Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms

Inner peace, self-realization and enlightenment are connected with the crown chakra. Here the six other chakras unite and you can make a divine experience. You experience unity with everything that is. Here you can gain your personal mastery.

Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when harmonizing this center. Therefore, read this article carefully.

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra of the seven main chakras. It stands for the divine connection and union and for finding the light on earth. The Sahasrara, unlike the other chakras, cannot be activated and opened by meditation. Instead, it opens from a certain level of consciousness, activating the so-called Kundalini, through an act of grace. With activated crown chakra the meditation with this energy center is very important and recommendable, before it plays only an insignificant role in the chakra meditation.

The main purpose of the meditation task of the Seventh Chakra is to consciously and subconsciously accept and fulfill the divine purpose and connection for our soul and body here on earth.

  • Main aspect: Cosmic union
  • Color: purple, white, gold
  • Element: Cosmic Energy
  • Sensory function: Cosmic Consciousness

This energy center is located at the apex of the head and extends upwards. When connected to the root chakra, these two centers form a vertical force flow through the body. You then feel connected to the earth and the sky.


The thousand-petalled lotus is the symbol of this chakra. The number 1,000 stands for the highest perfection. In nature, you can best connect to this energy center on mountain tops.

Qualities of the crown chakra:

  • Spiritual creativeness
  • Highest consciousness
  • self-realization
  • Inner peace
  • self-empowerment

Very important: In order to truly awaken the crown chakra, all other chakras must form a stable basis for it!

Therefore, this chakra should not be activated otherwise. Because it can come to unpleasant sensations. I remember that at the beginning of my spiritual practice I tried to open the crown center too fast. I was “rewarded” with a hellish headache and a very unpleasant body sensation. Since then I barely work with my crown chakra, but concentrate on the others.

When the highest level of development is reached, you can experience inner peace and a bond that is often described by the phrase I AM.

I’ve had such sensations a few times and I find it difficult to put words into words. I was one with everything that is, feeling completely confident and feeling knowledge and a calm that was out of this world. I really loved every person and myself and I felt a deep bond with everything. I realized that everything is connected and we are all connected. It’s really hard to find the right words for it.

However, these conditions evaporate again and again and we return to our normal state.

In the blocked state you are cut off from your spirituality and have a feeling of lack and powerlessness. You feel like a victim and often suffer from mental fatigue. You also feel that you are separate from the love and wisdom of the universe.

Harmonize the crown chakra

Before you harmonize the crown chakra, one thing is very important:

Earth yourself. Make sure your lower chakras are well opened and you feel stable. That means you can feel your feet and your body. Even as you open the crown chakra, you should stay in good contact with your body. If you notice any blockages in the lower chakras, then concentrate on them first. With all the other energy centers open, it is easy and much more enjoyable to open the Crown Center.

When the crown chakra is open and many others are closed, it can lead to spiritual flight and you lose your body feeling. This can also cause anxiety. Therefore, the greatest importance should be placed on the root chakra before this center should open!


Sign of a blocked crown chakra

It is very difficult to tell how you can feel if your crown chakra is closed. Many of the blockages can also come from the other chakras. These are the signs that I have observed with me. That can express it differently with you however:

The feeling as if the head were closed. An oppressive feeling from above sometimes associated with a headache.

  • Lack of awareness that you are part of the universe.
  • It can feel like you’re on your own. When the crown center is open in combination with other chakras, the feeling of being connected to a higher power arises.
  • The feeling of being trapped in one’s own body.
  • Fear of death.
  • Not being able to stay in silence (but that also has a strong connection to the third eye).

These affirmations help you to visualize thought patterns and replace them with new ones. Repeat the sentences a few times for you and look into each sentence to see if it finds resonance in your inner.

As with all other chakras, you can formulate affirmations for yourself.

Affirmations for the crown chakra:

  • I am connected to everything that is.
  • The essence of my mind is light and peace.
  • I am a spiritual being, embedded in the infinite love of the universe.
  • In my Inside, there is perfect peace.
  • I live my highest truth in harmony with the divine plan of life.
  • I AM.

