December 10 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many Astro-numerologists learn a lot and have expanded knowledge, many of them study extensive literature, and they incorporate maximum intelligence in mastering the materials in this area and give all his strength to successfully connect various difficultly visible patterns that are present in the outside world, as well as in the archetype world, and their extreme displays are in numbers.

But you can achieve this by reading all of these articles; you can use your sound wisdom and intelligence to learn about all the exclusive qualities that their date gives. The model is simple – you combine the information that is known for a certain Zodiac sign and specific aspects that come from a specific date.

Today we are looking into date December 10, people who are born on this and who belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

They have many characteristics that belong to this Zodiac sign, but their birth date also gives them certain characteristics that make them unique and different.

Personality and Character

To look at things objectively, people who are born on December 10 have very prominent intuitive skills that they need to train and develop and learn to trust them more, if they do not do this, these people will fail miserably in life. What they need to learn is the central aspect for these people, they should look at themselves as sponges that are dry, and every new information will be a drop of water. This process should never stop, and they should focus even more on the knowledge that they acquire by using their primary blessing – their intuition. How will they achieve such a state?

When these “feelings” come to them, they should not neglect them but become inclined to them, never to push them aside and not to think more about them – the habit that makes these beautiful, intuitive powers progressively weaker and weaker, until they completely abandon them.

So, if we would give some kind of predictive insight about those who are born on December 10, we could say that their lives have the opportunity to go in two directions. One is a direction of intuition and care, and other is a path of neglect and ignorance; what will they choose is up to them.

These people will retain their own world for themselves, not allowing visibility and complete assimilation with their environment; but one thing that should not be forgotten is that they will never try to subordinate and abolish others self-esteem and freedom.

Love Compatibility

When they are in love, these people love with any measure but should be more careful to adjust life in two as much as possible.

Sagittarius people unusually easily establish relationships with people of the love interest, they can communicate in clear and obvious way, no matter to what sex they belong, the situation is the same for all. Convincing and very direct in expressing their affection, Sagittariuses sometimes exaggerate and become indifferent. As they are optimistic and cheerful, they act innocently and therefore do not provoke excessive anger among those who are hurt by their behavior.

They are communicative and charming, rarely unnoticed in the company of other people, and this rule applies to these Sagittarius people born on December 10. It’s not hard to live with them on the condition that you like excitement cause everything with them is some kind of a rollercoaster, and you never know what you are getting if they are your partners, but they have a loving and even poetic soul. Don’t be surprised if they do some romantic things for you.

If you are prone to calmer love variations, they are indeed not your lucky choice, and you should avoid those who are born this day; but don’t think that they are not marrying a kind, they are, but they understand marriage in a different way than the majority. Their understanding of a serious relationship, family and marriage, due to a marked tendency toward freedom, is somewhat apathetic, and they cannot be everyone’s choice in love.

Those who belong to December 10 can be outstanding marital partners, open to any type of arrangement and cooperation, and if they listen to their intuition, they will find their true love. When they do, the magic happens – they will endeavor to provide their lovers with support, advice and carefully listen when it is needed the most.

These persons will surprise you with sincere devotion because in seeking to find the ideal love, they establish a more significant number of connections. But if you indeed fall in love and feel that you are his right choice, they will remain faithful.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on this day, on December 10, have a very flexible mind, which is why they can work some serious job, even spiritual, but also they can have their part in the entertainment, doing something fun. These born philosophers have kept the youthful intelligence for a long time because of their constant demand.

These people have literary talents and could be a good fiction writer (on this list we have some very successful writers).  They have a good sense of humor, love to entertain the audience and do it very well.


They are large travelers, and this is not unexpected since they belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign; they are often changing work environment, they can even unexpectedly leave their jobs, as soon as lose the charms of the newspaper, or when they meet her.

How do they succeed in their intentions and work goals? Those who are born on December 10 usually test their possibilities, even if they experience hate and anger from an environment. In the end, these human beings do not retreat from danger, because they are willing to take risks, in work especially. The pursuit of independence comes to light when it comes to business, they love to do things in their own way, and they do not like to be bossed around, they prefer to boss others, and they deserve such position since these human beings are known for solving business problems extremely genuinely.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Those who belong to December 10 are ruled by the numeral 1 -they want to be first, and they are doing things by their own will, no matter what others say or think about them and their actions.

This number symbolically also makes people not to hold to the defined authority, and with the strong affiliations of Jupiter that is a primary ruler of the Sagittarius sign, they fight against everything and everyone, contending even with themselves. But we must not forget that these humans are sincerely directed at seeking true values and high principles -the symbolical influence from the Sun that can also be found in this date.

