Crying In Sleep and Dreams About Crying – Meaning and Interpretation

Crying in sleep is very disturbing, whether it was actual crying and waking up in tears, or it was a dream in which you cried.

Actual crying in sleep usually isn’t something to worry about. It can be a result of a nightmare you had, or intense emotions experienced during a dream, which was so real that after you woke up you couldn’t believe it didn’t actually happen.

The emotions which provoked your tears might have been happy or sad, depending on the content of the dream.

Waking up crying may also reveal suppressed trauma and hurt coming out in the open, because you can’t ignore and suppress emotions anymore and have to confront them. Maybe you’ve been repressing negative emotions and you are subconsciously releasing and expressing them in your sleep, by dreaming of crying or actually crying.

Dreams about crying can signify the release of negative emotions caused by some events in your life. Maybe your subconscious is helping you balance emotionally and release unwanted fear and frustration, which has been building over time.

Dreams of crying are almost always provoked by strong emotions you suppress which are now ready to burst out in the open.

Dreams about crying can reveal some feelings you weren’t even aware of. After such a dream you should try to figure out what is your subconscious trying to tell you and address those issues.

If you dreamed of someone else crying such dream might be a projection of your own feelings you can’t express and release freely. Your subconscious helps you do that through a dream in which you see someone else crying.

The reason for crying in your dream is an important fact for determining the meaning of the dream.

If you were crying over something important, maybe the dream signifies your concerns about some serious life issues and situations.

If the reason for crying was something meaningless, maybe this dream is revealing that you keep the little issues and things which bother you about other people to yourself. The message of this dream is to start telling others if you think something is wrong or when you don’t like something. That way you won’t be piling up negative emotions which lead to such dreams.

Sometimes dreams about crying can be provoked by something or someone in your real life who prevents you crying or expressing openly your emotions.

In dreams as in real life, crying is something that happens in situations when you are overwhelmed with emotions. Maybe some important event provoked such emotional state and the dream is just another way of releasing and letting go of that situation. Maybe there are some feelings which you need to express towards someone. It is almost always something you need to confront and deal with.

Sometimes crying in dreams is connected with your real fears, such as fear of own death, or death of loved ones, fear of losing a job, or illness, etc.

Dreams, in which you were sad and cried, might represent strong feelings of disappointment, pain, loss or sadness.

These dreams sometimes may signify you finally realized the root of your discontent, and you are starting to confront the issues that have been bothering you. Maybe you have confronted some long term fears.


It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to dream of crying. The reason is their over emotional state, which can sometimes lead to uncontrollable reactions.

Crying In Sleep and Dreams About Crying – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming that you are crying and you are covered in tears. If you had a dream in which you were covered in tears, this dream might reveal that you are currently undergoing a healing period in your life. Maybe it signifies healing of your emotions or a spiritual cleansing.

This dream can also signify some sort of pain you are experiencing.

Dreaming about someone crying and covered in tears. The dreams in which you saw someone drowned in tears might signify a need to reconsider improving your behavior and actions towards the people from your surroundings.

Dreaming about no one hearing or responding to your crying. If you were crying in a dream but no one was responding to your cries, such dream might be revealing the emotional state you are currently in. Maybe you are having difficulties in communicating with others, and feeling frustrated and helpless because of that. Maybe you feel as if no one hears what you are saying or no one is interested in what you have to say. This dream is probably a message from your subconscious to start working on your communication skills, building your self confidence and begin opening towards others.

Dreaming about not being able to stop crying. If you weren’t able to stop crying in your dream, such dream might reveal your feelings of sadness and helplessness about some situation in your life. It is possible you are not even aware of how you feel and this dream is a message from your subconscious to confront yourself and try solving those issues instead of bottling up unresolved matters inside you.

Dreaming about being able to stop crying. If you were crying in your dream, but you stopped, or you only cried briefly, this dream is a good sign which confirms your abilities to express your emotions openly and in a timely manner.

