December 13 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astro-numerology can show us what that force that drives us, but also what blocks us, all that is contained in the birthdate number is.

These are our needs and habits, that is the number through which vibration receives the world around us, but it also explains how the world is experiencing us.

It cannot be said for everyone that every person has a characteristic of the representative of a certain number. A man is born and teaches on his and others’ experiences, he has ups and downs, and it is, therefore, normal to conclude that, for example, one unit will become recognisable in its characteristics only in mature years.

Today we are focusing our observation on the people who are born on December 13 – along with the Zodiac sign, Sagittarius.

Personality and Character

Freedom, first of all, friendship along with social security are often used words to describe people who are born on December 13.  At first glance, as all Sagittarius people, these people are also prone to change every 5 minutes, but what others do not see is their emotional endurance and constant conscientiousness that give them a motivation to create and go very fighting through life.

In some way these people are lovers of life, they love friends and people in general, and are looking forward to positive changes that they hope will occur in their lives. They are focused on trying something new all the time and are always trying to be real (although this is not visible at first impression when you meet them).

It is difficult for these persons to stand in one place for a long time because this is a date (number 13) that can in some way give the troubled combination of persons who have to have changes regularly, to work on their skills and abilities, and above all to make a lasting impression on others.

However, they are very communicative and inclined to start three jobs at once, maybe not finishing even one. Specifically, these interesting human beings are not afraid of anything and have one great characteristic – they know a lot more about others (then others can ever know about them); they know that they feel, deep in their hearts when something needs to be done, and have a different circle of friends than others, their environment and general attitude are somewhat different than expected.

Love Compatibility

Those who are born on December 13 are particularly prone to various emotional situations after long periods when nothing interesting in love happens, and in their emotional life, everything happens something “overnight.” These people, as lovers, show an extraordinary eloquence, childish behavior and charm, but all of this can make them utterly irresistible and incredibly attractive to their potential partners.

As far as love in concern they have a lot of opportunities and relationships before it binds to that one perfect lover, the man/women of their dreams, but it takes some time before they can reach this security and comfort, the stronger and motivated emotional choice. Finding that one true love, for those who are born on December 13 can mean only one – it is a person who can help them unwind their intuitive abilities, like tendency to write poetry, for example, that person can be their inspiration. And we must say that that person can hurt them, but it remains relevant for them, even if it is a person that causes them pain.

Although these people are not possessive, they can be, if by any chance they are provoked, or their lover is hiding something from them. Then, they can show the line of ruthlessness and the feeling that they want to punish partners.

In the end, it is not unusual for these remarkable Sagittarius human beings to experience double positions in the field of emotions, but one thing is common for all of their love connections, affairs and marriages – they all start in unexpected places and surprisingly.

Purpose and Career

Some representative of this date can be poetic, but their nature is very serious, and many of them are amazing in sharing “messages” to the audience so that they can work in the area of public and motivational speaking.

These people who are born on December 13 have a lot of interest in all those practical problems that are affecting human life, and their purpose is in a way turned to the area of assisting people, whatever that might be. They are not set so much to the reality of the scientific issues and scientific research in some way, but it is connected more to the problems of a human heart, they love to learn about human nature, which is the largest of all sciences.

If these Sagittarius people try, they could write poetry, but to be adequately inspired for they need to find peace in their lives, where they can sum up, all that is happening to them and transforming those experiences in words that will have beauty and meaning. This is not common and easy having in mind that these people are very active and not so romantic.

But, there is one thing that is perfectly clear here in this case – people who belong to this date love learning so they can become good teachers or instructors to young or inexperienced people.


It should be mentioned that they have an innate preference for occultism and mystery so that you can be seriously interested in ancient magic and discoveries about ancient cultures, so for one smaller group archaeology could be a good choice of career.

These people also like to collect things and can be a good historian if they have enough time to surrender to this somewhat “boring” science.

At the same time, they are practical and sometimes aggressive in their work environment. However, the temperament of those who belong to December 13 can be considered highly balanced.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

The first thing that can be noticed when we look at the date December 13 is that it has somewhat interesting symbolic, in a sense that number 13 can be controversial in some way, and it certainly carries some form of unique energy, that is ultimately reflected on people who are born on December 13.

Another number that has symbolical influence here is numeral 4 – so those who are born under the rule of this number are perceived by others as a serious and trustworthy person. In crises, they are the one who retains a sense of belonging and helps others. They keep a very active life and are always busy with some business. They are efficient and rational in your thoughts.