Looking at thing more negatively, we can see the adverse impact from the Jupiter that yields contrary traits, such as hypocrisy, exclusivity, attaching significance to the “exterior” shine, the inability to keep the secrets of long people, the tendency towards excessive hedonism, self-reliance, etc.

Their color is the color of honey, and their numbers are 11 and 22.

Historical Events on December 10

Elections and peace, these two words could accurately describe historical events that took place on December 10.

1508 – Formed the League of Cambridge, an alliance against Venice, signed by Pope Julius II, French King Louis XII, the King Ferdinand II, and the Roman-German Emperor Maximilian I.

1520 – German reformer Martin Luther in Wittenberg publicly burnt a threat in which Pope Leo X threatened him with damnation. In January 1521 -Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.

1708 – Allied forces began the siege of the French city of Lille during the War of the Spanish Succession.

1768 – The Royal Academy was founded in London, and Joshua Reynolds was appointed as the first president.

1810 – Napoleon Bonaparte joined France in Germany’s cities of Hanover, Bremen, Hamburg, Lauenburg and Luebeck.

1845 – Scottish inventor Robert William Thomson patented his invention of pneumatic tires.

1848 – Louis Napoleon won the election for the president of France by an overwhelming majority of over four million votes.

1868 – The first traffic light traffic controllers in the world began to work in London, on the square in front of the UK Parliament building.

1879 – Johann Paliss discovered a large dark asteroid of the main belt, and he named it 211i Isolde.

1898 – The Paris Peace Treaty was signed to end the US-Spanish war. Spain renounced Cuba and Puerto Rico and handed over $ 20 million to the Americans of the Philippines and Guam.

1901 – On the day of Alfred Nobel’s death, the Nobel Peace Prize was established.

1902 – The construction of the Aswan Low Dam in Egypt was completed, regulating the Nile flow.

1936 – The British King Edward VIII was abducted because he did not want to give up his marriage to American Wallis Simpson, as requested by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin. After the abdication, he received the title of Duke of Windsor.

1941 – Japanese planes sank British warships “Rivals” and “Prince of Wales” in the World War II in the South China Sea, killing about 800 people.

1948 – The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This date is marked as Human Rights Day

1963 – Zanzibar, a British protectorate from 1890, gained independence within the British Commons. The next year it became a republic, and with Tanganyika, it created a new state that got the name Tanzania.

1964 -Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights Defender, received the Nobel Peace Prize.

1967 – The first commercial thermonuclear explosion carried out in New Mexico in the United States for the extraction of natural gas

1980 – Milton Obote was proclaimed Ugandan president, as the first African head of state to return to power after overthrowing a military coup. In 1985, the army overthrew him in power for the second time

1996 – President of South Africa Nelson Mandela signed the Constitution that all citizens, regardless of race, are equal before the law, as the final act in dismantling the apartheid system in that country.

2001 – UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Famous people on December 10

Maybe this list is not very long, but these famous people, are without a doubt those who are guided in their work and their lives by some sort of poetic nature. Just look at their occupations.

1806 – Paul Vausos, a priest and poet.

1815 – Ada King Lovelace, a British mathematician and writer.

1918- Anne Gwynne, an American actress.

1830 – Emily Dickinson, an American poet.

1851 – Melvil Dewey, an American librarian.

1870 – Adolf Loos, a Czech-Austrian architect.

1891 – Nelly Sachs, a German writer.

1908 – Olivier Messiaen, a French composer.

1933- Mako Iwamatsu, a Japenese-American actor and voice actor.

1956 – Rod Blagojevich, an American politician of Serbian origin.

1957- Michael Clarke Duncan, an American actor.

1958- Cornelia Funke, a German children’s author.

1960 – Kenneth Branagh, a British film actor and director.

1964- Bobby Flay, an American chef.

1970- Susanna Reid, an English journalist.

1987 – Gonzalo Higuaín, an Argentine footballer.

We will no point out that what we here are people who are involved and independent, cause you probably expect such characteristics from someone who belongs to Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

One thing that separates them from others is their poetic nature, it is nor rate case when these people listen to their intuition and succeed in becoming aware, and fascinating in their observations.

They should learn to be wise in love when they see something that they like, and their inner voice says – it is the right thing, they should not be foolish and let that opportunity pass. it can disappear because they did not think so seriously. It is not a waste of time, to keep a certain amount of caution.

Above all, these people should not be changed, and every attempt will be disastrous – do not try to stop them and change them, accept them as they are, because in return they give a lot.