So you activate your crown chakra in everyday life: Silence helps to open the crown chakra. For example, meditate through the silence. Look into the starry sky. Wear purple, golden or white clothes. You can also bring in these colors in your rooms. Flowers such as roses, violets or other violet flowers can harmonize the crown chakra.

Meditation: Activate Crown Chakra

  • Go to a quiet, undisturbed place where you like to be. Take a comfortable meditation posture, preferably the lotus or cross-legged. Relax your body and breathe in and out a few times.
  • Now gently direct your attention to the seat of your crown chakra
  • Imagine that you were looking through a window at the soft morning sun. The room where the window is is your body, the window is your crown chakra
  • The clear light falls through your crown chakra, the window, into you, your body and exudes a pleasant, soothing feeling – it calms your thoughts and feelings, gives you inner clarity and harmony
  • Let go more and more and relax in deep into the soft light that fills and brightens your inner space
  • Feel how it releases all tensions, feel the feeling of liberation and healing
  • Stay with these feelings for a few minutes with these feelings
  • Now rub your palms together, put them on your face and relax your facial muscles
  • Bend your upper body forward so that your forehead touches the ground. Lay your arms relaxed next to your head on the floor. Relax your head and your face as deep as you can
  • Then sit up slowly and open your eyes in your own time

Meditation: continue to open, strengthen and heal the crown chakra

Duration: about 5 to 10 minutes


This meditation works with the earth energies. This is especially useful at the beginning to achieve a powerful but also organic and gentle opening of the chakras and not too much stand out. But it is also possible to simply take energy from the cosmos through your field, if that feels more natural to you.

If you feel safe with this meditation and your own energy, you can work with the 8th chakra and the peak chakra instead of the earth and breathe the energy from there into your chakras. If you enjoy working with visualizations, you can, for example, imagine a sun over your head.

Preparation of meditation

Head to a calm, soothing place in the lotus flower or cross-legged position, place your hands palm-down on your knees and exhale and inhale three times. Make sure to take a straight posture.

Concentration on the crown chakra

Now imagine how long roots grow into the soil, how to connect to the earth. Feel the power and support that flows from this connection to you. Keep this idea within you until a deep sense of rootedness and steadiness expands within you.

Breathing into the crown chakra

Focus your attention on the seat of your crown chakra on your crown. Breathe deeply and consciously through the nose, imagine as you inhale, how the energy flows up in you, when exhaling the energy flows down again

  • Become aware that the whole universe is made of light, so are you
  • As you inhale, you breathe white, pure light through the root chakra into your sacral chakra, through the solar plexus chakra to your crown chakra. Concentrate after a few breaths only on your crown chakra
  • As you exhale, this light flows through your field and the chakras back to the universe
  • Feel how the lower chakras fill with light, passing it on to the next chakra until it eventually expands more and more in your crown chakra

Completing the meditation

  • If you feel that the maximum extent has been reached, finish your meditation
  • Lay your hands in front of your chest and thank the universe for its energy.
  • If you want to do more chakra work then you can now go to Root Chakra Meditation and skip the next point.
  • Open your eyes at a comfortable pace and slowly become aware of your surroundings.
  • Crown chakra meditation with mudra, mantra and singing bowls

For this meditation use the Mudra for the crown chakra. Interlock your hands, only the ring fingers touch on the fingertips and point upwards. Focus your attention on the seat of your crown chakra on your crown. Take a deep breath and start to hum the sound OM with the exhalation. Repeat this 15-20 times and inhale consciously through the nose, imagine as you inhale, how the energy flows up in you, when exhaling, the energy flows down again

The accompanying listening to a swinging singing bowl especially for the crown chakra, of course on Best in real, but also as mp3, is a great support for meditation. Exercise to cleanse and sensitize the crown chakra Leave 1-2 liters of lukewarm water flowing over the seat of your crown chakra in the morning, preferably with a water jug or under the shower. Relax in the feeling of the water on your head and feel how it flows down your face and body. Of course, this exercise does not really have a direct impact on the crown chakra, but it can contribute to an energetic relaxation in this area and the crown chakra so indirectly influence.