life, which seems to stimulate their minds even to work more. Everything these people want to achieve in life and that goal must be done by themselves, but they need to work even harder to materialise that.

These human beings who are born on December 2 often see life as a fight from which they must come out as winners, and no other scenario is possible. However, these individuals are usually not struggling for personal gain but trying to defend some human values, of course, in the way they understand them – this does not have to be the majority of opinions.

One characteristic that is also prominent in their lives is the moment when they think that they acted immorally or unacceptably, they can enter a stage of depression, and feeling guilt often seems to be the dominant topic in their lives.

Love Compatibility

Love is an eternal mystery for many Sagittarius people, and therefore, these people born on December 2 see love as a reward for which they are aspiring and as the most valuable treasure that life hides. Often are afraid of intimacy, and for many representatives of this date love often flourish from friendship and life companion is usually her best friend. And when it comes to friendships, if you want to expand aspects and resolve prejudice, a friend born on this day will best help you.

But, apart from being a master in conducting intellectual and educational conversations, these people are also known as the biggest jokers in a company, they are not afraid to play a joke on their own account if they will entertain and laugh friends. And in their lives, there is no doubt that friendship is love, their friends are from all spheres of life, of different nationalities and religions and different cultures.

Those born on December 2 have many friends and know how to build an atmosphere in a society where important issues are topics, and where everyone has their own place. They have a lot of friends, hearty people with whom they share a love for adrenaline.

Persons born on December 2 have an extraordinary spirit, and it is something that others find incredibly attractive, and these Sagittarius people are wanted as lovers. Regardless of what kind of physical connection there can be, between their lovers and them, these human beings have an impact on their environment much greater than what could be expected after the first encounter with them.

In times when these people have to choose their lovers, we have to say that they rarely make mistakes – they can evaluate others thoroughly. On the one hand, in this assessment, these individuals are fair judges who highly value honesty and integrity in lovers, but on the other hand, they are prone to violate those they deem to be dishonest and dishonest harshly. So, for those who try to hurt those born on December 2, who try to lie or hide something from them, it can turn out to be catastrophic, since they never forget and forgive.

Purpose and Career

In some work-related issues, these people who are born on December 2 are geniuses and can be inventors. Sometimes they are cruel or insensitive to someone else’s suffering, which they should overcome, as fast as they can, and they should make sure to get more disciplined and then a great future is ahead of them.

Undoubtedly, they have superb talents, also tact and diplomacy – if they choose one of these professions, they have to follow their highest ideals, and will have a prosperous and happy life. These people born on December 2 have considerable energy, and in the broad field of their interests, they are trying to confirm. They think quickly and quickly react.

People born on December 2 have a strong character, but such a character is hugely problematic for others, especially in the work environment. And one thing needs to be mastered that they are not able to blindly follow someone, but they can be pointed to other people who are influential.


In the end, if we take a look at the purpose of the life of these people, we could say that there is a kind of divinity – a life filled with deep convictions and boldness.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Numeral 2 can be found in this date, and for those who are born on December 2, this means that they can be good associates and advisors rather than leaders.  Number 2 affect people in a way that they have their inner peace, and they do not need to be in a peaceful environment; they hate when they are ordered.

Whenever a chance arises, they will show their most valuable features: imagination and creativity. They are the dreamers, and when things do not develop in the way that suits them, these people who are born on December 2 are angry and unhappy.

Moon gives the symbolical influence to these people, but it can also act as an obstacle in the individual initiative and act and produce frustrations. Besides, the Moon can give a certain passivity, but when combined with the influence of Jupiter, which is an integral ruler for all Sagittarius people, it can suggest a tendency to protection and generosity.

Their numbers are 2 and 14, and their color is cream.

Historical events on December 2

The second day of December proves that this date became to be crucial for certain wars and battles, but also on this day through history some meaningful researchers occurred.

1254 – King of Sicily, Manfred defeated won the battle and retained his kingdom.

1804 – Pope Pius VII in Paris crowned Napoleon Bonaparte for the Emperor of France.