Planetary impact comes from the planet Jupiter, a natural ruler for all Sagittarius Zodiac sign people, and this implies that it brings happiness and happy circumstances, and it continually pushes for further research and growth. Uranus is the other planet that can be found in this date, and it is the planet that brings symbolism of discoveries, progress, construction, originality and science.

In a negative aspect it is ruining, violent, breaking traditionally and in the broadest sense, it is responsible for catastrophes. In short – it makes a deviation from the usual one, so those who belong to December 13 are seen as one of a kind, for some weird for others amazing.

Their number is 13, and their color is deep purple and bright orange.

Historical Events on December 13

A few questions arise when we look at the historical events on December 13. Are events that occur on this date unfortunate or they have something special to them?

1545 – The Trident Council, convened in May 1542 by Pope Paul III, started its work of the Ecumenical Council, in which the status of the Catholic Church was built as dogmatic, counter-reform, militant institutions with pope-autocrat on the forehead, with interruptions 1563.

1570 – By signing the Peace in Denmark recognised the independence of Sweden.

1642 – Dutch sailor Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand but escaped from the fear of the natives, and the credit for the discovery came from English James Cook, who landed in 1769 on one of New Zealand’s islands.

1921 – The United States, Great Britain, France and Japan signed the Washington Treaty on mutual respect for island property in the Pacific.

1937 – Japanese troops occupied the Chinese city of Nanjing, and in the next six weeks they lost about 200,000 Chinese, mostly civilians, and bloodshed went into history as Nanjing rape.

1937 – The state Indonesian news agency Antara was established.

1939 – British ship Exeter, Ajax and Achilles at the First Great Naval Battle in the World War II seriously damaged and disarmed the German Battalion at the La Plata Bay in the Atlantic Ocean.

1944 – A Japanese explosion-filled airplane, piloted by a suicide bomber, hit the US Nashville cruiser in the World War II and killed 133 crew members.

1967 – The military junta in Greece was prevented, and King Constantine, was forced to leave Greece, escaped with his family in Rome.

1981 – General Wojciech Jaruzelski announced the state of war in Poland, prohibited the work of the independent trade union “Solidarity”, and thousands of union activists were detained.

1982 – In the earthquake in North Yemen, in the province of Dhamar, hundreds of miles to the southeast of the capital, Sana, 3,000 people were killed.

1988 – The protocol of Angola, Cuba and South Africa was signed in Congo, with the mediation of the USSR and the United States, which opened the path to the independence of Namibia and the end of the civil war in Angola, which began in 1975.

1991 – The former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have decided to join the Commonwealth of Independent States.

1996 – Kofi Annan was elected Secretary General of the United Nations. With the performance of this duty began on January 1, 1997.

2000 – Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Cuba for the first visit of one Russian statesman to Cuba, since the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

2001 – 13 people were killed in a suicide attack on a building of the Indian Parliament in New Delhi.

2002 – At the Copenhagen summit, the European Union decided to expand the Union for ten states: Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus and Malta.

2003 – Not far from the Iraqi city of Tikrit, Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi president, was arrested.

Famous people born on December 13

One famous actor and Oscar winner is born on this day, as well as one of the most prominent female pop stars of a new generation are born on December 13, can you guess who they are?

1521 – Pope Sixtus V, a Roman Catholic Pope.

1553 – Henry IV, French king.

1640 – Robert Plot, an English naturalist.

1662 – Francesco Bianchini, an Italian philosopher and scientist.

1678 – Yongzheng Emperor, a Chinese Emperor.

1797 – Heinrich Heine, a German writer and the greatest lyricist of German romanticism.

1816 – Werner von Siemens, a German electrical technician and inventor.

1887 – George Pólya, a Hungarian mathematician.

1925 – Richard Wayne “Dick” Van Dyke, an American actor, comedian, writer and producer.

1967 – Jamie Foxx, an American actor, singer and comedian.

1969 – Tony Curran, a Scottish actor.

1969 – Sergei Fedorov, a Russian hockey player.

1970 – Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, an Austrian mountaineer.

1972 – Niki Evans, an English singer.

1978 –  Kaspars Kambala, a Latvian basketball player.

1982 – Dominik Werling, a German soccer player.

1984 – Santi Cazorla, a Spanish footballer.

1989 – Taylor Swift, an American singer.

To speak some more about people who are born on December 13, we must speak in a more poetic language, since it can be their given language. They are very attractive, noble, generous and human people, who can be seen as a force in critical situations, especially in business, where they can be inclined to strong visions.

Above all these Sagittarius people have mental interest and sharpness for everything that surrounds their lives, but who are often impatient and impulsive.