December 11 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In times when we are dealing with mater of metaphysical or esoteric sciences we should all have one thing on our minds, these are science that is based on a feeling, and you should never be overly intellectual so that we do not entirely abandon our hearts. You need your heart so that you can understand what numbers have to tell you, and what symbolism it hides.

So Astro-numerologists should put all their hearts, souls, and intellect into the consideration of human destiny, to help, both man and individual, to aspire to progress and lasting happiness. And even if this may seem to you a goal that is far away or hardly achievable, believe us that everything is possible if you look and listen to the stars, and numbers.

So, today we are helping people who are born on December 11 to get to know their personality and potential and to progress, by achieving lasting happiness. They have one interesting thing in their birthdate, a numeral 11, that is very special, as we will explain later in the article, and they belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign. They are fiery signs, and fire is vital energy, the source of all activity, of all life. Hardness, communication, energy and vitality, warmth and enthusiasm – such are the qualities of fire and those who are born on this day.

People in this sign show nature that is affirmative, independent, brave and resourceful. Dispositions born in this sign are oriented towards pride, trust, courage, courage. Their spirit is conquering and eager to order more than listen. They are often aggressive, arrogant; seeking confrontations and believing only in themselves; they are unbelievable if look from the outside (all probably thanks to their date number 11).

They are always in great desires and insuperable aspirations. They, unlike so many other people, can mature with their own will – the power of positive thinking can be seen in the case of their lives. Such people create their destiny or at least have this feeling – only they have to listen to it.

Personality and Character

They are resistant to troubles in some ways, they are truly lucky, and their lives will be pointed to the balance in every way – we can even say that the pillars of their lives make consistency and stability. Some seem at first glance a bit arrogant (like all Sagittarius people), but in fact, they are full of healthy self-esteem because of which emotionally weaker people experience them. They have a strong strength of will and are distinguished by their strong courage – they will point these abilities to the development and progress.

People of December 11 are those people who will provide you with the constructive conversation or shoulder cry on, and they are great in giving advice, they are powerful and trouble-free when they encounter some life impediment. They are capable of solving problems, both their own and others’. They are determined and committed to achieving their goals.

They are very social persons and like to be among people, but they cannot escape their inner need to be alone, far away from other people, but they are able to make the best out of being in solitude.

Members of this fiery sign born on December 12 are endowed with life’s wisdom, which makes them easy to talk to people of all ages and attitudes. In spite of this, the advices they give to others rarely apply to themselves, and they have an absolute lack of respect for others’ opinions. Their main lesson of the people b is the rebuilding of one’s own ego and the conquest of the instincts in which he himself knows that they are bad.

Love Compatibility

December 11 points to people who are trying to recognise hidden dangers in love and most often do not easily fall into the traps of life, but they do not always succeed in such endeavours – these Sagittariuses are often advisable and ambitious in life, and they want people who will be their perfect match.

There is no doubt that these people are straightforward in communication with potential lovers, and the most important thing is that they expect correctness in contact from the other side, with their partners.

So, this is especially correct on the loving plan, and they expect the right person, they choose love to communicate with them correctly and fair and to never exhibit directorial and suppressive behavior.

On their surroundings, they can leave the impression of the loving existence, but also they are people who can never hide intense impatience. This impatience can lead them to love failures, in moments when they cannot wait for that perfect moment to happen; and they hurry up to receive all that they have wished for.

And what is that that these humans want when it comes to the love relations? They want true love, compatible partners who will follow them and above all someone who will respect their independence and strength in character.

Purpose and Career

People born on December 11 should have a good business mind, and even further they are very economical – sometimes too much, they can become overwhelmed by saving money and interesting.

They should learn to enjoy their earnings.  It’s hard to find anyone who’s born this day and who have no money, even if these people are not rich, they will always have their savings. This implies that they can find a good career in any financial work and area of banking or even consulting.


These people are talented for art and music, so could perfect their skills, if they dedicate themselves to learning. This is very important, and all those who are born on this day, should read these lines carefully – learning should never stop for them, it has to be the continuum in which their progress can be seen.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius often points to people who are firmly committed to the realisation of their life plans and who are willing to invest more effort, energy and work to achieve their wishes.

These people like to have enough independence in their actions and do not want them when someone grossly deprives them of freedom and narrows them the opportunity to improve the quality of life or to advance knowledge and skills further.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Numerologically, two as the symbols stands in this date – and those who have this numeral in their Astro – numerological chart are characterised through their productive interaction with others.

These humans have a strong sense of fairness and can keep things in balance with relationships with other people. The critical words for born in this number are cooperation, meditation, respect for others, partnership and flexibility.