Dreaming about someone crying. The meaning of a dream in which you saw someone else crying can be determined by the fact of knowing or not knowing the person which cried.

If, for example, the person was your friend, this dream might indicate that this person is in some kind of trouble and maybe needs your help.

If the person crying was your enemy, the dream might be a sign of your desire to somehow hurt this person.

If you didn’t know the person crying in your dream, maybe this dream, signifies your desire and need to help others.

This dream can also signify a possibility of you making somebody close to you embarrassed because of your rude or inconsiderate behavior.

Sometimes this dream, foretells receiving some news.

Dreaming about an object or an animal crying. If you had a dream in which you saw an animal or an object crying, maybe this dream is signaling that something is wrong with your emotions. Maybe you feel as if your emotions are not good enough, or someone is not taking you and your emotions seriously.

Dreaming about fake crying. If you were clearly faking you’re crying in your dream, such dream might reveal your state of emotions. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by some emotions, regardless if sad or happy, and you are presenting the opposite of what you actually feel.

Dreaming about crying tears of joy. This dream is most likely a good sign, and may signify you have finally resolved a difficult situation or a problem in your life, or you have resolved some troublesome emotional blockages.

Maybe this dream, signifies your appreciation for something good that has happened in your life.

This dream can be a sign of some sort of relief coming soon.

Sometimes it predicts happiness and joy in the near future, unexpected events and pleasant surprises.

Dreaming about crying because you miss someone. If you were crying in your dream because you were missing someone far away, this dream might not be a good sign, and may be foretelling a period of grief and sorrow in the upcoming days.

Dreaming about crying loudly. If you cried loudly in your dream, such dream might be foretelling some happy and joyous occasions in the near future.

Dreaming about mother crying. If you saw your mother crying in your dream, this dream might not be a good indication, and it might be foretelling an unpleasant period coming soon. Maybe you will experience bad luck and misfortune, and even health issues.

Sometimes this dream might signify conflicts with family members. The dream might be a message to pay attention to your behavior and try avoiding confrontations.

Dreaming about father crying. This dream might not be a good sign, and it might be foretelling some unexpected and unusual circumstances happening in the near future, which will make you reconsider your values and goals in life.

Dreaming of wife crying. If you saw your wife crying in your dream because of something you did, such dream might indicate upcoming conflicts, challenges and misfortune which will affect multiple areas of your life. This dream might even indicate depression and disappointment.

Dreaming of a baby crying. If you saw or heard a baby crying in your dream, such dream is usually a bad sign, and may foretell major life issues, such as health problems but also other unexpected life tragedies.

Dreaming of grandmother crying. If you saw your grandmother crying in your dream, this dream is usually a bad sign, and foretells quarrels, disagreements and conflicts with family members in the near future.

Dreaming of unexpectedly seeing someone crying. If in your dream you unexpectedly ran into a crying person, maybe this dream, foretells some incident or accident about to happen which you can help prevent. Maybe someone close to you needs help so pay attention.

Dreaming of seeing others crying desperately. A dream in which you saw other people desperately crying actually has a good connotation. Maybe it predicts joyful events in the near future.

This dream can sometimes signify deep feelings someone has towards you, and may even indicate marriage in the near future.

The dream might indicate happiness both for you and your close friends.

Dreaming of crying hysterically. This dream might reveal some hidden emotions and feelings which need to be addressed and released.

Dreaming about crying together with someone. If you dreamed you were crying together with someone, such dream is usually a good sign, and may be foretelling a huge celebration in the near future.

Dreaming of crying and weeping. A dream in which you cried and wept intensely is not a good sign, and might signify you are harboring some extreme and possibly violent emotions which may lead to unexpected behavior and attitude.

Dreaming of sitting on the bed and crying. This dream is not a good sign, and usually foretells bad things happening soon in your life, emptiness, sorrow and grief.