December 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

When it comes to the Zodiac signs, almost all of us know that this is the mark that shows us the general characteristics we carry, but also intrinsic values, and our character in general (how it evolved through the years). This can be seen as our hidden ego, but also a birthdate number can show the importance of our life.

The combination of the Zodiac sign and birthdate number determines the individual character and can point to the symbolical aspect of planets that represents the beginning of our long journey in the new life.

Even further, a birthdate number shows how a person acts on the outside and how he is shown to others or what he would like to be – that is why he is dominant in our youth. As a person is more mature and becomes more self-aware during his or her lifetime, and if it listens to the information that numbers give, more potential can be open, that person can learn how birthdate number affects personal happiness, business opportunities and love relationships, among other interpersonal relations.

Today we are talking to all Sagittarius people who are born on December 17.

Personality and Character

The most prominent feature of the people who are born in Sagittarius Zodiac sign is the unwavering optimism. Impulsive and bright spirit is their characteristic, these people continuously have some goal that they are trying to achieve, and they do not seem to be tired even when they are old since they are blessed with youthful. Take it as a given – people who celebrate their birthdays on December 17 have all of these traits, and more.

Sometimes, humans who are born on December 17 are too impulsive, and cannot tolerate someone to oppose their plans, which they firmly believe are right – they can be dictators to their closest people, to family members, they can, in particular, be strict with their children.

These people are both sensitive and serious, even a bit cold when approaching those who do not know you well enough to “break” this reservation. This shell only hides their inner qualities, and even more, not showing emotions are the first meeting, does not prove anything.

These Sagittariuses are inclined to force things instead of letting them go with their natural currents; though, all of their lives these people must remember that this is not always wise. And as you will be able to see for yourself, this can turn out to be disastrous in interpersonal relations, especially in their relationships with children.

These people tend to be overly dominant with their children, or parents; they are prone to suffocating their freedom, will desperately clinging to their own, and later in life, they can feel quilt that can be strong, that it could cause them serious problems, making them complete opposites of their happy and optimist nature.

Love Compatibility

One aspect and area in life where these human beings need to pay special attention is love – and if you paid attention in the previous section we spoke about these people and their tendency to push some things, and never let them go with the flow, which is mandatory in love, in order to work.

These people who are born on December 17 must know that love is a thing that cannot be forced, but must naturally develop so it can be the real deal.

Although you are reliable partners, they must learn to be more specific in statements and requirements from their partners, and this is absolutely a necessary step so that these people remain excited about love. But there is one more aspect here – they can act naturally in love, and even if such matters happen fast in their lives, but they should act better on balancing their temperament.

But in some cases, there is a riot in love, and divorces are common among the representatives of this date, but not as much in general Sagittarius population. These people are quick, even recklessly engaging in relationships. Feelings are always strong, but unstable, but when they are permanently connected to their partners, they can become dedicated.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on December 17 have a lot of self-confidence and faith in their ability to do things, to be right, and there is no doubt that they are very hard-working people who have a fantastic work ethic, but sometimes they are too confident, and they take more than they can chew.

They are inclined to start big ventures that cannot complete entirely, and for these people, it is highly recommended to never worry about the details or the little things of life, but more to “shooting” high and hoping for the best – this scenario will turn out to be the best for their success. Not surprising, those who are born on December 17 like travelling, but their job will rarely be involved in such ventures, they will do some more local employment.

People who are born on December 17, belong to Sagittarius Zodiac sign tend to rise on a social scale, by working hard. They want righteousness and fearlessness to represent their attitudes, and can find their perfect careers in the realm of law).


Owing to their diligence, they often become managers, and have among many things, a talent for languages makes them good writers. Some of them, as you will be able to see later in their article can become one of a kind musicians that can really give something new to the music.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Those who belong to Sagittarius Zodiac sign and who are born on December 17 are symbolical number 8, and it is the number initiates the awareness of the power and the connection of the material and spiritual world. It is the number that teaches people generosity: to be useful to himself and others; it is the numeral that points to perpetual energy that can be pointed to the one direction. To efficiently use their inner strength in the material world, they can learn how spiritual laws and rules lead to material success.

These people can learn all about being in business to use and apply success without greed, immorality, selfishness, and lust. Planetary symbolism comes from the planet Saturn that is in combination with planet Jupiter that is the natural ruler for all Sagittarius humans.

When Saturn and Jupiter point to a favorable position in someone’s life, they can point to a pearl of wisdom, sense of justice and injustice, security, honor, love of justice, independence, longevity, glory, authority, leadership and organisation are brought on the map. Saturn is the planet’s limitations, and Jupiter points to expansion, so there could be problems in the development of their personality. When in a disadvantageous position it can give symbolism that brings obstacles, delays, humiliation, hostility, bad karma and imprisonment.