1805 – Napoleon in the Battle of Austerlitz, known as the “Battle of Three Kings”, with 75,000 soldiers defeated the Russian and Austrian army, which lost 70,000 of the 95,000 people.

1823 – US President James Monroe in the US Congress published the document, Monroe’s doctrine, proclaiming the US isolationist policy.

1848 – Austrian Emperor Ferdinand I abdicated in favor of Franz Josef I

1852 – In France, Second Empire was proclaimed by Charles Luy Napoleon III Bonaparte.

1859 – The death penalty was imposed by hanging over John Brown, an American fighter for the abolition of black slavery, which led to an intensification of the struggle between an abolitionist and a slave in the eve of the American Civil War.

1901 – American inventor King Kemp Gillett patented the first knife with a double blade.

1942 – At the University of Chicago, where nuclear physicists led by Enrique Fermi worked on a secret atomic bomb project, the first-time demonstration of nuclear fission was demonstrated.

1950 – By the decision of the United Nations, the former Italian colony of Eritrea became part of Ethiopia as an autonomous region.

1954 – The US Senate accused Senator Joseph McCarthy of his brutal behavior during the trial against thousands of people suspected of being Communists.

1956 – Fidel Castro, with a smaller group of Cuban revolutionaries, landed in Cuba and began a battle that ended with the demise of the dictatorial Batista regime.

1971 – The Soviet spaceship without a human crew “Mars III” started its journey to Mars.

1971 – Of the six emirates in the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah), the United Arab Emirates federation was founded. In February 1972, Ras al-Kajma joined the Federation.

1972 – At least 50 people were killed in a fire that broke out during a music festival in the South Korean capital of Seoul.

1982 – Surgeon William de Vries at the University of Utah in the US city of Salt Lake City applied the first artificial heart of polyurethane. Patient, retired dentist Barney Clark lived with that heart for 112 days.

1990 – After the unification of Germany, the right centre-right coalition, with Helmut Kohl, won a convincing victory in the first elections since 1932.

1993 – During an attempted arrest, Colombian police killed the chief of the cocaine cartoon Pablo Escobar.

1994 – A Philippine ferry with more than 600 passengers sank in the Gulf of Manila after a collision with a freight ship. 140 people died.

2001 – The most significant energy company in the United States, Enron Corporation, filed a complaint with the New York Court for the protection against bankruptcy. It was the largest bankruptcy in US records and caused a significant blow to the financial market.

Famous people born on December 2

We must say that when we look at the biographies of famous people who are born on December 2, that their lives carry enormous success but also significant tragedies.

1859 – Georges Seurat, a French painter.

1885 – George Richards Minot, an American doctor and Nobel laureate.

1923 – Maria Callas, an American opera singer of Greek descent.

1932 – Sergio Bonelli, an Italian comic writer and publisher.

1946 – Giovanni “Gianni” Versace, an Italian fashion designer.

1948 – Antonin Panenka, a Czech soccer player.

1954 – Dan Butler, an American actor.

1968 – Lucy Alexis Liu, an American actress.

1971 – Francesco Toldo, an Italian soccer player.

1973 – Monika Seles, a Yugoslavian-American tennis player.

1973 – Jan Ullrich, a German cyclist.

1978 – Nelly Furtado, a Canadian singer of Portuguese origin.

1981 – Britney Jean Spears, an American pop singer.

1983 – Aaron Rodgers, an American footballer.

1991 -Charlie Puth, an American singer.

Their life is an open book, and they do not like closed, diplomatic moves – what they have to say to you, they will say it in your face, and above all, they hate when people are dishonest, this is something that they will never forgive.

Among them, we usually meet at least two types of people: one is sudden, wild and violent and represents the negativity in their character, while others are calmer and mild – but all types have magnetic energy. All of them are suffocating when they are unable to be free and independent, and freedom is what they mainly need and are ready to fight for it. They were born fighters on all occasions, and they are never giving up on the goals they have achieved. At every opportunity, they try to expand their knowledge, which they then use for further development.

For people born on December 2, the greatest challenge is to develop their individualism in the right direction that will bring benefit to many people, to find and then to embark on their spiritual path.