Another number that also provides a certain impact is numeral 11 – we can see good vibrations that are associated with spirituality. These are all characteristics for people born under the numerological number of eleven. These people are full of recognition, and will also be very happy to share their knowledge with you. As a member of this number, they are predestined to function at a higher spiritual level.

Persons born on December 11 tend to be very interesting with many things that they can offer to people around them. They are visionaries, very intuitive, idealistic and extremely cultural. Full of interest, with a highly developed friendly life, these people born on December 11 are great auditors with whom you will have many topics to talk about.

Planetary impact comes from the Moon (that is connected to the numeral 2) and Jupiter that is integral ruler for all Sagittarius people. This connection gives strong emotions that have certain passivity, more than expected for those who are Sagittarius people, who are consider to be fast and furious in every aspect of their lives.

Their matching numerals are 2 and 11, and their color is pearl and shiny white.

Historical Events on December 11

As you probably already know any date that consists of number 11 must be connected to this, in this case, past events, that have some deeper meaning than it seems on first sight.

1602 – Charles Emmanuel I attacked Geneva so that it can merge it into his territory.

1816 – Indiana became the 19th US state.

1894 – The first world car show was opened in Paris, featuring nine manufacturers.

1937 – The Fascist Council of Great Britain decided to withdraw from the League of Nations.

1941 – Germany and Italy announced war to the US, and the US Congress announced the war on these same countries the same day. Poland declared war on Japan and Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Guatemala to Germany and Italy.

1946 – United Nations General Assembly founded UNICEF, the United Nations International Fund for the Help of Children in War-Time Countries.

1964 – Che Guevara delivered a speech to the United Nations.

1972 – Apollo 17 crew members Commander Eugene Cernan, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans, and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt, used for the last time Apollo on the Moon. The planned missions of Apollo 18, 19, and 20 were cancelled.

1973 – Western Chancellor Willie Brandt and Czechoslovak Prime Minister Lubomir Štrougal signed a treaty that formally annulled the 1938 Munich Pact, which left the United Kingdom and France to the Nazi Germany region of the Sudet in Czechoslovakia.

1991 – The Maastricht Treaty on the Monetary and Political Union of the Members of the European Community was signed.

1992 – The UN Security Council, at the request of Macedonia, approved the deployment of 800 UN troops to the former Yugoslav republic.

1997 – In Kyoto, after the marathon negotiations, the Protocol on Environmental Protection was signed, which envisages a reduction in the production of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that are thought to cause greenhouse effects and global warming.

2000 – Israel and Palestine renewed high-level contacts to end the conflict and find ways to restore peace talks.

2001 – The US Supreme Court sentenced Zacharias Moussaoui of France for participating in the attacks in the US on September 11, 2001, the first sentence in the United States directly related to these attacks.

Famous people on December 11

It is clear that people who are born on December 11 are not turned to the entertainment industry or any pushing in front of the camera. They choose some other occupations as you will be able to see in the list of famous people who are born on December 11.

1475 – Giovanni de Medici (Pope Leo X), an Italian priest.

1803 – Hector Berlioz, a French composer.

1810 – Alfred Louis Charles de Musset-Pathay, a French writer.

1843 – Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch, a German bacteriologist.

1882 – Max Born, a German physicist, and Nobel Prize winner in physics.

1911 – Naguib Mahfouz, an Egyptian writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988.

1913 – Jean Marais, a French actor.

1918 – Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Russian writer.

1925 – Paul Greengard, an American neuroscientist.

1943 – Alain de Benoist, a French academic and publicist.

1943 – John Forbes Kerry, an American politician.

1958- Nikki Sixx, an American musician.

1961- Marco Pierre White, a British chef.

1966 – Gary Dourdan, an American actor.

1968 – Fabrizio Ravanelli, an Italian footballer.

1969 – Viswanathan Anand, an Indian grandmaster and former world chess champion.

1969- Max Martini, an American actor.

1972 – Andriy Husin, a Ukrainian footballer and football coach.

1972 – Sami Al-Jaber, a Saudi Arabian footballer.

1979 – Rider Strong, an American actor.

1981- Javier Saviola, an Argentine footballer.

1984- Leighton Baines, a British footballer.

1984 – Sandra Echeverría, a Mexican actress and singer.

1996- Hailee Steinfeld, an American singer and actress.

During this article these Sagittariuses who are born on December 11 we have not mentioned some aspects of their personality – these people tend to worry too much, so they have to learn that worries never prevent something terrible from happening, but it can prevent something good from happening.

It is highly advised for those who are born on December 11 to become a little wider, because they will be more attractive to people who will soothe their souls.