Their color is royal blue, and their numbers are 4, 8 and 29.

Historical Events on December 17

As you were able to see in the previous part where we deal with the symbolism of the date December 17, this date is inseparably connected to the planet Saturn, and first historical event on this list proves this connection.

497 B.C – Temple at the Roman Forum is dedicated to the god Saturn; The anniversary of this event is marked as Saturnalia.

1531 – According to the order of Pope Clement VII, the Inquisition was established in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

1538 – Pope Paul III of the Roman Catholic Church ruled out English King Henry VIII, who had previously been proclaimed chief of the Anglican Church.

1583 – The Ernest Bavarian Army defeated the Gebhard von Waldenburg army in the Siege of Godesberg in the Cologne War.

1903 – Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright performed their first successful flight in the history of aviation.

1908 – After the victory of the Young Turk Revolution, the first session of the Parliament of the Ottoman Empire was held.

1926 – In a coup in Lithuania, the army was thrown out by democratically elected President Kazys Grinius and put in place by Antanas Smetona.

1939 – German Battalion “Admiral Graf von Spé” sank in the La Plata Bay near Montevideo in World War II, which was previously damaged in the battle with British cruisers.

1948 – In an attempt to regain power in Indonesia, which proclaimed independence in 1945, the Netherlands invaded Indonesia, its troops infiltrated the capital of Jakarta and arrested President Sukarno in other Indonesian leaders.

1960 – Soldiers loyal to Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie have suppressed the coup attempt that began on December 13th.

1973 – Arab extremists killed 32 people at Rome’s airport when they threw a bomb on a Pan American plane and took out the terminal building from a machine gun

1983 – 83 people died in a discotheque in Madrid.

1983 – The Provisional Irish Republican Army detonated a car bomb in front of the Harrods department store in London, killing six people and injuring another 90.

1985 – Uganda’s military government and guerrilla guards signed a peace treaty dividing power and ending a nearly five-year civil war.

1989 – A massive demonstration against the dictatorial regime of Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania erupted in Romania, killing about 1,000 people.

1989 – The first episode of the popular American animated TV series Simpson was aired.

1990- In the first democratic elections in Haiti, populist priest Jean Bertrand Aristide was elected president.

1996 – Rebels of the Peruvian Left Guerrilla Movement “Tupac Amaru” seized a Japanese Embassy in Lima, threatening to kill 490 hostages if the Peruvian authorities do not release 300 members of their movement from the prison.

1999 – German, US and Eastern European officials concluded a historic agreement on compensation for forced labor during Nazi Germany, 54 years after the World War II.

2000 – A conference on a new program for the protection of rights of actors and their work in the movie and TV industry, music videos and the Internet was held in Geneva, attended by delegates from around 90 countries.

2001- Armed commanders set fire to the National Palace in Haiti, in Port-au-Prince, and killed two police officers and two passers-by before the police succeeded in taking over the building.

Famous people born on December 17

We will start this section with the quote of one renowned representative of this date, in which you can reveal their character. “Oh, people, you think I’m mean, stubborn or misanthropic, how do you sin against me! You do not know why I’m doing it. Since childhood, my mind and heart have been prone to tender feelings and goodwill. I have lived in hope for years that I will be better, but I am finally forced to face a permanent disease that needs years of healing or cure impossible.

1493 – Paracelsus-Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, a Swiss alchemist, physicist, and astrologer.

1619 -Prince Rupert of the Rhine, a German military leader.

1749 – Domenico Cimarosa, an Italian composer.

1770 – Ludwig van Beethoven, a German composer, the master of improvisation and virtuoso on the piano.

1778 – Humphry Davy, an English chemist.

1873 – Ford Madox Ford, an English writer.

1903 – Erskine Caldwell, an American writer.

1936 – Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio), the 266th leader of the Catholic Church.

1946- Eugene Levy, a Canadian actor.

1953- Bill Pullman, an American actor.

1974- Giovanni Ribisi, an American actor.

1974- Sarah Paulson, an American actress.

1975- Milla Jovovich, an American actress.

1977- Arnaud Clément Jeux, a French tennis player.

1978 – Manny Pacquiao, a Philippine boxer and politician.

1982 – Yann Ulrich Stéphane Lasme, a Gabonese basketball player.

1986- Fatima Siad,  a Somali-Ethiopian model.

Let us speak some more about people who belong to date December 17 – most of them hurt themselves with their unreasonable openness and sincerity. They can be their worse enemies, and they are people who can hurt people who are close to them, by being too difficult and directorial.

These people love sports, nature, travel, drag them far away like to drive away and win new life horizons. Indeed, they often feel great liberation when they find a task, job, occupation where they are the best.